My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 2- Henna/ Mehendi Ceremony

28 September 2016

Indian henna ceremony

Hey guys! Its Day 2. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my first post from the wedding guest/ Sister of the Bride series.
After the Paath/Religious Ceremony, the next day was the Henna Ceremony.

Indian mehendi outfit

Mehendi / Henna evening - The girls dance, giggle & get Henna applied on their hands (hen's night would be apt western event to compare). It's a really light fun evening so it calls for a light fun outfit. Something that is not too precious as henna on your hands can really ruin the outfit. Something not too tight or uncomfortable as your hands will be rendered useless. Something pink (No! I just made that up!).
Worth a mention is a fact that if you want henna to come out really dark & water touches it for a day. Like really NO WATER. So after it dries and flakes off..disposable gloves are your best friend. God forbid if we have to go use the washroom when its freshly applied (we always do!), an assistant is required. Food has to be fed by hand. Our chores need to be taken care of. So it is essentially being a princess for the day.

easy henna design
Me, Mum, Sister
Ok! Shock horror.!! I am an Indian girl who is not very fond of Henna. The smell doesn't help either. Its great when it is freshly applied and dark on your hands but as it fades into a million shades of orange & yellow..I find it awful! It's a natural dye so all the scrubbing in the world can't get rid of it. Henna takes time and patience from start to finish.
Fun Fact- I got minimal amount of Mehendi on my hands and feet even on my own wedding. The henna guy charged more for my friend than my bridal mehendi. Trust me that means a lot because traditional bridal mehendi can take an easy 5+ hours to put on and can go past your elbows & knees :p Patience ladies patience!

bridal henna design
Sister's Bridal Henna
I always find dressing up for Mehendi events a lil tricky as I can't indulge in heavy makeup & extravagant clothes. Remember I can't use water! Taking off makeup is such a pain. I always go light on makeup for mehendi events because my obsession with a squeaky clean makeup free face before I doze off is real..very real.
We had a floral theme at this event. My sister wore a floral skirt with a top and head crown. Hey! I did her makeup too.

sister of the bride outfit
Helper while she poses away!
phulkari at mehendi

makeup for mehendi

I wore a crop top from Mirrou NZ that can't be seen (It was fricckin freezing that day!) with a hot pink silk skirt I bought online ages ago ( I think?), paired with a hand-embroidered phulkari (Traditional Punjabi dupatta/shawl) borrowed from a friend. It provided with the much needed warmth that day. I love phulkari's to death. A floral headpiece from Lovisa NZ and freshly washed un-brushed hair with natural makeup & pink lips. Just a matte brown eyeshadow on lids and another pink lipstick on lips.

easy mehendi outfit

pink silk skirt for mehendi

The event involved a lot of twirling.

sikh wedding

Next event & outfit tomorrow. Leave me your kind words & comments below. I'd love to know your views on the outfit choice. Do you do DIY outfits?


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