Week 41? Minus 2 days. Waiting mode on.

11 April 2019

Well well !!! We are past Week 40 and nudging very close to week 41. In less than 2 days, I’d be 41 weeks pregnant. They say 41 weeks and 3 days is normal gestation period, and it feels like that’s the max the midwives and doctors are ready to stretch it. So if my baby doesn’t come by itself at 41.3, I’d be induced. Not the best outcome but I’m hoping I get to avoid that. In any case, I’d have baby in my arms in precisely a week. That timeline is the worst case scenario. Best for me is that Blueberry arrives in a day or 2 and I get to avoid all forms of induction , borderline natural (stretch and sweep) or otherwise. I’m still keeping my calm and leaving it to my baby and my body to decide.

I am trying out all the old wives tales to help with natural onset of labour. Spicy food, Raspberry leaf tea, dates, inserting Evening Primrose Oil vaginally, massages, long walks, o*gasm etc etc. We went for a long grueling walk with hundreds of stairs over the weekend and that evening I saw some blood. The bloody show i.e. blood in vaginal discharge. Its a good sign from my body. For the last two nights, I’ve had abdominal pain like menstrual cramps. Heck! It feels like my worst period minus the blood & pads. The cramps come and go, like peaks. So my body is definitely in action mode. I even feel a lil tired and can go to sleep anytime, quite rare for me. I know my body is in full prep mode but I just hope it reaches its level in time so I can avoid artificial induction. But whatever happens I’m going to keep my calm and not stress about it. Totally putting all my bets on instinctive birthing. Believing that my body and baby know how to manage it all. I just have to keep myself and my mind out of this process so I don’t hinder their thing by unnecessary stress and tightness. Stand by mode is officially on.

We went for a beach walk this evening. I've been dying to feel the ocean, because I'm not sure if I will be able to swim in it summer 2018/19. I had to use the toilet twice in that 15-20 minutes period. The wind was cold and there was no one on the beach. It wasn't beach weather but for me, it was. Just us two.

Only a few people know of my pregnancy, just a handful, and I am already over it with messages from people asking me where the baby is or if there is any update. I am just 4 days over my due date. This is my lesson for future. Never reveal your exact due date or better go into hiding and don't tell a soul that you are pregnant. I might sound anti-social but good lord! when you are already past your due date and the waiting game is strong, every well-intended message gets you even more impatient. If only I knew...
Due date is just an imaginary (ok no well calculated) due date. Baby knows no date. There is no mandate for baby to come out on that day. Anyways, that's just my frustration from just the handful of people who know. I cannot imagine how other women deal with it. You know the ones that have baby shower and the entire neighborhood knows the due date. No offence to anyone but it just isn't me.

Today is Monday and I've not gone to work because I knew there'll be too many questions asked, now that I'm past due date. People see me as ticking bomb already. Heck! I get quizzed if I don't post a story on Instagram for a couple of hours. So I'm intentionally keeping my social media going, in hopes people will realize that baby still isn't here yet and I am killing my time waiting.

Anyways, I made super spicy Indo-Chinese noodles for dinner. Will that work? 

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  1. Yayayyyy it will work! And I plead guilty. I did ask you if the baby is here!


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