Oasis Beauty Cream Cleanser Review!

13 November 2015

Oasis beauty cream cleanser Reviews

If you've read last few posts on the blog, you'd know my skin and hair aren't doing their very best at the moment. You see there's no winning. When your body looks good, your skin, hair n nails suffer and when the peripherals are doing great, there's no confidence in body. I'm not complaining. Because you can fake good skin but how would you fake a good body? Confused much?
 I've been working out for past few months, you know doing some sweaty stuff. Lets just say its working well for my body but its come at the expense of my skin (So frickkin dry- Blame swimming), Hair (Split ends, lifeless, sad- Blame swimming, crossfit, no oiling, extreme lack of time), Nails (that skin around nails peeling and sore. Blame swimming, pull ups). So yes..its just not my day butttt I'm not complaining. Its all part of the package called Life. Shizz happens.

best cream cleanser for dry skin

On a positive note, I've been making a conscious effort to up my skincare game and be gentle with my skin, as much as I can. Enter oils, cream cleansers, floral toners, hydrating masks. And there's this particular cream cleanser that I won off an Instagram giveaway many moons ago that's been an absolute delight to use.

It's the Oasis Beauty Cream Cleanser- A very gentle, hydrating, 99% Organic, cruelty free, NZ made product that's full of good stuff- Chamomile, Shea butter, Apricot kernel oil, just to name a few.

oasis skincare nz reviews

Oasis cleanser review

It smells divine (so warm) and feels like slathering milk cream on your face. It doesn't lather (duh!) and leaves skin fresh and slightly hydrated. I need about 5 pumps of cleanser for my whole face. The cleanser claims to take makeup off as well. I've found it good for taking light makeup off in one go (your usual BB cream, brows and some lippy) but I need help of a separate makeup remover for a heavily made face (Fair enough!). The cleanser is also perfect for mornings when there's not much grime on. For evenings I like to take my makeup off with Micellar Water and then follow it with Oasis cleanser and that's me done. It doesn't itch my overly sensitive eyes and there's no red eye to sport later. Yay!
I found it great to use with Remington's Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush as well.

best natural cleanser

Bottom line, if you have sensitive, dry, mature or dehydrated skin, Oasis's Cream Cleanser is seriously good.  100% recommended. It leaves skin fresh, hydrated and supple. Oh! I didn't get any acne either. The bottle has surprisingly lasted me a long time and is still going strong. I wouldn't hesitate buying one for myself when it finishes. Bonus- It's NZ made!

Price- $32.90 NZD for 150 mL
Availability- Online at oasisbeauty.co.nz

best cleanser for sensitive skin

What do you think of this product? Are you Team Cream Cleanser or Team Foaming? What cleanser are you currently using? Like what did you use today? Tell me in the comments below :) I actually want to know.

Catch you soon
Nishu xx

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