Ahhh Manuka Honey Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Review

30 November 2020

Ask me my favourite solid shampoo bars and I'll list these in my top 5 in a heartbeat. Ahhh..our local superstar bath & body brand. So local it’s made in my neighbourhood. So when they’ve packaged my order, my husband conveniently picks up the box on his way home. A stone's throw away. And so good! I’ve already drooled over their solid moisturisers many a times before. I refuse to use anything else. They are a delight. I’ve already written about my favourite scent here.

Now I’m on a mission to try out all of their shampoo bar variants. They have so many. This is the first of many- The Manuka Honey Range, that suits all hair types (specifically normal hair). I’ve been using it for a month and a half now so it’s time I pour my thoughts on them.

Now if you are someone who finds solid shampoo and conditioner bars bland and lather-less, this will delight you. This variant makes your hair squeaky clean. Legit squeaky clean! And it lathers like no one's business. That’s one attribute my husband complained when we started using solid shampoo bars. But it doesn’t lather? How do I know my hair are clean? They are honey, trust me! Yep.. that age-old lather = clean, a marketing trick that’ll run for another century perhaps. People lathering doesn’t equal cleanliness. It’s a fact. Oh well! that went deep.

The point being these shampoo and conditioner bars are legit clones of your liquid shampoo bottles, minus the plastic and 90% water content in them. So they are great for those wanting to get the same feel as traditional liquid shampoo without the guilt of polluting the planet. 

These make my hair so soft. As it’s best for all hair types, my normal hair finds these a delight. The conditioner bar is very hydrating. Clean scalp, soft manageable silky hair, no complaints really.
The bars feature some unique natural ingredients such as sulphates derived from coconut, lentils infused water and colourless Henna. So interesting! With compostable packaging and made in NZ (so local!), these are a no brainer for me. Let's not forget the amazing price point too. A bar that's equivalent to two plastic shampoo bottles and costs just $12.99 is incredible. I'll buy these for myself when I run out. 

Since I have a fair few Ahhh hair bar variants to go through, after testing and loving this one, I’m moving on to try out their grapefruit shampoo and conditioner bars next, which are apparently best suited for my normal to dry hair. My husband will help finish this one for me. Husband privileges ;) I shall write about my experience with that one soon. 

Price: The Manuka Honey & Almond Shampoo Bar retails for $12.99 each. The Manuka Honey & Vanilla Conditioner Bar retails for $12.99 too. 

Availability- Ahhh Bath and Body Products can be purchased from their online website and selected New World, Pak n Save, Fresh Choice, Supervalue and Four Square supermarkets in NZ. A list of their stockists can be found here. 

What is your hair type? What troubles your hair? Have you found your holy grail Shampoo yet? Talk to me in the comments below .


Disclaimer: The products in this post were kindly gifted by the brand. However, my review is honest as always. 

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