Lipidol After Shower Oil Review!

25 August 2014

How often in your friggin life do you get to use a product that's not even out yet? You know not the experimental kinds... but a full- blown- awesome- ready- to- be- launched product that you know will soon be a raging famous! Not very often I say! Well it may be.. for the established beauty bloggers out there... but in my world.. this rocks my boat! So when I was sent this transparent bottle of transparent oil... I sure was intrigued... ! Knowing me and my love affair with oils, I don't think the deal could get any more sweeter!

So without further adieu... Introducing you to a spanking new range of products... from the makers of world famous, Bio-Oil (yup! that Bio-Oil!) .. An ingenious set of 6 oils backed by years of research. LIPIDOL. 

The brand launches in NZ today and will be available in Farmers NZ from tomorrow at a price point you'll not believe. I couldn't, when I heard it this morning! We don't even get a bottle of decent lotion in that price in NZ! All products have same RRP, all 6 oils! Now that's being an ingenious with oodles of creativity.

I'm sure you can sense my excitement in this review. I'm seldom so excited writing about a product.

So, Union Swiss are launching 6 oils- namely- Cleansing face Oil, Cleansing Body oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil (now that's a first!), After Shave Oil and Overnight Face Oil. The era of oils has surely dawned upon us!

I received the Lipidol After Shower Oil to try out and as expected the outer cellophane packaging was ripped off that very evening and the pretty bottle has adorned my bathroom shelf ever since. I wanted to use it for a good few days before writing a review so here's it today. Brace yourself for the all adjectives coming your way!

PackagingPretty, unique, practical, functional and eye catching! The screw top is spill-proof. So thumb up for that!

ProductIf you know Bio-Oil you know what to expect!
Who doesn't know Bio-Oil by the way? It has ruled NZ market as the most preferred, prescribed and recommended scar treatment for the last 10 years.. ! Hell... world-wide as well. So no wonder Union Swiss had to create product that marks up to that reputation.

The oil is a dry body oil, meaning it absorbs instantly, leaving a non-greasy feel, Almost satin-y, not at all slicky! Putting it on after a shower is a yes-brainer as it locks in the moisture and leaves skin hydrated for ... far longer than you'd like to go without shower!

Whats interesting is that it has worked well for both me and sunshine! I have dry (read parched!) skin and hubby has Combination to oily skin. He's usually averse to anything oily but I'm excited to report back that he has thoroughly embraced this oil and that surely puts it in the re-purchase category! I'm sick of our overflowing bathroom cabinets that caters for both of our skin types.

The oil is also suitable for sensitive skin and is non-acnegenic.

The essential oil extracts leave skin supple and healthy looking. I've had no dry patches on my legs.

You also don't need a lot of product. If you apply after shower when the skin is still a bit moist, you'll only need a tiny bit of it. It spreads evenly and is actually way quicker than putting a body lotion on your whole friggin body..that I do everyday without fail.Not that I don't love my lotions. The whole slathering on lotion process is an everyday ritual for me, so I never tend to get tired of that.

Scent: The product states that it has Chamomile essential oil fragrance but either something is wrong with my nose or the scent is really really faint... I can't seem to detect it at all. So, I'll put it in the un-scented category!

Other Possible uses that LipsnBerries is contemplating (read "Already Tried")
1. Massage Oil- I've tried this one! The slipping texture makes it ideal for luxurious massages
2. Leave-in hair treatment/ Ends sealer/ Shine giver- Because it has certain amount of Silicones, its actually good enough to put on your hair. It's super light so won't weigh down your hair.
3. Hand and cuticle moisturizer perhaps?

Price: $9.95 for 175 mL !!! Wow...I rarely end up buying anything that is sent to me but I'm going to..this time. 175mL of oil is a lot of product and that price beats all the leading lotions in NZ. So frugal me is heading to Farmers when I'm finished with this bottle. I'm excited to try the Sunscreen Oil as well. With the NZ summers just round the corner, expect to see a review on it soon-ish!

And that's a wrap!

I'm heading to official launch event tomorrow (26/08/2014) and will update this post if I find some more insights into the brand and their products. Stay tuned lovelies!

Are you a fan of oils? Have you tried an after shower oil before? Lemme know in the comments below!

Nish xo

P.S. Lipidol is launching  in other countries as well namely Canada (June 2015), Malaysia (Sept 25th, 2014 for RM 24.90), South Africa (September 8th, 2014 for R 79.95 from Clicks), UK (June 2015) and US (June 2015) 

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