Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch-Pushp Water Review!

1 October 2015

Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp water

So ya'll know how I'm absolutely addicted to natural toners..specifically floral waters. I have an unhealthy obsession with them if I may say so. I have to have a few spritz on each day or my day doesn't conclude.

Rose Water has always been my first choice. I've tried so many Indian brands in search of my perfect potion. If you have dry skin or any skin type in general, Pure Rose Water is the best natural toner money can buy. I have previously written about Forest Essentials Rose Water Facial Toner, Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water, FabIndia Rose Water and Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rose Water.

I've recently discovered another gem- Panch Pushp Water. Its an ancient Ayurvedic Formulation. In hindi, Panch = 5, Pushp = Flowers. So this is literally steam distillate of 5  native Indian flowers, that are known for their skincare properties.

Mogra (Arabian Jasmine) for Hydration
Rose for Toning
Saffron for Healing
Kewara (Pandanus Flower) for Cooling & Softening
Marigold for Cleansing

Oilcraft naturals panch pushp toner

The floral water smells amazing! So exotic. I just can't have enough of its fragrance. Oilcraft claims that the water can be used as a natural perfume but I've found that the smell doesn't last any more than 5 minutes on me. Maybe it's because it's on my face so I can't detect it after a while. Looks like I might have to ask Sunshine to sniff my face ..hah!
The toner is light yellow in color but is non staining.

Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp toner india

best toner for dry skin

I use this mist for hydration when my skin looks a bit dull and dehydrated. It's also well placed in my CTM routine (Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize). I actually find my skincare oils absorb better when preceded with a toning mist. It also seems to balance my skin after vigorous cleansing. I've occasionally sprayed it over makeup when its looking a touch too matte (not very often for me!) and it absorbed right in without messing up my cake face.

The toner claims to reduce age spots and fine lines with regular usage. I have none of those YET so can't vouch for its efficacy in those departments. But for everything else under the sun, its PERFECT! Even the price. You can't beat Rs 400 (about $10 NZD at current exchange rate) for a completely natural, ethical product.

best natural toner for dry sensitive skin

I'm about to finish this mist and have Forest Essential's version of Panch Pushp next on my shelf, which is more expensive. But as I've found with Oilcraft before, their products are of same quality if not more than the high end natural brands reigning the Indian market currently. Hats off to the guys for that! I can't wait to try their Mogra (Jasmine) Water next, which has rave reviews from many Indian Bloggers. I can already imagine it smelling heavenly.

Oilcraft panch pushp toner review

Price: Rs 400 (About $10 NZD)
Availability: Amazon.in and various Indian Shopping websites (Currently out of stock on Amazon.com)

Are you into toners? Have you ever used a floral water? What's your favorite? I'd love to know. Talk to me in the comments below :)

Have a lovely weekend ahead
Nishu xx

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