28 Weeks Pregnant- Hello Third Trimester

26 June 2022

Well hello there third trimester and your nuances!

It’s amazing how fast I forgot the excruciating nightly cramps of 2018. Well until they came back in full force in 2021 and it was like doing it all over again. The belly is growing fast, the kid inside is playing soccer all day, my strength is waning away. Oh how things change in third trimester. But I’m also closer to the finish line, which I’m unsure I’m excited or paranoid about. It’s not the birth event that takes away my sleep. It’s what comes after it. The two children juggle. It’ll be a whole new experience. That’s what I’m mentally preparing myself for.

That’s also probably the reason why I’ve spent the last few weeks 'spring/autumn' cleaning the entire house. 3 car loads of stuff donated/discarded. And still, more to go. I’m on mode 'Ruthless'. Mary Condo would be proud of me, but only a little as I’m a practical person and won’t throw away things/clothes that might actually come in handy once I’m done rearing and breastfeeding both kids.

My experience tells me you get a sense of normality/"your older self but not-quite" back as they are closer to the 2-year mark. By then they can walk and talk and say it as it is. They are less needy physically but more demanding mentally. More like a mini adult. Doable I mean. Babies are easier to care for but so hard at the same time because they take all of you- both physically and mentally.

My experience also tells me that as much I loved and cherished breastfeeding Aiza for 2.5 years, life after is actually pretty sweet. I’m glad I got this 3-4 month break before it all starts again. Next baby, I would ideally like to end it by the 2-year mark because honestly stopping it has been so good for both me and Aiza. I’m no longer longed for my b**bs. Cuddles are warmer and my back thanks me too. She also sleeps all night. Hallelujah! Before this, she woke up at least 2-3 times for a quick feed. Good for her but so hard on me, with work the next morning. Now she wakes up, wants a quick pat and cuddle, and goes back to sleep. It’s been magical! It must do good for her sleep cycle too. Uninterrupted sleep and no searching for b**bs in the dark.

If there’s anything my experience has taught me, it is to take it one day at a time and forget about to-do lists for a good few months. Caring for two would take all my time, hence why I’ve been frantically utilizing this time to organize my home, life, and finances. Trying to do everything we can before the second one comes. Deep cleaning the house and hard drives included.

As I’ve entered into the third trimester now, I’ve also started organizing baby things. Sorting out newborn clothes, starting to listen to birth-related content/podcasts, read books in related subjects. I’m currently listening to my favorite resource from last pregnancy - Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan- the most helpful thing I did for Aiza’s birth and one that totally transformed my birth experience. I want to start feeling the same calm aura as last time. The time is coming.

I’m also currently reading the book - The Second Baby Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith. A Book on how to cope with pregnancy number two and create a happy home for your first born and new arrival. Just started it so hopefully, I’d have some wise nuggets to share about it in the next update.

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