MAC Lipstick in Dark Side- Quick Review + tons of photos!

MAC Lipstick Dark Side

MAC Lipstick Dark side review

Can we just cut the chase, drop the formalities and get straight to business? You see I'm a lil' time deficient this week & a good following weeks too but I need to show my new MAC lipstick & my half baked attempt with a new eye look. It is far from what I imagined but its okay. We shall get there soon.

MAC Magic of the Night Collection 2015

I received MAC lipstick in Dark Side from MAC cosmetics NZ a few weeks ago. Now this is a permanent shade already but it has been released in limited edition metallic purple packaging as part of MAC's Magic of the Night Holiday Collection 2015. Yep! I know. BEAUTIFUL.


Savar Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum Review

Savar Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum

One of the best joys of blogging- discovering products that you would have never tried otherwise. Despite what a reader perceives, a rosy job with free products, blogging is far from it. Its more of a no weekends, no free time, no reading books, assaulting precious skin & body with plethora of new ingredients and spending every non-day-job-hour thinking or executing blogging. This is just me, the slack blogger who pretty much manages to churn just one blog post a week. Imagine the time it takes for other part time bloggers that post regularly. Shudders**

But the only thing that keeps our lot going is comments from readers (please post them even if you'd like to say hey!), sometimes a surprise Facebook share or bumping into some star product that make the skin assault worth it! You know where this is going right? I've just bumped into one.

Savar face serum review

Now you don't have to take my word for it because lets be honest something like a skin brightening effect can be very subjective. You feel good, you feel you look good. You get it? My mood decides how I look. Somedays I wouldn't feel beautiful even after caking on layers and layers of Foundation. Somedays I'd feel gorgeous as soon as I get up. Its all in the hormones. So don't take my word for it.


theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter Review!

theBalm Mary lou manizer review

If you ask me my favorite thing about makeup- it'll be a tie between Lipstick and Highlighter. Ok.. I'm a wee bit obsessed with contouring too. But seriously Highlighting is Life! From plain jane to a Diva in 10 seconds. Yes!! a DIVA..that's how I feel after highlighting my face. I'm a lot humble usually but seriously this is the only word that explains my state of confidence after a few strokes of this magic powder.

Now, there are myriad lipsticks..100's of them..different colors..different finishes and different looks but leave me on an island and the only highlighter I'd ever need is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. I've had it for years (3 maybe?) and believe me this is a recent photo. I haven't even scratched the surface yet. I firmly believe this highlighter will last me a lifetime.

theBalm Mary lou manizer highlighter

theBalm highlighter review

I do not highlight everyday but it's a must-do for any special occasion makeup. Indian Weddings top the list, specially the night ones. Oh my my! the way camera captures it truly drives me mad. I've lost it right? But seriously if you can buy one highlighter in this life..make it Mary-Lou Manizer.


Oasis Beauty Cream Cleanser Review!

Oasis beauty cream cleanser Reviews

If you've read last few posts on the blog, you'd know my skin and hair aren't doing their very best at the moment. You see there's no winning. When your body looks good, your skin, hair n nails suffer and when the peripherals are doing great, there's no confidence in body. I'm not complaining. Because you can fake good skin but how would you fake a good body? Confused much?
 I've been working out for past few months, you know doing some sweaty stuff. Lets just say its working well for my body but its come at the expense of my skin (So frickkin dry- Blame swimming), Hair (Split ends, lifeless, sad- Blame swimming, crossfit, no oiling, extreme lack of time), Nails (that skin around nails peeling and sore. Blame swimming, pull ups). So yes..its just not my day butttt I'm not complaining. Its all part of the package called Life. Shizz happens.

best cream cleanser for dry skin

On a positive note, I've been making a conscious effort to up my skincare game and be gentle with my skin, as much as I can. Enter oils, cream cleansers, floral toners, hydrating masks. And there's this particular cream cleanser that I won off an Instagram giveaway many moons ago that's been an absolute delight to use.


Diwali 2015 Makeup look featuring MAC's Limited Edition Colordrenched Pigment in 'Ascent of Glamour'

MAC magic of the night collection

My favorite time of the year is here. Its Diwali time. Time to gorge on Gulab Jamuns, Samosas and lots of Paneer! Its practically the fattening season :p We'll be visiting friends and family on Diwali day (This Wednesday, Nov 11th). Lamps, candles and diyas will be lighted. I've already burned my share of crackers this past weekend for Guy Fawkes so that's been taken care of. So much fun.

If I was in India, we'd be having Diwali Holidays too but alas its NZ and we've gotta work. Like seriously can you imagine working all day on Christmas and then having the feast with family in the evening? So cruel.

MAC magic of the night collection reviews


MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation in NC30 Review

MAC waterweight foundation NC 30 review

MAC doesn't come out with a new foundation very often so when it does, the whole beauty fraternity takes note. Recently, MAC Cosmetics has added a new foundation to their Studio line- its the much talked about Studio Waterweight Foundation*. With this new release, MAC has tapped into the current trend of weightless serum-gel foundations that impart super natural skin-like finish.

MAC studio waterweight spf 30 foundation review

I have been testing this foundation for over a month, everyday and I finally have my thoughts gathered. Trust me to take uncomfortably long to form an opinion on a product.

MAC waterweight spf 30 foundation in NC30 review


Lipidol Overnight Face Oil Review!

Are you on the oil bandwagon yet? No? Why not? Well, its no secret I've been on that train for a wee while now, I think it was the Trilogy Rosehip Oil that started it, I then moved onto Life Flo Rosehip Oil (Fraction of a price to Trilogy), then went on to try the antioxidant rich oil from superfood Chia seeds The Goodness Lab's Organic Chia Seed Oil, came back to Life Flo Rosehip Oil and now currently been using this Lipidol Overnight Face Oil*. Let's see what oil catches my fancy next!


Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush Review!

Remington Revitalise facial cleansing brush review

My life summarized in 2 sentences- I love makeup, I hate taking it off!
Oh! Might I add a third one- I have an OCD with taking makeup off. Get me hella drunk and I'd still be in the washroom trying to get every bit of it off my face before the slump. We girls have an ironic life, spending 2 hours making up a face and another half taking it off. I literally need half an hour to clean my face after a full face of makeup. Like on the clock half an hour!
a. Take makeup off with makeup remover- TWICE
b. Use a cream cleanser to dissolve any that's left
c. Use a foaming cleanser to get that squeaky clean feel
d. Wash, dry
e. Apply Toner, eye cream, serum, facial oil. Hit bed. Hand cream, foot cream, goes on..

So yes I need a magic wand to speed things up. And naturally I've always been intrigued by facial cleansing brushes- Clarisonic Mia, Mirenesse and the likes. So when Remington's PR company approached me to see if their cleansing brush would interest me.. I sent them a big fat YES.

Did you even know Remington does a cleansing brush? I didn't.

Remington Revitalise cleansing brush review

So it arrived a few weeks ago and I tore up the package all excited. This beautiful mint colored gadget is actually a beauty. Sleek, pretty and ergonomic. The Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush system comes with 3 removable brush heads- Normal, Sensitive and Massage, so you can customize it to your skin needs. All 3 brush heads have their own clear protective caps too.The package also comes with a very pretty white beauty bag (so perfect for makeup brushes!) and a charging stand.


Savar Ultra Cleansing Shampoo & Ultra Nourishing Conditioner Review

My favorite Shampoo meet the world. World meet my favorite shampoo. Yes! I have found my Holy Grail ..yet again! Seems like I'm having a good run with shampoo's.
Wishing I had a good run with my hair too coz at the moment, they are a hot mess. Pretty much the worst they have ever been (in capitals). And there's no one to blame but myself.

So, my hair grow damn slow (2 inches a year!) and I need length. I NEED a good length for my upcoming holiday. So I've not had a hair cut in yonks (I'm not gonna tell you how long it's been..It's rather embarrassing. Any guesses?). There's split ends, there's dry ends, there's awkward lengths and there's more thickness than I can handle, there's flatness that comes with heaviness, there's hair fall and then there's bleach laden swimming pool, sweaty Crossfit floors and my laziness. All this against my poor hair. Writing this makes me feel a lil sad for them.. Tough life!
So when I say a shampoo has been working for me, you've gotta trust me. Surely, a shampoo won't fix split ends but it can make them less bushy.


MAC Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous- Review + FOTD + LOTD

If you're looking flat and want to look fabulous..reach out for 'Flat Out Fabulous' ! Cheesy I know but holds true for this lipstick. It can totally transform your face. This demands attention and gets you compliments.

MAC's Flat Out Fabulous is a stunning plummy pink lipstick. Its bright, bold and opaque! It's Ruby Woo and All Fired Up's cousin. They are all from the same family actually- Retro Matte!
Yep.That dreaded matte formula. It's THE ultimate matte. Yes its drying but its workable. And its loooong wearing which makes it so worth it.
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