My Best Friend's Wedding- Part 3/3- THE Wedding Day!

5 May 2017

Indian designer Anarkali suit outfit

 designer Anarkali suit outfit

Anarkali suit outfit

Manish Malhotra anarkali replica

gota patti anarkali

hand embroidered anarkali

I hope you are enjoying this wedding series as much as you enjoyed my last one about my sisters wedding. Today marks the third and final post of this series featuring the grand wedding day. My bff did not have a reception party after the wedding day as my sister did. So this was THE main day. The girl squad was so strong that morning, you could hardly fit them in a picture. Friends, cousins and sisters from far and near. I swear the bride and groom had to sacrifice some of their personal shots, just to get clicked with the whole squad. I didn't hear them complaining so its all good right?

Morning weddings are a big fat chaos and specially when its all the fashionista's getting ready. I did think I was tracking good on time that morning but I was late, AGAIN! I regret about missing a ceremony but atleast I looked good on the face. Because heck that's crucial!
Hey you can't also blame me entirely when I was gluing the placards/props for the photos that very morning. Add to that applying an eyeshadow or two on sister and a lipstick on another gf. #OfficialExcuses

For the main wedding event, I wore a baby pink Anarkali Suit. You know it's my thing to wear different types of outfits for different occasions of the same wedding. I wore a skirt at Henna ceremony, a long suit & Ghaggra at Lady Sangeet so naturally an Anarkali would have been next in line for the wedding.
This one looks a little light in the pictures (Sunlight was super bright that day!) but its actually a very pretty baby pink color. The outfit is Raw Silk fully hand-embroidered front and back with gota artwork. This outfit literally took weeks to come to life and is my favorite in terms of comfort & ease of wear. You can stuff as much food as you can and food baby will still be the least of your worries. Not that food is ever on the list of things to do at your bff's wedding. Heck no!

The Anarkali oozes sophistication & elegance and yet is very festive being a fully embroidered suit. The flared top almost touched my ankles so you can hardly see my pink satin pyjami/leggings underneath. The anklets that were in my neck two days ago were finally where they rightfully belonged, the feet. The footwear were obviously my trusty juttis which are totally flat and the reason I look the shortest :p I don't mind though because I'm a flats girl. Comfort tops the chart in my outfit choices and so it goes for the footwear & accessories. If its uncomfy, chances are it wouldn't be worn outside of house in the first place. Hey! I'm an avid dancer too. The species that cannot dance with subtlety and elegnace so flats are a must. Nothing beats a simple gold embroidered jutti. I wore one at my own wedding so that says a lot! Ain't no Steve Madden or Jimmy Choo happening this side baby. Not a chance!

The outfit was created by a dear friend at Patiala, Punjab. If you'd like to have the same or similar outfit created, hit me up. I can pass on the contact details and can even score you a sweet deal!

The makeup is my usual bling, lipstick being a mix of MAC Flat Out Fabulous & MAC Relentlessly Red because I wanted a very particular shade of deep pink.

indian wedding makeup

MAC relentlessly red indian skin

MAC relentlessly red NC30 skin

MAC all fired up nc30

Weddings are bittersweet. I'm never the one to shed a tear but this day was so emotional. As the day rolled on, more emotions were piled on before they finally burst. I was to leave India few days later and my bff wouldn't be found in her usual hide-out at Chandigarh when I visit India next. Heck! who knows if she'd even have the time to see me next? It's a scary thought. I do believe that relationships are run on trust and understanding. So even if we won't hang out till 2 am in the our old ground, we'd still be connected as always. It is bittersweet. Isn't it?

Q. Did your friends change after their wedding? Do you still hangout as much or is the struggle real? Do you still go on trips together? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Any feedback on this series is also very much appreciated :) Would you like more wedding series? More Indian Outfit or makeup posts? Leave me a line in the comments below!

Note to myself- Improve picture quality. Who likes to me see camera photos in blog posts these days? No one. Not even you. Up your game babe!


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