Best Cleansers for Dry Skin! Vol 1- Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream

21 August 2014

With Makeup removers out of the way in previous post... Cleansers are naturally next in the firing line. Spring is just 9 sleeps away so I've decided to drop my blog winter series. I still had toners and facial moisturizers to go... But will be doing posts on them regardless.Time management is clearly not my forte!

Moving on, CLEANSERS. I have dry skin, the kind that can't stay without a moisturizer for even 20 seconds after cleansing. It almost feels like its gonna tear off . I dare not test my skin's limit!

If you have dry skin and are hunting for facial cleansers, these posts will surely be helpful. I'm planning to review about 5 of my favorite cleansers (Yeah! I like heaps of choice when it comes to skincare!)

First up is by my favorite brand, TRILOGY! I'm a crazy fan of their Rosehip Oil, Everything Balm and pretty much anything else they make. It's one company I've never been disappointed by.

Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream ($43.90 NZD for 150ml) -

Here's what Trilogy has to say "Soothe and protect the weakened skin barrier and care for easily irritated skin with our most gentle cleanser. Thoroughly removes impurities and make-up (including eye make-up) to leave skin feeling soft, soothed and beautifully refreshed."

My TakeIt's quite hard not be impressed with it. The cleanser belongs to Trilogy's very gentle range, aimed at super sensitive skin. I also have facial moisturizer from this range which I absolutely adore. Though my skin is normal and not overly sensitive, this works just as much a regular cleanser would do. Its a cream cleanser so don't expect lather. If you have dry + sensitive skin, IT.IS.MADE.FOR.YOU ! Period.

I tend to use it sparingly as its a bit dear so its reserved for my bad skin days, when my skin starts to flare up for no apparent reason or when I've just had my laser done. It's calming and I trust it to be gentle enough. Takes off light makeup easily, doesn't itch my eyes, doesn't dry out skin and is a perfect companion to my  Rosehip oil moisturizer. Whats not to love?

NZ Made- I'm helping the economy :)
- Certified Natural - Calendula, Camellia, Almond oil, Avocado oil, Olive oil, Evening Primrose oil, Soybean, Green tea, Rosemary. How can you possibly beat that?
- Gentle on irritated facial skin
- Fragrance free, essential oil free and dermatologically tested. You’re in safe hands
-The products in the "Very Gentle" range contain SyriCalm® (A mix of  certain aquatic grass and an exotic Chinese herb. The formulation helps reduce inflammation and retains the delicate skin barrier)
- Non-Drying hence super good for super dry skin
-Takes off light makeup easily, eye-makeup as well

-None really. The price and availability may be? But if you are someone suffering from sensitive skin, that's probably the last thing on your mind!
- If you prefer the kinds that rip off every trace of oil from face, this is not for you! It leaves skin supple and nourished.

 If you've forever been on a hunt for a gentle and non-drying cleanser that actually works, your search should end right here!

Buy it from: (Free shipping to NZ, Australia, UK & Ireland! Weight based charges to the rest of the world). There are heaps of other online and physical stockists too. Please Google :)

And it's a Wrap!!!

So, Whats your skin type? Dry? What cleanser do you use? I'm very  keen to know!

Nishu xo

I picked up this cleanser and few other products from Beauty Review's vault, using my accumulated points.


  1. I have few cleansers but clarins is my favorite of all. I use MAC cleansers to remove makeup. Recently got oil based cleanser from Julep, yet to try that.

  2. I take a step back at trying new skin care but happy to try new makeup products. It's nice to know there are so many options now :) good write up girl.

    1. Well it's a good practice to stick to the skincare that actually works for you but that applies to non-beauty bloggers only! hehe . I've never tried Clarins cleanser. The only Clarins product I've used is the beauty flash balm and I swear by it! Its magic in squeezie! have you used it? Also, lemme know how you go with the Julep one! I did check out their box.. but somehow skipped it..may be fearing that that'll use my card details to send me the second one and subsequent boxes!


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