35 Weeks Pregnant -Dear Body... just hold it together please.

27 June 2022

35 Weeks. Surreal. How do I feel? Probably how I felt during
Week 40 of my last pregnancy. Broken. My body is so broken, especially when I’m sitting. That diaphragm is on fire. This was the same towards the end of my last pregnancy. It’s just shown up a bit earlier this time around. I actually feel fine and 'not-so-pregnant' all day at work, but as soon as the long commute to home begins, the aching begins. Hence when I’m home, I avoid sitting. It doesn’t help that my little Aiza wants me to sit and spend time with her as soon as I’m home. Instead, the mother chooses to keep moving around and do house chores because it’s so much more comfortable than sitting. Reading books with her at bedtime is excruciating, especially on the left side. The research asks women to lie on the left side but I just can’t. The pain in my diaphragm has me in tears when the toddler doesn’t understand and still wants to lie on my left arm reading books. How could she understand? But how can she not! I’m in pain.

Changing sides at night is a mission too. Oh! Let’s not even get to the getting up from bed part. Gosh! that’s intense. Every time I get up, I feel like my upper body and lower body are two distinct regions held together by a very pliable and flimsy pelvic area. It’s like the connection between the upper and lower body is lose. This has me concerned about my postpartum recovery. I never experienced this kind of weakness before. I mean would I be able to even hold my new baby? How about having them sleep on me all day like Aiza did. Shudders!

Seems like, during these last few weeks, items to my to-do list are being added daily. The second I tick one off, another pops up. I’m in a rush to finish as many jobs as I can before bubba but time has not been on my side. Jobs like getting my license renewed or our mortgage rates sorted or my teeth fixed or getting the Covid vaccine doses or getting some decent belly shots or even the baby bed are all up on my mind. Things I want to do while my mind is sane and body is capable. Suddenly, my day job seems to have gone berserk too and I hardly find a moment there to sneak in some of my to-do list tasks. So is my LipsnBerries media work. It seems like everyone wants everything done now. Same. Me 2. But there’s only so much I can do with my waning energy and a toddler that actually needs me right now.

Spending quality time with Aiza has been a priority for both me and Sunny in these last few weeks. We want to do so many things with her, like going to the zoo or cafes with her but our work schedules have us slogging. I don’t mind work, I love working and it doesn’t tire me out at all, but I do want things to start slowing down. Or the baby will.

I’m actually banking on the completion of 40 weeks of pregnancy, but we all know that’s not how pregnancy works. The baby can and will come anytime between 37 and 42 weeks. Gosh, that’s 2 weeks from now. Shudders! I’m so not prepared. Your girl needs a breather but how and when?

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