My Best Friend's Wedding- Part 1/3- Mehendi/Henna Night

3 May 2017

They say blessed are those who have good friends as their support system. I'm beyond blessed coz I have 3 best friends. Our gang of 4 has been through so much together that it feels surreal that we've actually come so far. We aren't even in the same country anymore so flying to India for my gang members wedding was all the more special. All 4 of us together after 8 long years. We made it! All 4 married. All 4 married to the love of their lives. All 4 happy. Our faces were gleaming the night we were together. It felt unreal. It still does. We made it!

My bff got married to a very good friend of mine mid-October last year. You could call me a matchmaker but actually I was just a medium. They hit it off like crazy! Destiny is powerful. My job was just to introduce them and now they look like they are made for each other material <3 Gooey

I flew back home just for a week to attend the festivities. Wouldn't have missed it for the world! My dearest back pain made the journey excruciating and those 48 hours to reach home will always feature in the worst 2 days of my life. I was a zombie when I reached home. Numb with pain. high on painkillers that didn't work. Sleep-deprived having been up all 48 hours and tired! I wish I knew then a thing or two about healing back pain like I do now.
I'm so glad I'm over the back pain phase. I feel so empowered to have gone through such testing times. Pain made me stronger and KINDER!
Well this post isn't about the pain though. It's about a very happy Mehendi/ Henna Ceremony. I have to apologize to my dear bride for being late to every event but trust me makeup is time-consuming.

The Henna ceremony was a really simple home affair. Everyone was chillaxing in PJ's until LipsnBerries shows up grossly overdressed and over-makeupped. I swear I was the odd one out. Oh well! Life's too short to dress boring. Ain't it?

What I wore-
Remember my sister's mehendi ceremony? That hot pink silk skirt? Well that got re-used.
Remember the reception outfit at my sister's wedding? The hand embroidered black cape from that huge black gown? That got re-used.
Told you I love to mix n match!

The cape was handmade by a friend in Patiala. It is inspired from a design by my favorite girl on Instagram- Harkiran Basra.
The Pink skirt was purchased online years ago. Message me if you need specific details.

And look what came out- This Beautiful fusion outfit (self flattery!). You already know my taste for mehendi outfits. I like them light and FUN. It must be FUN. There was a lot of twirling and my dislike for mehendi meant not a whole lot of henna made it to my hands. The bride, an avid henna fan, endured 3-4 hours of motionlessness and covered herself in the holy green paste from head to toe (not literally).

I did not take my DSLR to India so all the pictures in this post are from a phone cam. I hope you find the quality acceptable. At least I got some solo shots this time!
Fun fact- The pretty necklace on my neck is actually ...a PAYAL, an anklet! I'm a jugaadi, and hey no one found out until I told them, so it was a fun ensemble after all!

Do you like the outfit? What's your ideal henna outfit? Non-Indians think of it as a hens night. I hope you come back tomorrow to check next post of this series- The Lady Sangeet Night.


P.S. This one is for you two lovebirds- Vanu & Harry!

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