Pregnancy Week 39 Update- My Waters Broke 4 hours ago

1 July 2022


Week 39 update -6:35 am

I’m in the middle of week 39 and looks like my waters broke at 2 am last night. I have no experience of waters breaking (in a normal way!) because the last time they did (ironically at 2 am too), it was well towards the end of my labour. Those waters were muddy (Aiza pooped inside!) and I had to be rushed to the hospital fast. Aiza was there 2 hours later! Still a natural vaginal birth, but those were very intense two hours.

This time it’s different. It’s a slow trickle. The water is clear. So I’m in for a waiting game. Last evening my body felt unusually light. I had a ‘sitting’ day at work after what felt like months of slogging on my feet and when I came back home, I told Sunny that maybe I should try sitting more often because I seem to feel so light and pain-free today. Especially that rib pain. I suspect it was also because the baby dropped down half an inch or so creating some breathing space for me. Who knows! All I remember is being out with Aiza while she rode her scooter and feeling like I had no baby inside me. I felt no pain. I wanted to run full speed. I had so much energy. The mood was perky too.

This morning after the waters broke down, I tried to lie in bed and rest as advised by my lovely midwife but my stupid (actually not stupid but genius) body clock that’s used to waking up at 4:45 am every morning wouldn’t let me. There was no point being in bed overthinking it all, so I got up, exercised a bit like usual; ate & now I’m writing this update. As I type I feel my bowels again.

Losing my bowels a hundred times was the highlight of my last labour. I literally lay down next to the toilet. Seems like my body is onto that stuff again.

Overall, I feel prepared and I’m ok with my to-do list going into limbo. However, I still haven’t done any maternity photos so if and when I can, that will be my priority of the day today. Before things ramp up that is.

I’m also hoping to pop into work and say final goodbye (for a year!). I really didn’t think I’d not come for work the next day, but I did clear my desk etc last evening so things are somewhat sorted there too. I was pretty confident I’ll compete 40 weeks but here we are, just 4 days shy of my actual due date.

I delivered all my Lipsnberries Media work after pulling an all-nighter this past weekend. I’ve done the most work in these last few weeks than in my entire lifespan as a content creator. I’m quite proud of it. I feel like I’ve earned a few weeks of quiet time with the new bub. Still absolutely love working and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. 

My second dose of the Covid vaccine has been booked for two days later (so timely near my due date!). With this waters breaking business, now I’m unsure if I’ll be fully vaccinated before the bubba arrives.

I want to make the most of this morning and a few quiet minutes before Aiza wakes up. Which could be any minute now. I wanted to labour during the night while she slept but seems like that will be an unfulfilled dream now. I’m probably in for day labour. Ahhh the uncertainty. Come on lil bum we are ready for you. Whenever you are ready that is!

P.S. These photos above were legit taken while my waters had broken and we were waiting for the contractions to kick in!

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