Lipidol Overnight Face Oil Review!

3 November 2015

Are you on the oil bandwagon yet? No? Why not? Well, its no secret I've been on that train for a wee while now, I think it was the Trilogy Rosehip Oil that started it, I then moved onto Life Flo Rosehip Oil (Fraction of a price to Trilogy), then went on to try the antioxidant rich oil from superfood Chia seeds The Goodness Lab's Organic Chia Seed Oil, came back to Life Flo Rosehip Oil and now currently been using this Lipidol Overnight Face Oil*. Let's see what oil catches my fancy next!

I was sent this oil sometime last year but never got around to using it. Few weeks ago, my iHerb supplies ran out and I fell in the arms of Lipidol Face Oil. For the price of $9.95 NZD for 50 mL, this oil definitely beats them all at price. I like that it promises nothing, well nothing but a promise to retain moisture. No tall claims, no too-good-to-be-true claims. It doesn't market itself as a magic potion. So yeah! I didn't have a huge list of claims to refute. Its supposed to retain moisture & replenish skin and it sort of does that.

The Lipidol Overnight Face Oil comes in a small clear plastic pottle. An amber colored oil, very simple, very appealing.
It boasts a long ingredient list of botanical extracts but the first one is Liquid Paraffin, so Vaseline naysayers can cross it off their list right now. It's a mineral oil based facial oil and I suppose that is how it creates a barrier against moisture loss. I think this is the type of oil that is found in Baby Oil. Did I just open a can of worms?

Its a very thin oil, silky, spreads easily and non-sticky. However, its takes a good wee while to absorb in. I apply it at night, half an hour before bed and most of it is still on my face when I hit bed. It just sits on top for ages though I admit I over-use oils. I don't know if it absorbs or if I lose most of it to pillows but I don't experience any dry patches while using it (I have super dry skin) so some of it definitely sinks in. The skin feels neither oily nor dry in the morning and I've had no acne either. Skin feels comfortable! The oil is also non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin, as per the manufacturers (Bio-Oil!)

As far as moisture replenishment goes, I quite like this oil. But I'm a bit wary of recommending it as moisture is a job many other oils and serums can deliver with fast absorbency and less of silicone & mineral oils.

I wouldn't apply it during the day or at morning as its quite slippery. Its certainly not a good base for makeup. Its marketed as an Overnight Oil so it's not designed to be used during daytime anyways.

The bottle albeit pretty has started creating a lil mess of its own. A dropper is a best bet with oils in my opinion.

Bottom line- If you're after an oil that is pocket friendly and provides decent moisture, go for it! If you need your oil to do a lot more magic things (non-measurable if I may say so!), look elsewhere. This does what it promises and nothing more.

Price: $9.95 NZD for 50 mL
Availability: All Farmers Stores Nationwide.

Are you into Facial oils yet? What's your favorite one? What should I try next?

Till next time!
Nishu xx

*PR Sample

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