iHerb Haul Nov 2016- Use my discount code 'PGF661' for $$ off!

You know you're slack when you haven't posted on the blog for a whole month..and this time I don't even have a valid excuse for it! Maybe I just wasn't feeling ya'know? But I decided to shrug off some laziness today so I can do a quick post on my recent iHerb order. Reason- You know it's Black Friday in US tomorrow? right? No? Been under a rock bro? It's the Friday after Thanksgiving day (that's today!) so Americans are gonna go crazy on shopping tomorrow. Think Boxing day for us Pacific Islanders! An Indian equivalent would be a Diwali sale...Umm..may be no? Ok. Whatever. You get the point right? So iHerb are doing a Green Friday Sale tomorrow with upto 15% discount on all products on their website with the code Greenfriday. If you're a first time customer and your order exceeds $40 USD, you get another 10% discount with my code PGF661 that makes it a combined discount of 20-25% off stuff. How crazy good is that? I might do a sneaky order as well. Time to stock up on supplies. #TraitsOfAnIherbAddict

To cut the chase, here's what I purchased from the website this month. I do these posts so you know exactly what's worth buying. That website is a treasure trove. Search for a face wash and find a million options so it's always good have some recommendations. Time is money people. Save time.
(You can check out my previous orders for suggestions on other stuff to buy- Nov 2014March 2015May 2016July 2016, Sept 2016)

1. Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Hair Serum ($8.68 NZD for 81ml)- This stuff literally transforms my hair. I've ordered it before but my sister managed to nick it off me so I had to re-order. Looove! Makes hair silky smooth and manageable. It also has a heat-protectant in it. 100% recommended.


Happy Diwali 2016! feat. a hand embroidered outfit by Mum

Diwali 2016 look

Hey guys!
How are you??? You wouldn't guess this from reading but I'm actually fricckin excited!! Its DIWALI tomorrow... My favorite Indian festival and generally my favorite time of the year.
Its spring here in NZ, there's seeds germinating in my garden, there's more light in the day, there's sweets everywhere, the festive season has kicked off and there's an idiotic smile on my face.

MAC waterweight Foundation nc 30 review

Estee lauder double wear foundation in tawny review

DIY diyas clay lamps for Diwali

I missed out on Auckland Diwali Festival 2 weekends ago due to my impromptu trip to India but I'm glad I caught up on some other events planned around the city this last week (all the goss on my Insta Story). There's no certainty if I'll ever be able to attend Diwali in India (I was pretty close this time..just 8 days away!) but in all honesty I've fallen in love with Diwali here in New Zealand. I do miss home but this is my second home so it's not that bad you know....
Moreover, I got homemade sweets from India so technically there's some taste of home this year.


MAC Liptensity Collection- Reviews, Swatches, Collection info

MAC Liptensity Collection Review

Hey guys!! Sorry I was MIA since last 2 weeks. Guess what! I was on a wee break in India for my best friends wedding (Of corse you know all about it, right down to what I ate, from my Insta Story!). It was a super short whirlwind trip. I tried to take some decent outfit photos too (though I didn't take my DSLR with me!). Lets do another wedding series..Who's ready? I'm really excited after all the love I received from you guys on the my Sisters Wedding series.

MAC Liptensity Lipsticks

Today, lets just talk about this new collection from MAC which came out Oct 10th, 2016 in NZ.  I know I'm late. Blame the travel!! But the collection is still available and its a beautiful one so lets dig into it.Its the MAC Liptensity Collection! Very aptly named as these lipsticks are pretty intense.

Nothing makes me more happy than a lipstick so when I heard of MAC releasing a collection of solely lipsticks..you could sense my excitement. MAC teamed up with the reknowned color expert Maureen Seaberg. She is pretty amazing in the sense that she has tetrachromatic vision, a rare genetic trait that  lets her see a million more colors than us normal beings. She can tell apart two shades that would look identical to you and me. How cool is that?


My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 5- Reception Night

Apologies if you were waiting on this last post of the series over the weekend. I usually refrain from posting on the weekends because a.) I'm busy b.) I'm sure many of you are out & about too. It takes a lot of hard work before I hit Publish on a post so its kinda a waste if my readers miss it.

All that aside, here's the last and final post from my sisters wedding- The Reception Night! It's a gathering hosted by the groom's side to welcome the new daughter-in-law into their family. The event is fully organised by the boy's side and we had nothing to do except Dress Up, Show Up & have a good time!
It almost sounds too relaxing but the organisation freak in me will always take upon a job to do!

It's a night event and since I wore Indian Outfits to all the functions (Prayer Ceremony, Henna, Sangeet Night & the Wedding), I wanted to wear something western with an Indian aspect to it. Enters the classic black gown but with a twist!


My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 4- THE Wedding Day!

Indian Punjabi Wedding Outfit

Are you liking this series so far? I've never been so consistent with posts so it feels weird to be posting everyday. Must say it takes a good chunk of my day so your comments keep me going! Leave some na!

Indian Wedding outfit ideas

After the Prayer ceremony, Henna Ceremony & the Sangeet night comes THE most important day of all -the actual wedding day! It's the day everyone has been warming up to for a week. In my religion, the day starts super early as the Gurudwara/ Sikh Temple ceremony has to be completed before noon. So getting up super early is a norm. There are some ceremonies in the morning for both bride & groom at their respective places, after which the bride heads to the salon to get all glammed up and the family prepares with gifts and proceedings of the day.
The wedding party has to reach the venue at like 9 am (ish!) to welcome the guests. It's also the perfect time for the photographers to get some shots of freshly made up Indian bride and her family.
The bride family is the host for the day so its just them at the venue at that time. This is when we snapped up these beautiful shots of us twirling around, before all the madness ensued. I absolutely love these pictures. I still have to pinch myself when I look at them. The day almost feels like a dream. 


My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 3- Lady Sangeet Night

Oh! my favorite night from the wedding week is here. After the Religious Ceremony & much lighter Henna ceremony comes the absolute rocker- The Sangeet Night!
I absolutely love lady sangeet. This is a crazy dancing night on the wedding eve..so more like go all out, drain yourself, get sick & get up at 4 am the next morning coz its the frickkin wedding day. The after effects of this night are long felt after the wedding week is over- Sore back, sore feet & so much sleep to catch up to.

Beleive me I do not have a single solo picture in this event where you can see my full outfit. I'm literally falling over people, making faces, dancing crazy or acting borderline mad. All that when I'm a teetotaler. God save the wedding party if I'm ever drunk.
I've decided to not plaster the faces of my family & friends over on the blog so you won't see many pictures from the night. Where possible I've cropped them out! Ruthlessly!!
However, I got to wear the same outfit again with different makeup and hair at a friends wedding a few days later and even got some spare time to snap pictures. You'll see more of those in this post.

Literally cursing myself! Next time..I'm gonna be in front of the camera..right left & centre! huh...
I had fun though!


My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 2- Henna/ Mehendi Ceremony

Indian henna ceremony

Hey guys! Its Day 2. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my first post from the wedding guest/ Sister of the Bride series.
After the Paath/Religious Ceremony, the next day was the Henna Ceremony.

Indian mehendi outfit

Mehendi / Henna evening - The girls dance, giggle & get Henna applied on their hands (hen's night would be apt western event to compare). It's a really light fun evening so it calls for a light fun outfit. Something that is not too precious as henna on your hands can really ruin the outfit. Something not too tight or uncomfortable as your hands will be rendered useless. Something pink (No! I just made that up!).
Worth a mention is a fact that if you want henna to come out really dark & pretty..no water touches it for a day. Like really NO WATER. So after it dries and flakes off..disposable gloves are your best friend. God forbid if we have to go use the washroom when its freshly applied (we always do!), an assistant is required. Food has to be fed by hand. Our chores need to be taken care of. So it is essentially being a princess for the day.


My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 1- Paath / Prayer Ceremony

Punjabi wedding outfit

Hey guys! I've finally decided to do some outfit posts from my trip to India (I've previously written about my trip here).
This 5 post series is dedicated to my sister's wedding. Her wedding was in the second week of December (yep! a wee while ago!) and I was in India for 2 months to attend this family occasion as well as heaps of other weddings (21 functions!) that I will write about at some stage (no promises!).

You see weddings are a big deal in the land I come from. We have our dream looks sorted even before a boy is found. We research outfits, go through latest designer clothes, mix n match patterns, make our own fusion outfits on paper and then take countless trips to the tailor to perfect every single bead and sequin (I do this, do you?). So yes! weddings are a labor of love & every outfit speaks volumes of our design credentials. Of corse we have the likes of Manish Malhotra & Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the premier Indian designers who make breathtaking outfits but they come at a price that most of the middle class refuse to pay. Its more like how about have one designer outfit for the price of your whole wardrobe. umm..no thanks! But seriously no offence to those that buy from the big wigs. If you've got the moolah..why not? Saves you so much time and energy.

sikh wedding outfit

I personally like to get involved in my clothes. I like to tweak details. I'd like embroidery on one outfit and the cut on other. I'll pick color inspiration  from my favorite Jockey undie (true story!). I'm weird like that! This needs so much work and we Indians take pride in the process. Its what makes weddings fun & challenging.
So this series is an ode to the craftsmanship of Indian tailors, embroiders, small scale businesses that make our weddings colorful. What will we do without our bhaiyas?

When at weddings, I'm involved like really involved. I lose sense of being and time. I'm never a blogger but always a sister/helper/dancer. So believe me when I say that I have no solo photos at my sisters wedding.  Some candid face shots yes! but no solo full length outfit shots that I can show you. I was mostly found dancing crazy with some equally dazed people. There goes a disclaimer for the not-so-appropriate-for-the-blog photos. Enjoy!


All about MAC "It's a Strike Collection"- Perfect Score Lipstick is Looove!

MAC Its a strike collection

"Varsity-chic hues to bowl you over" is the tagline of this collection. A collection of pinks, reds & greens, inspired by the colors of a neon lit bowling place.

MAC Its a strike collection release date

MAC Its a strike collection prices

I thought long and hard about the look to go with this latest fun collection from MAC (Read 5 minutes coz there is never any thought behind my looks! I believe in going freehand). It had to be something equally fun, carefree & bowling appropriate. I can surely do better at bowling inspired makeup than in the alley where I'm pretty hopeless. I once scored the lowest! It's all in the technique I was told. Nevermind!


iHerb order- Sept 2016 **Use my discount code PGF661 for $$ off"

Whoops! I shopped again. I'm going for a mini break next month so had to stock up on my own supplies as well as buy some products that my family is addicted to (Blame me!). I also tend to try out new products on iHerb because literally sky is the limit on that website. I always have to restraint myself majorly. My shopping cart is a constant cycle of adding & removing products. Do you do that too?

If you haven't discovered iHerb.com yet..let me tell you..its a goldmine. Think American products at crazy american prices. We guys in NZ are so ripped off..it's a real treat to be able to actually afford quality supplements, skincare & makeup!
If you've never shopped from iHerb before, use my affiliate discount code 'PGF661' for many $$ off your order. You'll hate me for making you broke.

Here's what I ordered this month-
(You can check out my previous orders for suggestions on other stuff to buy- Nov 2014, March 2015, May 2016, July 2016)

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - Twin pack for NZ $15.16 - So about $7.50 for one RT sponge..the world famous RT sponge!!! Can you beat that? They cost $20 for one here in NZ pharmacies. I'm so stoked! I'm sure every makeup enthusiast has spotted one of these in makeup tutorials. I already own a beauty blender but wanted another one as back up. This one happened to be a steal for the price so...

2. Heritage Products Rosewater (240 ml for $9.68) - This is a repeat buy by my flatmate. She loves this facial mist. I'm too addicted to my Savar Multi Toner to try out any other spritz but I say good on her!

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