Sukin Love Your Skin 3 Step Face Kit Review

sukin love your skin 3 step face kit review

Aha..its been a while since I've reviewed a skincare set. I'm not the one to be easily impressed by skincare products but this 'Love Your Skin' 3 step face kit from Sukin has me smitten. I just had to write about it. For the price that it's available, $30 for 3 x 125 ml products, it's a steal. Literally all your skincare in one set. Best that it is suitable for all skin types (including sensitive). I can confirm that it's surely a goodie for my dry skin.

sukin love your skin face kit review

I've been using this set for about a month now. The 3 products in the set- Foaming Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Mist Toner and Facial Moisturiser, all work well with each other. I have super dry skin and my skin has been literally drinking these up, in this fickle spring weather in NZ.

Here's my thoughts on each of the products in this set-


Karen Murrell Princesses of the Golden Petals Collection- Review & Look Book

Karen murrell princesses of the golden petals collection review

If there's one lipstick brand that all Kiwi women know, its Karen Murrell. These delightful natural lipsticks are one the best exports from New Zealand, especially to China. The exponential growth of this NZ brand has to be credited to the quality of their lip products. Made from natural ingredients & colors, these lipsticks have no Coal Tar, Carmine, Triclosan, Parabens or Mineral Oils. And they are Cruelty Free. Can it get any better than this?

I've been a fan of these natural lipsticks from way back. Their shade True Love is a favorite. KM has recently released her new collection, inspired from Versailles, palace ballrooms and royal apparel, this collection is for the modern day princesses- women who are strong, sassy, independent and beautiful in their own right.

I was lucky to be sent the full set of these 5 new lipsticks from Princesses of The Golden Petals collection. A beautiful set with 2 metallic shades, one neutral pink, a deep burgundy and a rusty orangey red lipstick. The Rose gold packaging is very attractive. Its eco-friendly too.

Karen murrell princesses of the golden petals collection swatches

Here's my take on each of them-


MAC Soar Lip Liner Review

MAC Soar lip liner review

MAC Soar lip liner on NC 30 skin

I've talked so much about this lip liner on my Instagram that it has come to me as a surprise that this guy wasn't reviewed on the blog yet. Like how? It's surely been featured in this blog post about MAC Caitlyn Jenner  Collection. MAC's Soar Lip Pencil was a part of that collection, hence I have this lip liner in limited edition gold packaging. Fret not! This baby is permanent at all MAC stores. Often sold out as its very high in demand, and rightly so because Soar is truly the best thing to happen to the makeup world.


Remington Shine Revival Hair Dryer Review

Remington shine revival hair dryer review

When it comes to hair tools, Remington has to be my favorite brand ever! Every gadget I've owned or gifted from Remington is still holding strong years later. Gifted my sister their pearl hair straightener 4 years ago, she still uses it. Gave my mum a travel hair dryer from them about 6 years ago and I still get to use it when I go back home. Personally I own an Epilator, a Facial Cleansing Brush, straightening brush, Curling Wand and another hair dryer from them and they are all still ace. It truly is my most trusted brand. So when I was sent this new hair dryer set from them, I was beyond ecstatic. Just to clarify, I already own another classic black Remington hair dryer, its 7 years old (from my student days!) and it still works. Like how? I'm kinda bored of it now (#FirstWorldProblems). Talk about getting bang for your buck! Well done Remington.

Remington keratin argan oil hair dryer review


Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Review

Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup remover cleansing wipes review

Here's to the best makeup remover wipes I've used till date. I just had to write about them. I have an OCD for squeaky clean face. I love taking every ounce of makeup off. Makeup removers and cleansing balms are all good but makeup wipes are truly a lazy girls best friend. I don't know of any girl who looks forward to taking makeup off at the end of the day. It is such a dreaded job so I'm always on a look out for things that'll make this not-so-exciting task super-quick.

Best makeup removal wipes for dry skin Neutrogena

Its hard to find makeup remover wipes that are perfect in every way. Some don't take off makeup that well, some itch skin, some are too harsh, some smell artificial, some don't take waterproof makeup off, some don't go well with my sensitive eyes and finally some are way too expensive.


L'oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Addiction Lipsticks Review

Loreal paris color riche matte addiction lipsticks review

Loreal paris color riche matte addiction lipstick swatches

Lipsticks! It feels like I haven't reviewed lipsticks in like forever and for a change its not MAC. Wohooo! Can you believe these are my first L'oreal lipsticks? Nops! Never tried them before. So I was pretty darn excited when I was sent these from L'oreal's NZ PR team.

Matte is my favorite formula in lipsticks so I was quite looking forward to be trying out matte lipsticks from L'oreal. These babies are called L'oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Addiction lipsticks and they come in about 16 colors, housed in sturdy matte black packaging that shuts with a click. I am going to be showing you the 6 stunning shades that I received!

Formula wise, I'd have preferred if L'oreal just called these normal lipsticks or even moisturizing lipsticks because these babies are far from matte. Intense color pay off, bold colors and a moisture rich formula courtesy Camellia and Jojoba Oils. These go on like a dream, there's no dragging there's no dryness. I can put it on without having a lip balm underneath and it still won't dry out my lips. Infact I think it's better that way because even without lip balm these lipsticks are super moist and emollient. If you go generous with layers of lipsticks over lip balm, it'll spell disaster because the lipsticks tend to bleed. So anything but matte right?
The shade collection is stunning with a good mix of red, pinks and nudes. I got a variety of shades to try, mostly bold because that's my style.
The scent of these lipsticks is a bit weird and off putting but thankfully it disappears in a few minutes or maybe my nose gets used to it. It's very similar to the scent that Rimmel lipsticks have, which is one of the reason I don't buy Rimmel's lip products. It's still bearable and goes off soon. The color pay off of Matte Addiction lipsticks makes it worth it!
In my opinion, these lipsticks are a great buy for the lovers of saturated colors and moisturizing formula. These won't dry out your lips.
The lipstick stays for about 3 hours and then needs top up. The darker shades leave a beautiful tint on lips longer after the lipstick has been eaten away.

Here's the low down on shades I tried out-


Institut Age Defense SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Review

Institut Age defence sunscreen review

First things first, I'm not a sunscreen person. If I like a sunscreen, its a big deal because-

a.) I can't for the life of me use sun protection everyday! I don't even see sun everyday. It just doesn't make sense to me. Why should I burden my skin with an extra product?
b.) They are a sticky mess. It's so rare to find one that actually sits right. You know the one that doesn't make you ghostly white or doesn't make you look like a sweat ball or the one that doesn't smell like chemical concoction or the one that doesn't transfer onto everything you touch (Phone..eww!!)
c.) Makeup! How do you even put makeup on something that's a hot mess already?
d.) They are expensive. Like seriously expensive for the good quality ones.
e.) Ok that's enough. You get my drift right?

So for me to like a sunscreen, there's these boxes to be ticked. Tough luck right? Recently I found one that is near perfect. It isn't run of the mill and is not very easily available. All part of the fun right?

Institut skincare review

A few months ago, I was invited to get a complimentary Microdermabrasion treatment at the opening of The Cosmetic Clinic, Manukau (Auckland). Surprisingly I was given a free skin consultation as well. They looked at my skin under a UV light of some sort and obviously saw dry dull and blemished skin. So I was recommended two products from the cosmetic grade skincare they stock- A Vitamin C powder that can be mixed with any skincare product (Genius, isn't it?) and a broad spectrum sunscreen to maybe get me serious about my skincare game for the future.


SKIN by ecostore Skincare Range Review

SKIN by ecostore skincare review

 ecostore NZ skincare review

You know how much I love natural skincare! & God forbid if its a NZ brand..I just have to try it. When Ecostore NZ approached me to try out their new skincare range, you bet I was excited! I've previously loved their shampoo, conditioner & body wash. Their dishwashing liquid and home cleaning products are a mainstay in our home. Heck! they are pretty much the pioneers of eco-friendly packaging here in NZ (ever heard of renewable sugarcane plastic?). No wonder I have a sweet spot for them.

Ecostore already had a whole line up of bodycare products. They have now branched into Skincare with their new range 'SKIN by ecostore'. The ingredients are sourced from New Zealand's pristine land & water. The range boasts antioxidant rich NZ Marine extract, Grape seed extract and Blackcurrant oil.
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