Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water Review

9 December 2020

You cannot separate an Indian from Rose Water. Our love is eternal. I swear if I had the lab apparatus, I’d distil some for myself at home from my beautifully fragrant English Roses. 

However, worry not when you have friend's that sell such high-grade stuff at affordable prices. Shesha Ayurveda (linked) is my dear friends Renji’s third baby (she has twin humans too). The brand makes Ayurvedic products with such good intention, it’s hard to go past them. Renji has her personal attention to each of her products. She is my boss woman inspiration.

Renji sent me some of her new releases a good few months ago. The facial ubtans (face masks), massage oils, facial oils and this rose water face & body mist. Now I have to admit I’m a slacker when it comes to self-care, so I have been pretty slow in making my way through some of these products. However this rosewater, just a spritz or two left.

A hydrating toner is a must in my morning and evening skincare routine. I never skip this step. I’ve been using this Shesha Naturals rose water since the last couple of months now. I love it! It smells subtle and natural. The bottle dispenses the finest mist (such an important attribute in my books. So many brands get this wrong!). The toner itself is soothing and calming to senses. Love how fast it sinks into my skin too.

On my overly dry skin, it hydrates a little too. However not overly so. I do have to put on a good moisturiser a minute or two later or my skin starts feeling tight. Can dry-skinned peeps relate? There can never be enough moisture.

So bottom line, I love it for its toning and calming properties. The hydration isn’t long-lived, but that’s what my moisturisers are for right?

At a price point of 300 Rs for 100 % natural steam distillate of Kannauj roses, this is a steal. Just as good as the other luxury Indian Ayurvedic brands (you know the ones huh?) and a fraction of the price. This suits my frugal lifestyle so much more. I can’t wait to order more.

If you live outside of India like me, fret not! The brand offers DHL express shipping- very reliable and fast. Renji’s package was at my doorstep in no time.

The brand also makes my absolute favourite Extra Virgin Coconut oil that I’ve written about before (here!) so if you are ever ordering from them, that one is a must. We use it for everything, from food to skincare. 

Availability: Shesha Beauty website (linked)
Price: Rs 300 (About $9) 

Are you obsessed with Rose Water too? Or any other toner/facial mist? I’m so keen to try out Shesha Beauty Mogra Water next. That one seems to be made for my dry skin. 

Tell me your favourite facial mist in the comments section below.


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