Pregnancy Week 31- The third trimester nuances

2 April 2019


Its Week 31 today. As I type, my left rib is hurting me and I can't do a thing about it. It's the baby trying to make room for a growth spurt about to come. I have about 9 weeks to go now. It seems surreal. I'm no longer in denial and kinda warming up to the idea of being a mother. Not fully there yet but warming up! Its time..

I've never been around pregnant women. I don't know their symptoms. I've never asked anyone of their birth story. We haven't hung out with people with kids. I've never imagined myself to be the mothering kind. I've never held a newborn in my arms. I've never asked someone how breastfeeding works. This is all new. I've avoided googling any symptom so far. It helps to not know things beforehand. If it wasn't for the BabyCentre App, I wouldn't have a clue of changing trimester even. I have a new respect for my body and nature and science. You don't question your existence till you are pregnant. Like it finally hits you, this is how my mother would have carried me in for 9 months and this is how I came into being! This is how the entire human race is surviving.
I'm officially in third trimester now. My bump will shoot up and all the pregnancy nuances are going to be in full force during these last few weeks . I've still got it easy though. I just have painful ribs, a growing tummy that makes putting on socks a task in itself, the ever present gastric reflux and a growing appetite. Yes! I've finally started eating more than my normal. I find that I don't feel full anymore and I can finish as much as I put on my plate, without that satiety sensation kicking in. Looks like baby needs all this food to put on some fat on the bones. In terms of health, all is good. I can still exercise 3 times a week. I have no back pain or swollen feet. It's good! The nurse is going to discus Birth Plan next week and I also have my 32 week baby growth scan.

To be honest, this birth plan part kinda scares me. I have done absolute minimal reading and I have no experience with pregnant women or their birth stories. I'm trying to relax and not focus on the details. Living by the motto 'Ignorance is Bliss' has never been truer. The baby has to come out and that's the reality of it, come what may. It doesn't depend on whether I know a thing about the process or not. There will be doctors and nurses more capable than me to make those decisions, even if I'm writhing in pain to think straight. Millions of women do it everyday and I shall go through it too. And when it's all over, it'll make for good stories. So lets just go with the flow & not think about that one day of pain. This pregnancy has been super kind to me so I'm just gonna enjoy it while I can. Legit hoping I'm not punished in labour for all the good times I've had so far. This body walked 306 km all over Europe. I have no right to complain. 

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