Smashbox's Santigolden Age Collection -My first launch event!

26 August 2014

When my blogger friend NailKeeper messaged a few days ago if I'd be keen to go to a launch event for Smashbox's Santigolden Age Collection. I have to admit I had no idea who or what Santigold was? I could write a whole post faking my knowledge but that's just not how things work in this space of mine. So I was pretty clueless! I'm an Indian girl obsessed with Bollywood and my love with English songs goes as far as Beyonce, Rihanna and such famous faces! I don't know much about R n B or various bands nor I'm keen to know. I listen to what I like so won't "fake it till you make it" . However, ask me about Punjabi or Hindi songs and I can be your music guide.

So I did the sensible thing! Google... ;) Wikipedia, Youtube and few minutes later, I know enough to write a blog post!

Santi White better known by her stage name Santigold (formerly Santogold), is an American singer-songwriter and producer. She is a mezzo-soprano.
 Source: Wikipedia

Smashbox Santigolden Age Collection

I went through few of her videos and they are weird in a pleasant way. In other words, I liked her! Liked her style, her wardrobe and her voice. Now she sings about the post-2012 Golden Age (you know when someone predicted that the world would end in Dec 2012? Or was it the Mayan calender?)- An age where the earth as we know it ceases to exist, revitalizing itself and morphing into its own beautifully balanced utopic, mirror image (yup! not my words!). Smashbox has created this collection with a color palette that represents the hues of an apocalypse.. when that happens! It's a world where humans, aliens, stars, all exist together.

The collection through my eyes! I missed the nail stickers somehow :(

NailKeeper was excited about the Lipstick Ring! Yup.. a ring that has lipstick it in it. You wear it on and that's your makeup on the go! I was just plain excited because it was my very first launch event. How does it all happen? How much makeup do you put on before you go? What do you say? You know all those jittery questions! 

The Santigolden Age Be Legendary Lipstick Ring in shade "Still Kickin" - $95 NZD (NailKeeper has pretty hands!)

Its a Collectible snake ring with Swarovski crystals and a limited-edition shade of Be Legendary Lipstick hidden inside.

Off we went to Ponsonby, the Smashbox Concept Store. It's small but stocked! and the ladies are lovely...not to mention strikingly beautiful. 

The Santigolden Age Double (Eyeliner) in "Yellow Dwarf/Green Martian" & "Azurite is never wrong/El Dorado"- $39 

The Santigolden Age Eye Shadow - "Earth as we know it" & "Apocalypse Now"- $59 NZD each
The collection was beautiful.The collaboration totally captures Santigold's imagination-The earthy hues, the blues and the greens, the snake head on eyeshadow palettes, the pyramid ring, the weird names (Earth as we know it, Green martian!) and the snakeskin print. This collection has two eyeshadow palettes, two dual ended eyeliners, two lipglosses, snake pyramid lipstick ring and a couple of nail stickers. The ladies at the store were doing live makeup applications. I had a full face on so just tested the goodies on my hand. I did take a few photos though while gorging glittery cupcake minis!! 

The Santigolden Age Be Legendary Gloss in "All Gold E'rything" and "Hot Lava"-  $39 NZD each

The pretty one again! It can be used as a cheek stain too!
This limited edition collection is available online at and various Life Pharmacy stores. I'm missing the two sets of nail stickers in these photos- Serpent Charmer & Eye of the Beholder! The gold snake was pretty mean!

These were the bomb! Yumm..

What did you like the most about this collection? I loved the dual ended eyeliners, specially "Azurite is never wrong" i.e. the blue n gold one!

Catch you guys soon!
Nish xo

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