August/September 2015 Empties!

9 October 2015

Yes its my usual one liner again! Can you believe its October already? Like seriously there's only 3 more months till 2016. I feel like I've only just warmed up to 2015. I've only just stopped crossing off 2014 for 2015 when I date a document at work. As much as I can't wait for end of this year (and upcoming holiday plans!)..time's seriously running too fast for my liking. Anyways, I can go on about it all day..

 Today, I'm writing about the products I've finished in last 2 months. Let's get to business..shall we?

1. By Nature Pink Grapefruit & Argan Oil Body Lotion - I've written about another version of this lotion in my previous empties post. It was the Pomegranate & Argan Oil one, here. While I wasn't a fan of the Pomegranate one's scent (it was so off), I actually really liked this Grapefruit one. It smells so fruity and fresh. The lotion is fairly natural too..with no Parabens and other nasties. Its really light and fit for summers, absorbs fast and is non-sticky. At $5 for 500 ml from The Warehouse, it's definitely a bargain.

I'm currently using St. Ives Vitamin E hydrating lotion and quite liking it, so I have no plans to buy this next but you never know. For the price, it didn't disappoint.

2. Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp Water- I've only posted about this last week and did mention that I was running out of it. This is a fab natural toner for all skin types. A steam distillate of 5 native Indian flowers, the fragrance is uplifting and totally up my alley. I'm definitely stocking up on this when I go back home next.
(Click on the product name in bold for full review)

3. Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser - Another gem from Ayurvedic Skincare brand, Forest Essentials. This Saffron and Neem Cleanser is probably the only foamy cleanser I've ever managed to finish, and I'd be buying more of it. As much as I adore cream cleansers for day to day gentle cleansing, I prefer to use a foamy one after taking off makeup, as I'm quite paranoid of leaving traces of makeup on my face overnight. So yeah! I love this one. Its neither too foamy/drying nor super gentle. Its just right for what I need it for. The cleanser is fit for all skin types as Neem is a proven acne-fighter.

4. Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash- Aveeno has always been my preferred body-care brand when it comes to taking care of my dry skin woes. No one does it better than them. This body wash was a great companion to my customary long hot winter showers. It does not dry out skin and keeps it looking healthy. I still apply body lotion after using it but those will oily/normal skin could totally get away with it.

Its non foamy so you have to get used to non lather cleansing. Its super gentle and fit for sensitive skin too. Not something that I'd reach out for in summers but definitely a good pick for winters. I might purchase it next year.

5. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion- Again a great body lotion for winters but not so much for summer months. This is a heavy duty moisturiser, very rich yet non sticky and fast absorbing and lasts well over 24 hours. Its been great for hands and feet too. But I find it a tad too rich for summers. Wouldn't hesitate to pick it up next winters though.

6. Madre Labs Unscented Hand Cream (with Argan Nut Oil)- A dud. Yes its unscented and yes its moisturizing and fast absorbing but not the best hand cream out there. It pretty much did nothing for my wintery hands and feet so definitely wouldn't be purchased again.

That's all from me today. Have you finished any product last month? And can you believe its OCTOBER already? Yeah! I still can't get over that!

P.S. I'm sorry to be mentioning so many Indian brands in my posts. I love skincare from back home and I find it suits my skin best. So I always stock them up whenever we visit India. If you're keen,you can find most of these online..either through direct company website or the likes of Amazon.

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