Pregnancy Week 35 Update- What!!! Only 35 days to go!!!!

3 April 2019


And just like that, Week 35 has rolled in. This is way quicker than I expected. The Baby Centre app tells me that baby blueberry is coming in 35 days. From triple digits to double and now only about a month. I'm certainly not prepared for it. My hospital bag lies in one corner, with nothing but some maternity pads, nappies and skincare stuff in it (blogger priorities!). And just when I felt like I had some of it sorted, someone quips, "Oh! don't worry about newborn nappies and maternity pads in hospital, they'll provide you some." Great! those are the only things I had sussed.

I think the baby anxiety is kicking in too. There's so much baby stuff out there, it's a maze. I have no idea where to begin. It's overwhelming to say the least. What does the baby actually need!! A sleepsuit, Snugbag Merino blanket, swaddles, beanie, socks, mittens, wrap, capsule, carrier... the list is endless. And mind you all of this is mighty expensive too. $200 for a new born merino wrap cloth that the baby is likely to outgrow in 3 months time. Wow! well hello there TradeMe. No wonder people are selling it on there. I feel like it's such a waste but then I feel guilty of being so selfish. It's my baby and I shouldn't have planned for blueberry to come to this world, if my financial situation was so dire. You see the baby timing is pretty epic. We are at our lowest point financially and we have a new member coming home. So I'm trying to keep the calm but looks like it isn't working!

My best tip: Ask around! I sent a mass email out to 200 or so people at work, asking if anyone had baby stuff to spare, that they'd like to part with/get rid of or sell. Best thing I did! Aside from the part that now everyone at work knows I'm pregnant, it had a lot of other benefits. Just over 7 people replied but they all had something to offer or sell. Car seat, bath tub, a maternity pillow and even some baby blankets! And now colleagues forward me any baby sales or deals they see in the shops. Great! I have so many people looking out for me. Love the community feel of this exclusive Parent's Club. Seems like they all know how expensive getting a baby into this world is.

Health-wise, looks like pregnancy nuances, pains and niggles are finally catching up. I've kind of figured out how to deal with heartburn (just keep eating not-too-spicy food at regular intervals, don't be hungry) but I am still writhing in rib pain. Just below my left boob in the ribs! Ouch! I know why the pain is there so I'm not mad at it. You see my uterus is at its highest point right now. A tiny organ that lived in Pelvis is now a balloon touching my boobs. So I get the logic behind the pain. I'm counting on week 37 now when they say the baby will start to slide downwards and then I might find some relief from this very annoying pain. Ahh..the chance to finally be able to breathe.

My back has been twitching a little too. But I don't mind it because I've seen the worse of back pain and this is totally bearable (yet!). I might have started to waddle too (that funny penguin pregnant woman walk!). Blaming it on Relaxin hormone that is relaxing my pelvic joints, muscles and ligaments, in preparation of THE birth event. See knowing a bit of science helps you accept all these changes and marvel at how well your body is made to cope with these changes. As I've said before, pregnancy isn't a disease or illness, it's just a phase of life and our bodies are made for it.

Last weekend, me and Sunny went to attend a full day antenatal course. Oh it was fun! I had my apprehensions as to how he'll react to all the gory birth stuff but he took it like a champ. I'm so glad he went along because we both felt like we got a lot out of that course. We went in clueless and came out armed with information. Information about contractions, their timing, when to actually go to doctor and call the midwife, how best to sit days before the birth to prepare for it (get baby into that position) and the general ins and outs of birth. I'm quite interested in water birth so it was nice to hear reassuring things about it. They even made us watch a real waterbirth video.

We noticed something very interesting during that antenatal course. Out of 20 couples (all mixed cultures and colors), we were the only couple who did not know the gender of our baby. Like why? Seems like everyone is organisation freak, except us. I actually don't care about blue or pink, I never have so I didn't feel like I had to know baby's gender. It doesn't matter to us. It was just surprising to realize that most people don't like surprises. Hmmm

Ok enough blabbering! time to go back to looking merino clothes on TradeMe and random Facebook mum pages? Gosh there's so many of them!!

P.S. To answer the question on the letter board- No, I did not make it in time.

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