Pregnancy Week 38 Diary- Mama still has a long to-do list.

8 April 2019

I'm on a ticking clock and it seems like day after day new tasks and things keep getting added to my ever long to-do list. The car breaks down out of nowhere, the gas cylinder runs out, maternity photo shoot has to be executed, there's new training at work, all house plants need to be repotted, In-laws visa formalities, Panjeeri needs to be made, lots of cleaning and organizing to happen, the usual assignments and blogging, the HypnoBirthing book still needs to be read. Dang! this one is a priority but keeps falling off the list. I wish I knew of this technique earlier. Could've started it way before and practiced all the breathing's.

Health-wise, I feel fine. Actually better than before because the rib pain is next to nothing and heartburn seems to be taking a back seat. I see a space of inch of so between my boobs and the ballooned uterus, so blueberry has definitely started moving down. They were both touching before and it was a real pain to sit for so many weeks.

Not sure if this is the smartest thing to do at this time, but I changed midwife from normal midwife to the one that specializes in WaterBirth. I kinda like her. She's very calm and is all about natural gentle birthing. Since WaterBirthing involves no painkillers, we shall see how things progress closer to time. I'm not in panic mode, quite at ease contrary to that. I'm putting my trust in my body like I've done all this while. It hasn't let me down at all so I'm hoping birthing with go as smooth as the pregnancy has.

Closer to due date, there's a lot of different and weird things people do and I'm indulging in a few of them too. I've watched a select few YouTube videos and they all pretty much recommend the same things for a smoother natural birth. I say select few because I have been staying away from any kind of negativity. I don't need to hear anyone's horror stories. That can happen after my birth. I don't need to let other women's experiences define my own. I believe in the power of intention and the fear that roots in mind. So before anyone progresses to tell me their story, I remind them to tell me only if its a positive experience.

Went on a different tangent there, so yeah! I've started taking Evening Primrose Oil both orally and vaginally. I know that sounds weird. I had to do a bit of research to convince myself too. So EPO has a prostaglandin like effect and it helps stimulate, strengthen and condition uterine muscles. Taking it orally obviously does good but inserting a capsule vaginally lubricates the whole area and would supposedly make it easier to unfold.

I've also been eating dates, 6 a day. The Magnesium in them is a powerful muscle relaxant so it's supposed to do good. Shortens labor time apparently.
I've started drinking Raspberry leaf tea too. It's pretty good for the uterus and labor in general. I've also bought Nettle leaf tea which I should've done sooner as it's got iron in it. I just need to remind myself to drink it now.

My workouts have fallen off the bandwagon because there's just so much do when I come back from work but I'm not stressing about that. It's time to stay calm and not frantically rush to accomplish tasks and workouts.

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