Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush Review!

29 October 2015

Remington Revitalise facial cleansing brush review

My life summarized in 2 sentences- I love makeup, I hate taking it off!
Oh! Might I add a third one- I have an OCD with taking makeup off. Get me hella drunk and I'd still be in the washroom trying to get every bit of it off my face before the slump. We girls have an ironic life, spending 2 hours making up a face and another half taking it off. I literally need half an hour to clean my face after a full face of makeup. Like on the clock half an hour!
a. Take makeup off with makeup remover- TWICE
b. Use a cream cleanser to dissolve any that's left
c. Use a foaming cleanser to get that squeaky clean feel
d. Wash, dry
e. Apply Toner, eye cream, serum, facial oil. Hit bed. Hand cream, foot cream, goes on..

So yes I need a magic wand to speed things up. And naturally I've always been intrigued by facial cleansing brushes- Clarisonic Mia, Mirenesse and the likes. So when Remington's PR company approached me to see if their cleansing brush would interest me.. I sent them a big fat YES.

Did you even know Remington does a cleansing brush? I didn't.

Remington Revitalise cleansing brush review

So it arrived a few weeks ago and I tore up the package all excited. This beautiful mint colored gadget is actually a beauty. Sleek, pretty and ergonomic. The Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush system comes with 3 removable brush heads- Normal, Sensitive and Massage, so you can customize it to your skin needs. All 3 brush heads have their own clear protective caps too.The package also comes with a very pretty white beauty bag (so perfect for makeup brushes!) and a charging stand.

I've been using the Cleansing brush for about 3 weeks now and haven't charged it at all. It can be used for upto 30 times with a full charge, that's about a month and half for me. The charging dock is pretty flash too.

remington cleansing face brush review

The cleansing brush has 3 speed settings. Each cycle lasts for a minute and there is a pause when you are half way in the cycle, so you know when to move to next area and wrap it up. Very thoughtful!

remington face brush for dry skin

remington face brush price

I know what you thinking, all this info but does it work? Lets get to that.

When I posted about this on my social media and asked for experience and advice from my readers on cleansing brushes, there was a wide range of responses. The common ones being-

Yeah! Nah!
Just a flash gadget for something your hands are good at
I prefer my good ol flannel
Do not use it for more than a minute
Use the gentle/sensitive head only
Be prepared for the acne onslaught aka the Purging Phase.

Did the predictions come true? Some of them yes! The responses did prepare me for the worst. Thank you guys :)

best facial cleansing brush for dry skin

Here's my experience- Remington's Revitalise* is a very nifty gadget that can make your cleansing routine a bit easier if you take heed of all the advice. After I received it, I pretty much used it everyday. Like you do. In excitement. When a new gadget arrives. Fail.
I tried all the brushes and went over a minute too. Clearly over board. And then I started noticing dry patches on my face a few days later. I blamed it on the foundation and slack moisturization. But the patches didn't go away. I had to slather on some seriously heavy duty stuff (Oasis Rhino Repair came to rescue) and completely stopped using this cleansing brush for a few days to get my skin back. Lesson- Do not use it everyday and don't go overboard. Dry flaky skin is never cool.

Clarisonic mia dupe

I now use it two to three times a week with Senstive/ Gentle brush head and my skin is doing perfectly fine. I prefer using this on days I have heavy makeup on. I take makeup off with Micellar Water and then use a cream cleanser with this appliance for a minute and I'm done. That's two steps off my routine.
Taking makeup off before using cleansing brush is essential in my opinion because it would ensure a thorough cleansing as most of the makeup is already off and this also protects your brush head from getting stained. Even after makeup removal, I find my facial brush to be slightly stained. If the product doesn't leave brush by just water, I put some gentle hand wash on it to bring it back to pearly white. That's usually thanks to Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation.

remington nz reviews

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you are looking to speed up your cleansing routine. Just a minute of it took two steps off my cleansing routine. I do not have to double cleanse anymore and my makeup is off completely. I like that it comes with 3 different brush heads and speed settings. The cosmetic bag it comes with makes it easy to carry during travels.
But if you have dry, sensitive skin like mine, please take it easy and go gentle. Twice a week with gentle head should do you good. I love the feeling of a squeaky clean face I get after using cleansing brush- it pacifies my OCD. That also makes skincare products soak in super fast.
If you have combination to oily skin, this will be pretty great and fuss-free. Though you've gotta remember that over-cleansing is not a good idea for any skin type.

As some of my readers cautioned, I did not go through an acne/ purging phase (thank god for that!). I rather had a dry skin phase. So please be aware of either of them. It takes our skin time to adjust to a new routine. When in doubt, just stop and go back to basics.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this appliance. Its not an essential but it does jazz up a seemingly dreaded chore. I actually like to use it after a heavy makeup day. On normal days, the good ol hands serve me well.

remington facial brush nz

Price- $159 NZD
Availability- Harvey Norman and other Remington stockists nationwide

What's your experience with cleansing brushes been like? Did you get bouts of dryness or were you on team acne? Would this be something that interests you? Talk to me in the comments below!

Nishu xx

*PR Sample

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