The battle of Lip Balms- EOS vs Hurraw!

Comparing two 100% natural lip balms..Yes!! we've come to this. I'm an EOS fan. Leaving the Kim Kardashian hype aside, they are actually one of the best natural lip balms out there.
And then I stumbled across Hurraw! Lip Balms on iHerb.com. At a fraction of the price and 100% natural, they are surely very appealing. So I ended up ordering a few- 3 to be precise!

Having used both brands here's my insight into them. Hope this posts helps anyone looking for comparisons on these two natural lips balms.


Can a $3 lipstick compete with MAC??

As astounding as it may sound...Drum roll please ** it's possible. I've been gobsmacked by these $3 Jordana lipsticks from a Dollar Store. All the hoohah & hype about them on social media pages is true and my panic mode has already made me stock up on various other shades from Jordana Matte range!

The lipsticks are available in two ranges- The creamy moisturizing ones in Silver packaging & the velvety matte n opaque coverage ones in Gold packaging.

Jordana Eggplant review
Jordana 'Eggplant' (Gold tube), Jordana 'Blackberry' (Silver tube)
Jordana lipstick in eggplant review

Shade '20 Eggplant' from the matte range has been on my wishlist since the day the rumor of it being a dupe of MAC Diva got the rounds. I had to scout innumerable stores for this lipstick for almost a month. Even Sunshine checked it every afternoon during lunch hour at his nearby mall. Cuteness**


Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater Review!

I hope some you's aren't getting sick of my Rosewater reviews! I promise this is probably the last one for this year (Things might change if I visit India!). I've previously poured my thoughts on Fab India Rose Facial Water, Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater Facial Toner and Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater. #OCDAlert

Kama Ayurveda Rosewater Review

Kama ayurveda Rosewater


Get The Eye Look - Love Is a Story ♥♥

Zoeva Love is a story palette review

Me: What do I call this eye look?
Sunshine: I don't know (typical!!), A Rainbow??
Me: But it has no red, yellow, orange!!
Sunshine: Love is a story! Isn't that the name of that purple palette?
Me: Yesss!! Duhh... OMG! Yes!! (Kisses**)

True story! My love is a story...Our love is a story. Isn't it amazing how you feel your partner is surely a missing piece of you, your soul-mate...such is the compatibility. **Knocks wood**

When Luxola.com approached me to create an eye look using eye makeup from their website, I couldn't be anymore excited. Here's the goodies I picked up (of course after a lot of Googling!!) -

Luxola.com website review

where to buy zoeva from

- Zoeva 'Love is a story' Eyeshadow Palette ($33.50 NZD) - Because I'm scared of playing with colored eyeshadows & this was the perfect opportunity to kick my arse.


Goodness Natural Beauty Lab's Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil Review!

Considering the oil junkie that I am, I was bound to run into another skincare goodie.. Chia Seed Oil! Yep..You've heard it right! Taking 'If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin' adage to a whole new level.

Goodness Chia seed oil review

Chia Seeds are considered one of the best natural sources of Omega 3 (Alpha-Linolenic Acid), Omega 6 (Linolenic Acid) and Omega 9 (Oleic Acid, Think: Rich n heavy, perfect for dry skin). That info clearly for the fellow Biochemistry nerds out there (Hi5!!). In other words, these tiny ancient seeds are brim full of Essential Fatty Acids (The ones that our body doesn't make on its own, we gotta acquire them from external sources aka Food). The nutrient density makes consuming a hand full of Chia seeds better than gorging tubs of blueberries.

Folks at Goodness Labs have extracted this rich oil and put it in a bottle as skincare elixir. Theoretically these fatty acids should be anti-inflammatory, hydrating and healing which should lead to bright plump hydrated skin!

Chia seed oil for dry skin


Taking Stock! May 2015

So I just came across this unique post idea on Lena and Laura's blog and totally got convinced. This is me right now. What's up with you?
Kai Iwi Lakes. How I miss the snorkeling!
  • Making : Progress
  • Cooking : Loads of Indian dishes. I cook for the week ahead.
  • Drinking : Water Always


MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick Review!

Another bright lipstick added to my arsenal! Shame its winters here in NZ as its a perfect spring/ summer shade. It actually SCREAMS beach life! Have you heard of MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick? One of MAC's bestsellers. (Other being Ruby Woo, Lady Danger!)

This was suggested to me by a reader though I admit I was quite apprehensive when I first came across it. But my oh my! I just had to buy it after putting it on.

Price: Rs. 1450 (India). $40 NZD, $16 USD. Available at MAC Counters worldwide.

MAC Candy yum yum review

MAC candy yum yum


MAC Lipstick in 'Relentlessly Red' Review!

I don't know about you but gosh! the lack of MAC lipstick posts on the blog has been seriously bugging my mind. Don't even ask about the amount of times my new MAC lipstick has stayed untouched because I couldn't find the time to click its pictures. Its a blogger thing! We are obsessed with those fresh new lipstick curves! So believe me when I say my 'MAC Flat Out Fabulous' lipstick has still not graced my lips after 3 months of buying it duty-free. Tough life! Its bugging me like anything and I aim to click pictures of it this weekend. I have to do it or I'll go insane!!!

MAC Relentlessly Red review

MAC relentlessly red on Indian skin


April 2015 Empties!

May is here! and I didn't even realise until someone handed me a May to-do list at work. I kept staring at their face like Whaaaaat? (Yup! the far stretched what!). 4 months gone like pufffff...
Here's to another month!

I didn't finish many products last month- just 4- nevertheless here's the empties post! More so because these posts kick me in the butt to stop hanging onto that last bit of my favorite lotion. Get over it woman!!!

1. Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater (Full review here)
You must've spotted a full review of it only a few weeks ago. I really wanted to review it in detail even when it was running out just because it's a star product.

Rosewater.Toner. Facial Mist. Natural. Cruelty Free. Cheap. I'm definitely buying loads of it when I hit India next. Full review here.


Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in '400 Big Bang' Review!

How timely of me to review this glossy affair when the company has just come out with a matte version of it! You know I'm disciplined like that (pun intended!!!)

rimmel big bang review

Rimmel London came out with these beauties early last year or was it the year before??.. Gahhh! But I picked one up from airport duty free Goa (India), during one of the best trips of my life. Think 9 friends, 2 am Old Goa tour, 4 am flat tyre, endless sea and para-sailing! So I have a good memories attached to this lippy. And hence this needs to be blogged. Some days I feel I blog for my future self!!

Rimmel apocalips review

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