Pregnancy Week 37 Diary- My walk is officially a waddle aka Pregnancy Swag!

5 April 2019

Just cannot believe it' s Week 37 already. Time is flying. Even though baby can arrive any time and any day now, I actually have a good feeling about a full term baby. Considering how everything has gone smooth so far in terms of timelines, I'm hoping the baby will complete 39-40 weeks inside me. And tbh I could do a lot with these 2 weeks- assignments to finish, books to read, maternity photo shoot still to be planned and executed, my post delivery Panjeeri still to be made (Punjabi medicinal preparation to be consumed postnatally), blog posts to write, music to download for labour, phone to be emptied, husband's birthday to plan, more baby stuff to organize, a baby cot to be assembled... There's just so much to do and so little time. After I'm home from work, there's not a lot of time left. It's a hard juggle being out of home working all day and organizing baby stuff in a couple of hours left. My exercise routine has been falling into shambles as a result, at the time when I need to focus on it the most. Everyone keeps telling me to sleep as much as I can. I'm not big on sleeping (I say this now, but I have a feeling I'd long for it later). However much I sleep now, it'll never be enough and never compensate for the loss of it that is to come in next few weeks, so I'd rather finish the odd tasks, clean the cars & house, stock up fridge and freezer & do all that I'm capable of now, because I have 2 free hands.
Health-wise, I'm doing ok. My rib pain has eased a bit. It's not gone but I can certainly see an inch or two of space between my boobs and the ballooned uterus. So it looks like the baby is moving down, preparing for the labour to come.

I'm not anxious or scared about labour or the pains. Ignorance is bliss as I say! When you've not experienced the pain before, how would you know how intense it will be? So there's no point being scared of it. A few hours or a couple of days of discomfort and a beautiful baby at the other end of it. I chose to believe it'll all be fine and even if it doesn't, its ok. Shit happens! and there's no point in obsessing over anything I have no control over. The baby that's growing inside me will come out one way or another, when its ready.

I haven't experienced much of Braxton hick contractions (false contractions). So my body feels as normal as it was in week 20. I'm hoping there will be shift in things in next few weeks.

My skin has been doing good, even though the freckles situation is intense. All that melanin overproduction! They are so much darker too. I have literally zero hair fall. It's weird to not see any hair on the floor as I comb. Things will change postnatally. I'm kinda prepared to lose these luscious locks. Size wise, I'm at that stage when track pants at work are totally acceptable. Comfort is key and nothing fits me anyway so I'm good with wearing that same black track pant everyday.

I also have bigger feet, half a size of so, permanently. A phenomenon I had no idea was so common in pregnancy. I already have big feet so that part isn't very exciting. I haven't tried many of my old shoes yet but I bet they'd fit snug. I can't be bothered with these things now. Its done!

My hospital bag is almost ready, even though my life and mind isn't. Snacks are packed, skincare is in, baby clothes are all nice & coordinated. I bought two loose over-sized dresses from Kmart the other day so I can wear those when in labor but we shall see if I get to wear them as planned.

On top of my agenda items is reading the HypnoBirthing book. I wish I came to know of it sooner as people start preparing for it and focusing on relaxation from week 30. Nearing Week 38 is a bit too late but I'm hoping to get some positive energy and affirmations from it so I can be calmer. As HypnoBirthing principles are, I do believe that female bodies are meant for this and all will be fine. Finding the time to read a book amongst all the life things that are thrown at me is a bit of a struggle at the moment, but I've made that task a priority and everything else can wait.

In a nutshell, I can have a baby any day between now and Week 42 so the clock is ticking and the countdown is on. I hope I'd be able to pen down Week 38, 39 and 40 updates. One can only hope. It's not in my hands anymore!

Off I go to chomp on more dates and hang out on my swiss ball. Dates can help with smooth normal delivery; old wives tale or fact, we shall find out in few weeks time.

Oh yes! I waddle  now. That funny penguin walk that is characteristic of pregnant women. Fun times!

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