Top 5 Product Finds of 2017

1 February 2018

Are you back to the working mode yet? Well I am..sort of. It's a bit forced but holidays can't go on forever so here I am back to the grind, with my first post of 2018. February is here so I'm trusting that you guys are almost over the new year, new me BS and are back to being your former true self. If you're still tracking well on your new year resolutions, well, good on you. You've got some serious determination. Send some my way!

I thought it'll be good to do a recap of 2017 by doing a 5 best product finds from last year. An easy way for you and me to get on the beauty blog train again. Can't believe I did this kind of post last in Jan 2015! What was I doing in Jan 2016 & 2017!!!
OK so here's my list of must check out products that weren't essentially new product releases in 2017 but that is when I discovered and loved them so I shall keep it that way.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
This eyeshadow palette is love! It has amazed me every single time I've used it and to be honest, I still regret not buying it sooner. I pondered for yonks and finally bit the bullet last year. Worth Every Penny. You can create endless eye looks with it, mostly warm. This is only palette I carried with me on my recent trip to India and I hardly ever reached for the many ABH single eyeshadows I own. The quality of eyeshadows is amazing- pigmented, buttery and smooth. I've reviewed it in full here.

Price- NZD $60/ USD $42 from

2. MAC Soar Lip Pencil
I know what you're thinking! Yes, I know Soar is a cult product from MAC and it has been around for years. But I discovered my love for it in 2017 so here it is in the list. Definitely the best nude lip shade for my NC 35ish skintone. I'll admit I have used it more as a lipstick than a lip liner. It gets me compliments each time. This lip liner is definitely my must have and you need to try it on at least once. Its in pencil form but still not drying, if you prep your lips before the onslaught. The lip pencil stays for hours on end and doesn't bleed or smudge. It goes amazing with bold eye makeup, by bringing the whole look together. The pink mauve undertones brighten up my face instantly. Full review here.

Price-  $36 NZD from Farmers NZ. Available at MAC stores worldwide.

3. Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks
If you read my blog in late 2017 or follow me on Instagram you know how obsessed I am with Wet n Wild Catsuit liquid lipsticks. This is what brought me back to the world of liquid lipsticks when I had given up on them. Unlike all the others that didn't work for me (MAC Retro matte I am looking at you!), Catsuit lipsticks wear comfortably, stay on for hours before disappearing very neatly (no ugly patches) and feel super light & buttery. My favorite shade is 'Rebel Rose' with 'Nice to Fuchsia' a close second. 'Give Me Mocha' is on my list to buy next. These are so affordable so I highly recommend you buy all the shades you can find. I've reviewed Catsuit lipsticks in full here.

Price- $11.99 NZD from Farmers NZ. Various websites internationally.

4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Fluid SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen
Too much of makeup favorites, lets come back to skincare. One of my 2017 goals (of sorts) was finding a good sunscreen. I've been so slack with sun protection all these years. Now that I'm on the other side of 30, I've been noticing the effects. All those sun spots that could have been avoided. Oh well! It's never too late to start a good habit.
I'm happy to report that despite my previous hate-hate relationship with sunscreens, I had a pretty good run with sunscreens last year. A favorite has to be this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Fluid. It is exactly as the name suggests- very light, very sheer and very fluid (liquid-y). What amazes me is how it absorbs into my skin in just a few minutes, drying matte and allowing me to put on makeup straight after, with no white-cast if I may add. If you're on a look out for a good quality, broad spectrum,  chemical sunscreen to put on your face, I highly recommend this guy. To read more about it, check out my full review here. 

Price- $22 NZD from various retailers and supermarkets NZ wide.

5. Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Thanks to Neutrogena PR team's extra generosity last year, I discovered so many gems from this brand. This is probably my must have from all that I tried. I've gone through so many packs of these makeup remover towelettes. You can guess from the state of the packaging in photo that this guy doesn't have much life left in it either.
I have super sensitive eyes and I'm always on a look out for makeup removers that won't give me watery eyes for hours (+ an occasional headache if it's my lucky day). These wipes remove the harshest of makeup and don't feel like a thing. Heck! they don't even dry out my already parched skin. These wipes are also my travel must haves as they prevent me from carrying bulky liquid makeup removers and creams. These are all I carried for my recent trip back home. Try them. They are the best I've tried yet. I've gushed over them more here. 

Price - $13.50 for a pack of 25 (often on special) from leading supermarkets NZ wide.

So here you go..there's my top 5 from last year. I'm excited to see what wonders 2018 will bring. All my good wishes to all of you guys, who never fail to make me feel loved and special. Here's to another year of blogging, talking life and random shiz!

Oh! btw feel free to share your best beauty finds with me in the comments below. Who knows I find something that can be featured in Best of 2018 :)

Peace Out
Nishu xx

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