Friday, 17 October 2014

The Week Gone By! 5

Did anyone notice my absence on the blog this week? I bet none :p I was away in Auckland for 3 days for a work training. Yup! I already live in Auckland. Just drove to a different workplace this week which was directly proportional to no internet + no spare time. The best thing about it- lavish corporate lunches. The Felafel burgers, the red velvet cupcakes...mmm..yum! I'd certainly miss that.

Who doesn't love the feeling of not knowing what treat's in at lunch? I'm practically broke so can't afford to eat out. Leftovers from yesterday's dinner cannot be erased from memory. So basically cherished the surprises I experienced at lunch hour this week.
I didn't take any pictures of food. a. No one knows I blog b. Wouldn't that be weird? Surrounded by practically your future bosses!

I was honestly youngest & least experienced of them all but it felt good so never mind. We shall all get there one day! Isn't it?

That aside! Did you check out the crazy Diwali festival video I posted on our Facebook page? I did take a couple of videos from my phone as well... via Instagram & magically lost them. Arrghh...Technology!

The shopping ban vow that I took just last week went down the drain when I stumped into Daiso in the city during Diwali festival. It's basically a chain of Japanese knick knack stores selling stuff for $3.50 each. That's my haul up there ^^ Sunshine pouch (I mean how could I not buy that?), two silicone heat-resistant mats for the kitchen (that'll be groceries right?), a cute pair of scissors, beautiful lace tape (DIY brush holder?) and some nail art stuff. All up $20. How cool is that?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Pastel Mint Nails

I'm going to talk less today. Pictures will do the job.

I came across this mani in my Instagram feed. Don't even remember which page was it!
It is just so chic & easy. Try'll be surprised. I can think of so many other color combos. Going to try hot pink and cream next!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Flawless Finish Foundation Review!

Talk about timing! My Foundation supply was dwindling when this baby came my way... all the way from Facebook. Not literally but I won it off Maybelline NZ's Facebook page, when they gave away about 500 of them. And talk about being lucky when the shade I chose in a jiffy- '032 Golden' was a perfect match! What sorcery is this?

This is Maybelline's newest offering and my first encounter with their foundations. I quite like their BB creams though.

What Maybelline says about it?

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Week Gone By! 4

And before you know it, its Friday again. Not that I'm complaining about it!

- On the blog this week, we made a yummy DIY lip scrub & slathered on the celeb favorite power oil- Trilogy's Rosehip Oil. We also had a bit of giggle at my wedding nail fiasco. Please feel free to laugh out loud (LOL) at my expense!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What would a beauty blogger have on her her own wedding?

Take a guess? A hot red? Or perhaps a gold? The Classic Indian wedding shades!
Or maybe a full blown nail art
Or NOTHING??  What!!!

Get married & you’ll know how crazy the day is. Crazy isn't even the right word. Chaos might be it.

We reached India more than a month before wedding day. So many preps…yet a nail paint fiasco! I never saw this coming.

I did hire one of the best MUA's available then. I think we had an understanding about what needed to be taken care of that dreaded morning! Yet there was no nail paint, my fake eyelash kept coming off & my dupatta (the heavy veil) just wouldn't behave. I don't like to name & shame publicly but it was a major disappointment!

When do I realize my bare nails? In the car...on the way to our religious ceremony venue, about 4 minutes away!
I’m like oh f**k it! I'll do without it & then the whole ‘You’ll remember this day for life’ ‘Your future grandchildren will look at these pics’ thought process kicked in. Adding salt to the wound 'the photographers will take those obligatory shots when he holds my hand or when I move that strand of hair off my face". Sounds familiar? You bet… clich├ęd bridal pictures!
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