Pregnancy Week 40 Diary- I'm almost here mamma..

10 April 2019

I made it! We made it! Its Week 40 and I'm super stoked that the Blueberry has completed its intended time inside me. Now where to from here? Because it's a waiting game for next 2 weeks. The midwife called today to ask if I'd like to get induced this week (the sweep & stretch method) and I've said NO. Well, the average gestation time for a first born is 41.3 so I'm happy to wait. My second midwife assures that I wouldn't be pushed/pressured/nudged towards induction till Week 42, I am relieved. Yes! I have two midwives. One that I was seeing all this while, another I've switched to in Week 38 because my first one doesn't specialize in WaterBirth. So when the day comes, one of them will show up depending on the circumstances and situation of the day. I'm hoping it's a WaterBirth, even though deep inside I feel like I am not prepared enough for it. I should've read more books, watched more videos and done more research. Just didn't find enough time. The positive side to this limited knowledge and naivety is that I've managed to avoid scary birth stories online. How quickly a well intended YouTube video can take a turn! So I've been refraining from that indulgence, because even a light passing statement can generate fear and hit deep. I am keeping my mind as clutter free as I can and putting my 100% trust in my body.

I'm typing this while at work. I'm very proud of my body for making it to Week 40, with no ailments and still the same energy. If I got a $ for every time someone at work asked me "Why am I still there", my kid would have a nice chunk of money in savings account. People around me are more anxious than I am. Yes! I could pop in at anytime. But I could  pop in anytime between Week 38 and 42. Hitting the 40 mark is just that, a date, a safe middle. Besides I find it more relaxing to be at work than being home, where I know I will find one thing after another to do. There's a spring/summer garden that's staring at me!

I did listen to advice from colleagues though and from today onward I have my hospital bag in car. Just in case you know! Now, I just need some fuel in the car.

Truth be told, I am waiting for a sign from my body. A sign that will tell me, today is the day to stay home and things might kick in.
Mama colleagues tell me that I will regret working this hard, till my last day and that I should put my feet up and read a book or two at home. I find it pretty hard to rest. I'm not someone who'd sleep during the day, and putting your feet up is a joke in late pregnancy. I've still gotta sit on a birth ball or lean on it or sit in a way that doesn't change baby's head position in these law few critical weeks. Lounging position is the worst I could do for myself at the moment. Gravity is my best friend so it's not like I can rest at home, eat a bag of chips with a cup of tea balanced on my bump. I've still gotta move around and be in active sitting positions. It isn't the most comfortable position to read books either. So work it is! Where I get to earn full pay (maternity leave is less than half my pay for just 22 weeks), I get to move around, be distracted and feel well. Now if only people would stop asking me questions. Bamm! Jennifer just did. When's your due date? Ummm.. its today! Arrggh... Go home girl.. cook some food, rest, read books. Ahh I wish I was that typical.

Blueberry has definitely dropped down. There is now a 2-inch gap between my boobs and the ballooning uterus. I can finally breathe and the ribs don't hurt so much. Baby's head is at the right position, that is going towards my pelvic area, so things are definitely moving along albeit slowly. I sleep with a plastic bag next to my bed, just in case if waters break overnight, though I'm not sure how effective that method is, considering they can break anytime during the day or night, even when I'm working in the lab. That won't be a pretty sight and it is certainly my biggest fear because in Forensics, any foreign material in lab means deep cleaning the whole lab, from floor to ceiling, each pen and glove box. I'd be ok to pop in corridors, just not in the labs (fingers crossed). Of corse I hope it happens during the night and I sleep through some of the contractions/surges/waves. That will be pretty neat.

Blueberry is as mobile as before. I feel like things are moving along nicely. There is a baby gender and time prediction on white board at work. My guess there is 15 Sept (today is 12th Sept, my due date) and I have a pretty good feeling about it. So looks like I might be in at work tomorrow too. Yaya!!

Well I can't ask you guys for wishes either because you will see these posts once blueberry is here so... I give myself a warm hug and hope for the best! Would there be a Week 41 update?

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