Makeup Academy (MUA) Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in 'Iridescent Gold' Review!

8 January 2015

Meet the highlighter that's rocking my boat... At just £3, roughly $6, this has got to be the best budget buy of the season.

Its no secret that I'm a sucker for highlighters. I mean how can you not love them? They take your makeup to the next level! Honestly, I feel like a celeb whenever I put oodles of it on! It gives you that edge you know. A lil on the cheek bones, under the brow bone, down the nose bridge and cupid's bow.. DONE!

This MUA highlight powder was a chance buy with MUA blush & lip lacquers during their cheap shipping promotion & boy I've been thanking the heavens for that moment I decided to put it in my shopping cart.

Makeup Academy (MUA) as a brand certainly doesn't disappoint. I love their eyeshadow palettes & their lip lacquers are pretty close dupes of Lime Crime Velvetines. Surely a worthy brand if you're on budget.

MUA Undress Your Skin 'Iridescent Gold' Shimmer highlighter -

- has pearly shimmer - and loads of it
- that would work on all skin tones
- Is very finely milled
- Is super easy to pick up and apply
- With no fall out, sticking to skin perfectly
- And stays put for hours
- And finally here's a shot of it competing with my absolute favorite TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (About $34). Notice The Balm one is champagne colored and this one is more pearly.

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (LEFT) , MUA Undress Your Skin Highlight Powder in 'Iridescent Gold' (RIGHT)

- Cheap packaging - but its only $6 so umm...? The packaging still remains intact though
- Just a tad less creamy than TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer
- Availability & shipping charges (About $15+ to get it here all the way from the UK)

In all honesty, I cannot wait for another free shipping promotion from MUA, so I can buy more of these. I'd gift all my gfs one! Its worth every cent. A beautiful, finely milled highlight powder that gives high end highlighters a good run for their money. It is even called a dupe of NARS Albatross, the king of highlighters but I don't own one to compare. However, I'd rate it up there with my The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter. Best to sign up to MUA email alerts & buy it next time they have a promotion on! Do it NOW.

 Are you a highlighter fan? Does it hold a place in your makeup look? I'm so keen to hear!

Nishu xx

P.S. Would you like me to do a tutorial on abc of highlighter application? Comment below please!

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