Diary Entry- 22 weeks pregnant - 2nd March 2021

25 June 2022

 22 weeks pregnant - 2nd March 2021

I’ve passed the halfway mark. It feels unreal. I wouldn’t believe I was pregnant if it wasn’t for my growing belly and shrinking wardrobe choices. I feel fine physically (fingers crossed as I type this). The second trimester has been a lot kinder. We’ve traveled a fair bit this trimester (2-3 weeks exploring the South Island of NZ) and have absolutely relished this one-on-one time with Aiza. We can’t make it to Europe like my last pregnancy (thanks Rona!) but NZ is certainly within limits. As I type this, Auckland is in 4th lockdown since last March. I don’t mind lockdowns, though I know many people have it hard during these times. I like the slower pace of life during the lockdown. No social commitments and nowhnere to go. Just family time.

Aiza has been getting very excited about the new baby. She is excited about taking the new kid on train rides, changing his/hers nappy, and putting them to sleep. Come July, it will be a real challenge to navigate around her willingness to help and actually getting some real help from her. I am quite looking forward to this time with her though. I realize my hands will be full and my mind will be in a daze, but I will be around her during the daylight hours and not at work. That will be good for both of us I suppose.

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