My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 3- Lady Sangeet Night

29 September 2016

Oh! my favorite night from the wedding week is here. After the Religious Ceremony & much lighter Henna ceremony comes the absolute rocker- The Sangeet Night!
I absolutely love lady sangeet. This is a crazy dancing night on the wedding more like go all out, drain yourself, get sick & get up at 4 am the next morning coz its the frickkin wedding day. The after effects of this night are long felt after the wedding week is over- Sore back, sore feet & so much sleep to catch up to.

Beleive me I do not have a single solo picture in this event where you can see my full outfit. I'm literally falling over people, making faces, dancing crazy or acting borderline mad. All that when I'm a teetotaler. God save the wedding party if I'm ever drunk.
I've decided to not plaster the faces of my family & friends over on the blog so you won't see many pictures from the night. Where possible I've cropped them out! Ruthlessly!!
However, I got to wear the same outfit again with different makeup and hair at a friends wedding a few days later and even got some spare time to snap pictures. You'll see more of those in this post.

Literally cursing myself! Next time..I'm gonna be in front of the camera..right left & centre! huh...
I had fun though!

This event involves a lot of dancing, easy 5 hours of it so the outfit needs to be super comfy and also flattering as this is when you will be captured the most on camera & film. I go all out makeup! Serious. It's an evening event so I like to glow like a disco ball.

A full face of makeup with a MAC Old Gold pigment as eyeshadow adding to the sparkle. My hair braided and accessorized with a traditional Parandi (Gold tassels). I was supposed to wear some pretty flash traditional Pure gold jewellery with emeralds (head peice + earrings) with this outfit but my sister nicked those right before I could put them on. Hence the green eyeshadow on my eyes but no green jewellery in sight. Never mind! I think Orange and green go well with each other anyway.
It was her wedding so I gave in just one last time..haha

Crop Crop Crop!

My outfit- An Orange Sharara.
Sharara are like those loose wide pants that are so hassle free & perfect for a night of dancing. They look like a heavy skirt/lehenga from afar but are actually the comfiest thing ever made. Its perfect for dancing as I don't have to worry about my outfit getting stuck under people's feet. It was literally weightless too. Oh! how I love practical outfits.

I got gold squares hand-embroided on the shirt (gota patti). I wanted them squares to be a tad smaller but couldn't complain as this one was literally a last minute outfit so no qualms. The yellow/orange ombre dupatta with it was a killer. Interestingly, the veil/dupatta was purchased before the outfit and was my sole inspiration for the varying hues I chose. I love that I can mix and match all 3 parts of this outfit with other clothes. Already done that! So much fun. Spending money where it lasts!

We danced so crazy that night that even looking at the photos has my heart thumping to some sassy Punjabi numbers. Oh! and I also did my sisters makeup for both Mehendi and Lady Sangeet. A green smoky eye to contrast with her red/pink Sharara outfit. She looked ethereal.

Life Goals- Dance so crazy that the photographer doesn't stand a chance
My outfit was conceptualised by me and brought to life by our friend from Barnala Saree Emporio, Patiala. Hit me up if you need contact info!

What do you think of this outfit? Practical? Good enough? Talk to me in the comments below.

Next post- The best & the fanciest & the most special outfit- THE wedding day!

See you tomorrow.


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