Remington Curls Collective Salon Pro Hair Curler Review

8 September 2016

Have you ever seen a photo of me in straight hair? I bet not! Because I like my hair big, poofy & curly. I refuse to ever comb or brush them so they stay unruly forever...just the way I like them. I'm not sure if this obsession is healthy or not but I sure as hell feel powerful when my hair are in this glorious mess.

I seriously don't remember the last time I straightened my hair out (Maybe 6-7 years ago?) so the only time heat touches my hair is when I curl them, the event that happens only a handful of times a year because for Godsake..who has time for hair when there's over the top makeup to do? But I must confess, the few times that I've actually curled my hair for an event, it made the look 100% better. The confidence that good hair instill in you is immeasurable. I truly believe its a very real phenomenon.

I've owned a Babyliss Pro curling wand for years. I paid hefty price to get it from the UK because I wanted to get the very best. Guess how many times I've used it till date? 3! Yep..I can count the occasions on my hand. Why? because it takes an awful lot of time to curl my hair with it. I usually have a 4-5 minute window left between my makeup finishing and getting picked up. Doing my thick unruly hair with Babyliss is pure labor. I've burnt myself so many times with it. Sometimes I've started curling but not finished coz my arms got achy or I just lost the will to do it! Does that happen to you?
Worth mentioning is that Babyliss is pretty good quality, sturdy, pretty in pink but also a tad heavy, time consuming & has a UK plug on it. Imagine the ugliness of that converter!

Well, all is not lost. Enter Remington. Like seriously..there aren't many products I fall flat over. This has to be one. I received it from Remington's PR agency about a month or two ago. Guess how many times I've used it? 5! Beats Babyliss's score hands down.
Reason- Oh my my! This is everything I've wanted in my curler.

Light weight   Check
Swivel cord    Check
3 different sized wands    Check
Ceramic coating    Check
Heats up quick    Check (30 seconds)
Heats up high    Check (Upto 220°C at various settings!)
Easy on pocket    Check
NZ plug    Check
Ease of curling- Amazing
Time consumed- 4-5 minutes (I swear I'm not making this up, my flatmates will vouch for this)
Curls stay all night (+ another day)   Check

Remington Curls Collective* is available from most electrical retailers in NZ for about $130. I just checked online and its available at Briscoes for $78 (40% off) & Harvey Norman for $79 (without any off..Sup Briscoes?)
You legit get 3 curlers in one- 13-25 mm, 19 mm & 32 mm barrel. I love using the medium one (19mm) for my hair, at max setting. They come out as perfect unruly beachy hair.Worth mentioning is that I do spray my hair with a heat protectant before curling (Its this Giovanni heat protectant serum from iHerb these days) and seal the locks with a hair spray after I'm done.

I cannot recommend this hair curler enough. If you're in the market looking for one..give this a shot. Its the best one I've used till date, easy on the pocket too!

Are you a curler or a straightener girl? Talk to me in the comments below!


*P.S. PR Sample
P.P.S. The Makeup look featured is from my Eid look. Check out the full post with makeup details here. 

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