25 ways to Coconut Oil!

5 January 2015

As many of you were keen, here's how I use my Coconut oil! I'm currently using Health Support Coconut Oil that is 100% pure, virgin, cold pressed, organic Coconut Oil - Can it get any better than this? And for USD $16 a kg I'm surely buying more. Off iherb.com as seen in this haul post right here.

This one has beautiful nutty aroma & taste! Absolutely divine and truly authentic!

 How I use my coconut oil?

- Eat it!
I eat one spoon a day. Just coz I love it!
Don't force yourself. If you love coconut, you'll love its oil too. It has medium chain fatty acids which are quite rare, as compared to most fats that are either LDL or HDL. This helps control cholesterol that in turn keeps heart healthy.
Please note - This info is still a bit controversial, so if you have heart ailments, best to see a doctor.

You can eat it straight from the jar or cook food in it. Masala Dosa is extra scrummy when cooked in it!

Benefits of eating coconut oil:

- Good health, improved cholesterol levels, boosts metabolism, improves digestion.
- Relieves sore throat (eat straight from jar & lie in bed with oil still in your mouth/throat). Take it in slowly. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties so it works a treat. Actually did that last night after my throat felt a bit tingly and bamm no sore throat in the morning!
- Helps with weight loss. Its simply better than other fats out there. Never cut fat entirely from your diet even while trying to lose weight. You need good fat for sustained energy (think pre-workout food!) & well greased joints.

- Put it on your yourself. How?
- As facial moisturizer (at night as it doesn't absorb instantly)
- As makeup remover (oil dissolves oil. Bye bye waterproof mascara!)
- As body moisturizer (self-explanatory)
- Make body scrubs (mix with sea salt or coffee grounds. Recipe to be posted soon)
- Weekly hair mask (warm some up & put on your hair 2 hours before head bath = Hello pretty nourished smooth hair)
- As a body massage oil - on yourself, partner or your baby (good for rashes too)
- Good & safe for keeping stretch marks at bay during pregnancy
- A drop to calm down frizzy hair
- As a lip scrub - substitute jojoba with coconut in this recipe here
- Soothes eczema/flared up skin
- As an anti-bacterial skin cream
- Can be used before shaving, as shaving lotion
- As a hand cream
- As cuticle oil to help nails grow & strengthen them
- Promotes eye lash growth (Put it on before hitting bed)
- Mix some in your bath
- As a wound healer! You know small cuts & scrapes
- Put some in your nostrils with an ear bud if they are dry or sore
- Coconut Oil has a wee bit of sunscreen effect, somewhere between SPF 5 and 8. Not huge but good to know right!

- Oil Pulling
Its the new rage. If you do not know - Oil Pulling is not pulling the oil out of the jar....that seems to hold no benefits whatsoever!
Oil pulling is swishing coconut oil for 20 minutes in your mouth, first thing in the morning, before you brush.
Now 20 mins is pretty long so its best to move to that mark gradually.

What are the benefits?
- Healthy gums
- Prevents plaque deposition
- Whitens teeth
- Maintains oral health

As coconut oil is antibacterial, it pulls all the bad bacteria that has been growing in your mouth all night, leaving you with a clean n fresh mouth. Its a must to brush after oil pulling. Also an obvious must to spit the oil out as its a pretty nasty concoction you've managed to make up.

I've tried it myself. Because I love eating raw oil, it wasn't hard for me to have a ball of hardened oil in my mouth, melting & then swishing it around for 20 minutes. It does make some people gag though. Only problem is I'm quite time pressed in the mornings & Sunshine likes to talk. I cannot count the amount of times I've had to spit it out as he had posed far too many questions in a one-sided conversation during our morning walks. That urge to talk you know!
I still do it on the weekends & enjoy it. But can't vouch for all the benefits as I'm not a regular. I really need to figure out a routine to do this every morning. I can still confirm that it gives are real clean mouth and bad breath will be last thing to worry about!

How about you try & lemme know if it works? Thousands of people swear by Oil Pulling!

That's all for my coconut oil uses. The most versatile oil in our household.

Now, you have to tell me how you use this oil at your end? Any secret ways? Enlighten us all!

Take care
Nishu xx

P.S. First post of 2015. Wohooo!

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