Lime Crime Velvetines in 'UTOPIA' - Review, Swatches, FOTD, Pink Velvet vs Utopia !

30 August 2014

Well, you know, not everyone can be a Neil Armstrong or likes. The first person to step on moon or mars or THE first person to do some random sh*t. It's not everyday that you meet or be that 'first person'.
Meet me!
Your beauty buddy is now the first person in NZ to own Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia. All those Harry Potter & iPhone fans that stand in queue all night to grab that first phone or book... I always thought you were weird, dysfunctional but NO!! How wrong was I? Today, holding my "Utopia" I feel you. I feel that joy, those butterflies, that grin & pure unadulterated happiness. Whoever said money can't buy happiness?? Damn you! 

Utopia is my Euphoria!!

Big up to who bowled me with their communication. Having ordered online, it was supposed to be delivered through postie, you know! 2 days later! When MakeupNZ updated their Instagram feed (29/08/2014, Yeah! I wanna document this date!) announcing the arrival of Utopia in their warehouse, I started hyperventilating. How can I sit here at work, on a perfectly normal & sunny Friday afternoon, when Utopia is lying on a desk just 25 minutes away. I couldn't risk my weekend sleep, so off I went to pick it up!
You're here to read the review right? RANT OVER!!

So the counter lady at MakeupNZ had it on....Wait!!! That makes me the second person to own it... Arghh!! but they own the store so they obviously have it all. I'm the first customer. Yes! I'm the first! OK.. getting carried away!! Let's start it again. 

So the beautiful counter lady had it on & the first thing I notice is "Whoa!! It's PURPLE". It's not neon pink like I've been dreaming of (think MAC Candy Yum Yum) & then it strikes me... I brought it upon myself! How? So the other day me and a colleague were having this conversation about purple lipsticks & I blurted "I've never used purple... don't own any.. don't intend to! Would it even suit me?" Of corse people are nice & always say 'Yes'. She's a purple fan. So you know, I cursed/blessed myself the second I uttered those words!
Never say Never!!

Bottom line: It's purple, as Lime Crime describes on their website - "Vibrant Orchid". Very much so!
For those living under the rock, Lime Crime is US brand that believes in all things colored. Bright n bold! Think 'Abercrombie n Fitch' of lipstick world! They are also a vegan and cruelty free brand.

I ♥ Lime Crime

Color: As above, a cool toned purple with hints of fuchsia pink. The lady at MakeupNZ counter was cool toned & very fair. Utopia was like made for her skin tone. I'm a warm NC 30-35 Indian/ethnic skin and it's like made for me. Hence proved, its a universal shade! Like Seudeberry, Pink Velvet and Red Velvet! Wohoo!

Texture: A liquid lipstick that dries to super matte finish in 30 seconds. Easy to work with!

Finish: Matte. Once it's dried, there's no looking back. I have had it on for 5 hours as I type this. I've had food, drinks, been talking & kissed & this baby has survived it all!  It feels light as ever, doesn't feel a thing. Definitely long wearing & touch proof. I can see it lasting an easy 6+ hours on me & that's quite spectacular in my books. After oily food, it would start leaving from the part.

Pigmentation: Opaque in one coat, Pure Vibrant Orchid in 2 coats. It's bold & bright.

Packaging: Luxurious frosted glass tube with doe foot applicator, that works beautifully. If I can get a perfect pout with my not so steady hands, I'm sure it's doable for a newbie. You just have to sit still & breath easy. C'mon it's easier than a winged eyeliner any day!

For anyone who's confused that these 2 look the same! Pink Velvet vs Utopia!
- Cruelty free, vegan
- Bright n bold
- Purple with hint of fuchsia pink
- Universally flattering, works with both cool & warm undertones.
- Stubborn, long wearing, smudge proof, (Use an oil based makeup remover to take it off!)
- Dries to a super matte finish
- Non-drying! Feels comfy on lips the whole time it's on.
- I've found this Velvetine to be slightly more emollient than the previous 3 I own, as in more buttery. Also noticed a slight MAC lipstick type scent (Vanilla!), though it could just be my illusion!
-As a beauty blogger, I have to weigh both sides as much I'd like to talk about positives. But for some products it's more like digging deep for faults, as is with this one! I find no con in this but....
- Can tell that this will be quite unforgiving on dry n  parched lips, like accentuating their lines & wrinkles! Just make sure you've prepped your lips well before you give this a shot.

My Velvetine routine is- 
Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub/Homemade sugar & jojoba oil scrub → Wash → a dallop of Lipbalm → wipe excess (after 10-15min) → MAC prep+prime → Velvetine 1st coat → After the 1st one dries, 2nd coat!
I prefer to avoid a lip liner with Velvetines. The doe-foot applicator works just as fine.

Verdict: If you've been confused about it.. just buy it! Take my word, you'll love it.
Buy it from: In NZ $30 NZD; For out of NZ readers- ships worldwide (except Thailand)
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So temme which one is your favorite Velvetine so far? So hard to pick a fav! I'm torn between Pink Velvet and Utopia! Who knew I'd love purple so much!What's your pick?

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  1. Thanks por the post! I loved the swatches!

  2. Luvd d review.... Really looking forward to buy dis one

    1. thank you sista! you really keen to wear this?

  3. This looks gorgeous (especially on you!) I am very tempted to get this shade!!

    1. Thank you Cassandra! You should so get this! I'm damn sure it'll look stunning on you too!!

  4. hahaha at you r the first one to own this product in NZ
    proud of you
    I know the sentiment of owning the product when its not easily available in the country where we live in :)
    btw this color is pure hotness on yu and u look gorgeous :)

    1. Thanks babes! I know the struggle is real! there aren't many brands that you can buy in physicla stores in NZ! and the ones there at the shop are way more expensive than other countries so most of our shopping is online! So you can imagine the glee after getting an American product in hand and being the first at it! Thanks for the support hun xo


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