Ahhh Solid Moisturiser Review

20 August 2020

I don’t review things often but if I do, it means I have a thing or two to say about the product. I either love it (a lot!) or hate it (hmm rare, I actually can’t think of any review that fits this criterion).

So these Ahhh NZ moisturisers have been a hit, a huge hit. A solid moisturiser that is super-rich, keeps my skin hydrated for days, sports no plastic, saves time during application..yada yada..count me in. This is busy mama’s best friend. I actually look forward to applying this body moisturiser post a warm shower in the evenings.

Ahhh is handcrafted soap brand, in our lil ole New Zealand, that aims to make you feel exactly like the name suggests- Ahhh. That post-bath contented sigh. The bliss. The self-care ritual. I’ve been using many of their products recently. I like them all, but this solid moisturiser tops the list.

A gentle soothing fragrance, rich cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and some beautiful calming scents-what’s not to love.

I am a shower person through and through. I find baths cumbersome. Shower-time is my me-time. Post warm shower, I apply a few streaks of this moisturiser all over (think stick foundation on your face, like that!). Then I put the tube aside and gently massage it all in. My body legit soaks it. Ahhh makes these solid moisturisers in many flavours, however, Rose and Camomile is a winner in my books. Raspberry and Vanilla being my second favourite. The moisturiser is solid but it melts as it comes in contact with warm skin post-shower. I can’t say how it’ll work after a cold shower though. It might take a few more seconds to melt in perhaps. Your girl is a warm (hot!) shower person so honestly, that’s least of my problems.

My husband is hairy and he prefers his usual liquid moisturiser because he feels like he can’t get the moisturiser to come in contact with his skin (all the thick manly hair..haha). Again the least of my worries because it means I don’t have to share the tube with anyone. I have thick womanly hair all over too (it's winters here yo, don't judge) and I don't have any problem with this moisturiser. I think it's my husband's aversion to trying new things that doing the talking here. Like I said, I'm glad I don't have to share it so we are all good here.

The brand is conscious of their plastic consumption. This solid moisturiser is equal to 2 x 250 ml bottles and is packed in a small cardboard tube that fits in your palm. The tube can be chucked into your home compost post usage. How convenient!

This is my new favourite moisturiser, especially in these cold winter days. If you spot it in your local supermarket (some New World and Pak n Save stores I hear) or online at Ahhh NZ website, consider giving it a try. Especially if you are a lover of rich moisturisers. You won’t be disappointed.

Price: $12.99 for 80 grams

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