My Best Friends Wedding - Part 2/3 - Lady Sangeet/Jaago Night

4 May 2017

jaago lady sangeet punjabi outfit

Punjabi outfit

Phulkari outfit lady sangeet

jaago punjabi makeup

It's Day 2! The mad dancing night aka the Sangeet Night (Day 1 Henna Ceremony here). It's the wedding eve and everyone is gearing up for the big day tomorrow. I always like to pump up the makeup on this night. The clothes MUST be comfortable for the night of dancing. A sharara (wide pants) was my first choice after being blown away with its comforts at my sisters Sangeet Night. I call up my sister to borrow her/our (we share all outfits) Red/Pink sharara about 2 months before this night. She tells me she gave the sharara pants from this outfit to a friend who has now moved to Europe. Wow! Plans ruined. Ever had your favorite outfit screwed? It's heartbreaking. Well we decided to deal with the problem and ask her nicely to return it. Response - she took it along with her. Wow! How can you just take one half of someone's outfit with you abroad and not say a word to them. Oh well! She can courier it to make things right...if she wants to. Messages sent.. promises made...egos thrown around...! Ever had to plead for something you actually own? It's infuriating. Fast forward two months...a week before the wedding. Nothing arrives. The audacity! I have to think of alternatives now. I really loved the outfit...even had the traditional gold jewellery arranged for it. My mum's hand-embroidered Phulkari was all ready to go with it (look at that beauty..took her 8 months to finish it!) 
Two days before the event, I finally figured out a way to make it work. I hired a big green skirt/ghaggra to go with it. Nothing compares the comfort of a sharara but this match was heaven. The jewelry, phulkari and all. This right there is a traditional Punjabi Sangeet look. I couldn't be any more prouder of myself. We danced so much that night...the photos are shit! No kidding. All I see is overzealous expressions and hands in the air! No photos that I can post here. I'm glad I snapped some pictures on my phone before the event. Hope you like these half arsed effort!

lady sangeet night ghaggra suit

The top/shirt/suit is gota patti hand embroidery work on a pure chiffon fabric. The bottom skirt/ghaggra is a simple cotton flared skirt that I hired for the day. Jewelry is pure gold and from personal collection. The drape/dupatta/Phulkari is hand embroidered by my mum on Chinon-Chiffon fabric. Basically all up a DIY (Do It Yourself) effort!
Makeup is super glowy, with green smoky eye.
Lipstick- The ever classic MAC Ruby Woo

Sorry if this post sounds like a rant! I'm never the one to complain and especially online but I've literally had it with humans. There's a thing called empathy and another one called self respect. We really need to practice these more often. Taking something that you didn't spend your money on a theft. Yes! A theft!
And let's be honest... We all work hard for that money. Ain't no one having anything that my father has worked tirelessly for, even if it's one half of an outfit. I value things...I value money and I value emotions. I'm attached to my outfits emotionally so the thought of someone duping me of it is grossly uncomfortable.
Lesson 2 of the day! You can almost always find an alternative even if you are screwed tight. As they say where there's will..there's a way!

Well here goes my negativity for the whole year. Glad it's flushed out of my system. The said so called friend was obviously deleted from the friend list for my own peace of mind. I ain't got space for grudges in my life.

Q. A lil tricky one for today..have you ever had to ask someone for your own stuff that they borrowed but never bothered to return? Asking for your own money wouldn't count because let's be honest we've all been there. Me...far too many times to count. It's the worst!
Talk to me in the comments below :)

punjabi jatti outfit

indian lady sangeet outfit

Positively yours

P.S. Who watched my hilarious Instagram Stories about editing the broom (a jhaadu!!) out of all these pictures. What a massive effort! 

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