My Top 5 Beauty Products of 2014!

Well, this post should have featured somewhere around last week of December 2014 but excuse my organization skills.. It's here now! Better late than never as I always say..Here's 5 products I totally fell in love  with in 2014 and would highly recommend you guys to check them out! They are the bees knees and I can't have enough of them all. Thank you makeup and Skincare God's for such blessings in my life :p

1. Rosehip Oil

This will be a number one. I'm a convert. I confess I wasn't a fan of it from day one and this love story has blossomed rather slowly but it's surely turned into an everlasting one. So much so that with no money to afford Trilogy's Rosehip Oil, I turned to other markets and brands for this Oil and I highly encourage you do that too. Just look for 100% Pure, Organic and Cold Pressed Oil from anywhere and you'll be sweet. Trilogy Rosehip Oil rules the market and was already a firm favorite in our household but this 99% pure (+1% Vit E) Life Flo Rosehip Seed Oil from (As seen in this post here) has totally rocked my boat. For $6 it is a must have and I suggest you grab one now. Cold pressed & Organic too! Should I tell you how many bottles we bought when iHerb stocked them last month? 8 ! Yes..Not a typo!!!We're crazy like that. Plus they get sold out fast so...

My skin has been the best it's been in years. No acne (I mean it), fading blemishes, looks hydrated and healthy. I use it every night all over face, neck and even eyes. You should see how my eye lashes have grown. Oh and eyebrows too!

2. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

Makeup Academy (MUA) Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in 'Iridescent Gold' Review!

Meet the highlighter that's rocking my boat... At just £3, roughly $6, this has got to be the best budget buy of the season.

Its no secret that I'm a sucker for highlighters. I mean how can you not love them? They take your makeup to the next level! Honestly, I feel like a celeb whenever I put oodles of it on! It gives you that edge you know. A lil on the cheek bones, under the brow bone, down the nose bridge and cupid's bow.. DONE!

This MUA highlight powder was a chance buy with MUA blush & lip lacquers during their cheap shipping promotion & boy I've been thanking the heavens for that moment I decided to put it in my shopping cart.

Makeup Academy (MUA) as a brand certainly doesn't disappoint. I love their eyeshadow palettes & their lip lacquers are pretty close dupes of Lime Crime Velvetines. Surely a worthy brand if you're on budget.

25 ways to Coconut Oil!

As many of you were keen, here's how I use my Coconut oil! I'm currently using Health Support Coconut Oil that is 100% pure, virgin, cold pressed, organic Coconut Oil - Can it get any better than this? And for USD $16 a kg I'm surely buying more. Off as seen in this haul post right here.

This one has beautiful nutty aroma & taste! Absolutely divine and truly authentic!

 How I use my coconut oil?

- Eat it!
I eat one spoon a day. Just coz I love it!
Don't force yourself. If you love coconut, you'll love its oil too. It has medium chain fatty acids which are quite rare, as compared to most fats that are either LDL or HDL. This helps control cholesterol that in turn keeps heart healthy.
Please note - This info is still a bit controversial, so if you have heart ailments, best to see a doctor.

You can eat it straight from the jar or cook food in it. Masala Dosa is extra scrummy when cooked in it!

Benefits of eating coconut oil:

Monthly Empties - December 2014 Edition!

Another month... another set of empties! Don't be alarmed by the amount of products I finish each month. Its just that I have this weird habit of leaving 2 uses worth product in a bottle before I move onto a next one! So there's always heaps of products that I can finish, if I want to that is!

And talk about the month it has been! NZ, Australia, India! Holidays are always exhilarating! Ahhh...Bliss.

OK..lets just jump into this month's empties, shall we?

1. Santé body butter in 'Rose Geranium' ($23 for 100ml)  - Reviewed already on the blog here!
If you have any doubts about my love for roses, just enter the word in search bar on your right. Anything with roses, I'll buy it.

This Sante body butter, had a best before date of August, 2014 and I finished it last month, perfect till its last breath - both smell & texture. If you're in search of a heavy duty natural body butter, this one should do! Handmade right here in NZ, 100% natural and nasties free. Best suited for normal to dry skin. I'll buy one again in a beat!

2. The Body Shop body butter Duo in 'Macademia' - I know butter butters are TBS's bestsellers but for some reason I've not quite gotten on board with them. Maybe coz I can't afford them? I mean I need to moisturize daily, like without fail, so a $36 body butter won't go very far for me! They're good value for money on specials though.

EOS Lip Balm Review! featuring Pomegrenate Raspberry, Honeysuckle Honeydew & Strawberry Sorbet ♥

If there's one collection that's never ending at my place, its the lip balms. I genuinely believe you can never have too many! There's one in each bag I own (just in case you know!), in the car, at work and quite a  few in every bathroom around the house. Does that say a thing or two about my lip balm addiction?

EOS- For moist, soft, sensationally smooth lips!
To add to the collection, I've added three EOS lip balms! Yes... Finally!!!
 Made famous by Kim Kardashian, these uber cute eggs from Evolution of Smooth are all that a girl can want from a humble lip balm!

There's so much hoohah about these balms, I just had to get one for myself and then was gobsmacked at how good they were and went on to buy two more!

I seriously couldn't find any fault in these. It does sound like I'm totally smitten but you have to believe me ok?

I have these in 3 variants out of the very many they make - Pomegranate Raspberry, Strawberry Sorbet & Honeysuckle Honeydew. On my wishlist - Coconut milk (coz I'm a coconut addict).

What I like about these balms?
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