Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review

27 February 2018

How amazing is it when your friends have their own brand and it is actually an amazing one! My dearest friend Renji (Makeupholic World) and probably my first blogging buddy from years ago now has a brand to her name. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this girl for her work and personal ethics. Her brand Shesha Naturals is born in Kerala and is proudly guided by Ayurvedic recipes. The collection is sold on various websites online, being the most prominent one for me.
She kindly sent me 3 of her products to try out when I was on holiday in India- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Deva Thali Shampoo and Deva Thali Leaf Soap. I'm reviewing the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil today. I'll talk about the other two some other day.
I've taken my good sweet time testing out her products and even made my family use them while I was in India. They got thumbs up.

Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I'm a Coconut Oil fan from ages ago and I often buy my Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil from USA via I'm so glad that this oil is similar or even better quality, way cheaper and easily available in India. I might have to stock it up next time I go to India. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has a melting point of 24°C/76°F, so in winters the oil will solidify. In summers, the oil is transparent and colorless, almost looks like water.

If you'd like to know the various ways I use Virgin Coconut Oil, pretty please check out this post. I've listed about 25 ways I use coconut oil. Yep! Its so versatile.

I've enjoyed Shesha Coconut Oil primarily in my hair as a deep conditioning treatment, as a Facial and Body Moisturiser, as my Sore Throat Treatment, for Nails as cuticle oil and for cooking my South Indian meals. I've also occasionally used it as makeup remover and it works a charm, just take care to not get oil into your eyes.

 ExtraVirgin Coconut Oil is the highest grade you can achieve as it is extracted cold pressed. No heat is involved (Centrifuge Extraction from Coconut Milk) and thus the oil retains all its enzymatic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is unlike the Dabur and Parachute oils that we have grown up using as those contain additives and are also heat extracted.

This oil  has a beautiful and authentic nutty aroma. It's so soothing, I can't stop sniffing it.

I 100% recommend checking out this oil. The bottle is also travel friendly and sturdy.

Bottom line, great brand and great products. I like the fact that all of Shesha Naturals products are natural, parabens & suphate free and also free of artificial additives and fragrances. The work Renji has put into getting everything right in the first go is definitely evident. I can see this brand gaining more traction in times to come.

Price- Rs 299 (About $6 NZD) for 200 ml from

Have you used any of Shesha Naturals products? Do you like using Coconut Oil? What do you use it for? Talk to me in the comments below.


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