The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub Review!

16 October 2015

The body shop fuji green tea body scrub

As you know I'm quite a fan of The Body Shop scrubs, my favorite being their Blueberry Body Scrub. When Jasmeen (THE JASMEEN SINGH MAKEUP ARTIST!!) gifted me a bag full of beauty goodies, I was most excited seeing this scrub. Ok. A lil more for them snail masks too! (Here's the picture of all the goodness I was gifted). She's so kind!
But seriously why is it always the dumb me who shows up on a first meet without any gift? It's happened far too many times now and has gotten to the point where it's both embarrassing and hilarious. I can barely get out of bed and show up for morning coffee (may I add in PJ's and no makeup whatsoever) and this chic is all glam and ready to roll at 8 am on a Saturday Morning? Like seriously how? Take a bow girl!

TBS fuji green tea body scrub review

Now, I don't know if Green tea ever smelled this amazing (pun intended!) but this latest release from The Body Shop is the bees knees. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Scrub is my new found love. Its beautiful, its gentle, its effective and its refreshing. It's unlike any other body scrub I've ever used.

best body scrub for dry skin

Housed in a clear plastic pot is a mint colored gel base with tiny white and (tiny + 2 mm) round green exfoliating beads. I'm all about eco-friendly stuff so I messaged TBS to ask if the beads were bio-degradable and this is what they had to say "The Fuji Green Tea Scrub contains Jojoba beads which are 100% renewable and biodegradable exfoliating particles". That's put all my fears to rest. In my defense, they looked too pretty to be natural :)
If you're still using products with plastic exfoliating beads (Yes it's plastic!! Them toothpastes and cleansers with colored beads!), please please please re-think your choices. These beads pretty much do not dissolve...everrr, instead get broken down into even smaller plastic particles that end up in our waterways, making way to the oceans and ultimately into marine life..and may be us! So you've gotta send a strong message to companies still selling products with these nasties.

body shop green tea scrub price

Body shop green tea scrub india

TBS Fuji  Green Tea Scrub has two kind of beads that are sooo gentle at exfoliation, I couldn't resist trying them on my face either. They weren't harsh at all. The scrub does a good job at removing dead skin cells from legs and arms making them smooth and keeping them ingrown hair free (the very reason I use body scrubs). I can't say much about the magic of anti-oxidant rich green tea from Japan on my skin because seriously who can? I'd rather drink cups of it.

Body shop green tea scrub NZ

I previously own the Blueberry Gel Body scrub from TBS, which despite being a firm favorite at our home, isn't the most gentlest. You have to be wary of how long you scrub for as it can get quite harsh but with this one, I do not have to worry about over-scrubbing. I've safely used it twice a week too!

Is body shop scrub eco friendly

Maybe you've guessed it by now..but I love this scrub and pretty much recommend it. If you can get your paws on it..please do.

Price: 44.95 NZD for 250ml
Availability: The Body Shop stores and official websites worldwide.

Happy Fri-yay!
Nishu xx

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