iHerb order- Sept 2016 **Use my discount code PGF661 for $$ off"

Whoops! I shopped again. I'm going for a mini break next month so had to stock up on my own supplies as well as buy some products that my family is addicted to (Blame me!). I also tend to try out new products on iHerb because literally sky is the limit on that website. I always have to restraint myself majorly. My shopping cart is a constant cycle of adding & removing products. Do you do that too?

If you haven't discovered iHerb.com yet..let me tell you..its a goldmine. Think American products at crazy american prices. We guys in NZ are so ripped off..it's a real treat to be able to actually afford quality supplements, skincare & makeup!
If you've never shopped from iHerb before, use my affiliate discount code 'PGF661' for many $$ off your order. You'll hate me for making you broke.

Here's what I ordered this month-
(You can check out my previous orders for suggestions on other stuff to buy- Nov 2014, March 2015, May 2016, July 2016)

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - Twin pack for NZ $15.16 - So about $7.50 for one RT sponge..the world famous RT sponge!!! Can you beat that? They cost $20 for one here in NZ pharmacies. I'm so stoked! I'm sure every makeup enthusiast has spotted one of these in makeup tutorials. I already own a beauty blender but wanted another one as back up. This one happened to be a steal for the price so...

2. Heritage Products Rosewater (240 ml for $9.68) - This is a repeat buy by my flatmate. She loves this facial mist. I'm too addicted to my Savar Multi Toner to try out any other spritz but I say good on her!


All about MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection!

I admit I hadn't heard of trolls before this collection came about. I'm a 90s kid and an Indian one.. so there wasn't a chance I could come across it. But since receiving these pretty samples from MAC NZ, I've done some good googling and wow! they were quite a rage back in the 80s. No wonder MAC decided to pay homage to your childhood fantasies.


Remington Curls Collective Salon Pro Hair Curler Review

Have you ever seen a photo of me in straight hair? I bet not! Because I like my hair big, poofy & curly. I refuse to ever comb or brush them so they stay unruly forever...just the way I like them. I'm not sure if this obsession is healthy or not but I sure as hell feel powerful when my hair are in this glorious mess.

I seriously don't remember the last time I straightened my hair out (Maybe 6-7 years ago?) so the only time heat touches my hair is when I curl them, the event that happens only a handful of times a year because for Godsake..who has time for hair when there's over the top makeup to do? But I must confess, the few times that I've actually curled my hair for an event, it made the look 100% better. The confidence that good hair instill in you is immeasurable. I truly believe its a very real phenomenon.


Here's to the most painful year...

Today I write a very personal post. Its as personal as my relationships, my marriage, the cherished things I keep off social media but I want to let this one go. Today I celebrate one year of Chronic Back pain. Today was the day it all started. Today was the day the worst year of my life started. There are far more nasty things happening in the world right now. There is war, there is destruction. I cry for you but this is what that rocks my world. This is what affects me personally.

Here’s to one year of pain
Here’s to countless physio, Chiro, Acupuncture and massage treatments
Here’s to thousands of $$ spent
Here’s to an year of no sitting
Here’s to an year of always standing (in movies, at dinner tables, concerts, work and everywhere)
Here’s to the missed travel
Here’s to the missed opportunities
Here’s to paying for days after 5 minutes of gardening
Here’s to that dreaded sensation that numbs my leg
Here’s to the hundreds of Brufen that I've tucked in
Here’s to an year of restless sleeping
Here’s to an year of fighting a disease you can’t see
Here’s to an year of broken promises
& mostly here’s to the silent tears…
Here’s to the tears that no one saw.
Here’s to the pain that no one saw
Here’s to the relief that I never saw


Weleda Jardin de Vie Rose/ Wild Rose Natural Perfume Review

You just sighed right? Not another Rose product! Ummm... Yes! A 100% natural Rose perfume. I can't be a rose addict without a rose scent in my perfume drawer and when it's from my favorite natural brand Weleda.. you can't keep me away from it for long! I've written about so many Weleda products before and each of them holds a special place in my heart, be it their Massage Oil, Shampoo, Body wash , Body Lotion or their Toothpaste ..haha

I was once sent their Wild Rose Body Wash and Lotion. I even wrote about it. It is the most beautiful peppery Rose scent you'll ever lay your nose on. I still have some of that creamy body wash saved for days I really wanna feel the scent. It is seriously my most treasured and even sunshine's not allowed to touch it. I did always wonder if I could find the same scent in a bottle. Little did I know Weleda has put that rosy scent into a bottle with their Gardens of Life Collection. If you ever lay your eyes on this perfume at a store..have a whiff of it..just for me. IT IS HEAVENLY. The scent really takes you in and you can't help but be in that moment. Best of all, it's 100% certified natural & free from chemicals and additives so I can be sure to put it directly on my skin.


Remington iLight Pro+ Face & Body Hair Removal System Review + Laser FAQ's

Laser Notes-
May 18-  First try. Setting 1 all over. No Makeup. Face, legs, underarms, full arms. Tested ok on all skin areas of body. Sunshine (husband!) only face OK, Rest too dark. Machine does not accept all skin tones. Machine doesn't turn on if skin match no good. Took nearly 2 hours for treatment. Pain level ok. Followed with Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant to soothe skin.

June 7 - Growth substantial but uneven after 2-3 weeks. Tried Setting 1 on face and 2 on body. Setting 2 Felt ok on body. Got busy facebooking and machine turned off the beam. Didn't turn off fully though. Hard to reach nooks & corners like nose, knee (Bony parts!). Followed with Aloe Vera gel.

June 30 - Setting 2 on face, Setting 3 on legs. Best to do on a cold day as skin heats up. Don't laser during menstrual cycle as body a bit sore so felt more pain. Had to sit for 2 hours- back pain. Shave legs before use. Better on thicker hair like underarms, bikini.
Worked best on areas already treated with laser. Works as a touch up treatment/ maintenance session.

July 26- Very Patchy growth on legs and arms, fine growth on face. Setting 3 on both Face & Body. Felt more pain on this setting while doing underarms. Wouldn't mind purchasing for touch up treatments.


Do you know how much time does a woman spend on hair removal during her lifetime? I don't know either! But I know for sure it'll be in weeks & months because I certainly endure many of those painful hours. Being an Indian doesn't help. We are hairy..some of us more than others. My eyebrows need grooming every 20 days and that's after I've stretched the limit by a good full week (hey bushy brows!). I wax my legs and arms. That's once a month kinda affair. I have also been getting laser done on my face since last 3+ years. I admit its quite addictive. If you ever get used to smooth hair-free face ..you'll never be able to live with hair again. Foundation just doesn't feel the same. Makeup goes on like a dream- streak free!
I get laser done on my face every 8 weeks. I no longer get a stubble but more like a peach (brown!) fuzz on my face.


Independence Day Special- Indian Flag (Tricolor) Inspired Makeup

Hey Guys!

To all my Indian friends & readers..Happy Independence Day :)

Its India's 70th Freedom anniversary today. We got independence from the British rule after about 200 years of struggle that involved a loss of thousands of lives. It's a hard earned freedom that we owe to our nation's heroes that fought the mighty.
I'll credit the Indian radio channels for this super quick blog post. They've been blaring nationalist songs since morning. I'm not complaining though. I did tear up a couple of times.
The Indian in me just had to do an Independence day look. Here's one inspired by our national flag-The Saffron, White & Green Tricolor.


iHerb.com Order- July 2016 **Use PGF661 for $$ off your first order**

Money has been leaving my bank account left right & centre this month. This mid year slump seems to be draining all my moolah. Does it happen to you? All expenses come visit you at the same time. And then you decide to shop online. I admit I feel a lil guilty. Time to impose a shopping ban I think.

I made another iHerb order this month as supplies were running low. Here's what I ordered-

1. My regular supply of Life Flo Rosehip Seed Oil- $8.25 each- AS ALWAYS! I figure this is the reason I go on iHerb but then I order some more. Its my favorite face oil and even after 3 years of using it everyday my love affair with this one is still going strong. Full review here.


it'S SKIN Rose Sheet Mask Review

You know Roses are my thing! I haven't met anyone as crazy about Roses as myself so I'm gonna go ahead and claim the title of a 'Rose Addict'. If a brand mentions ROSE on packaging, I'm sure to check out the product. Be it perfume, face masks, cream, lotions, body wash, shampoo, essential oil, massage oil, eye cream & what not!
So when Anne-Marie from Things of Beauty website contacted me for trying out some Korean Rose Sheet masks from the brand it'S SKIN, I said a big fat YESSS! She knows me all too well #Instabuddies

And boy oh boy! I have not been disappointed. I've never quite tried anything like it. It's a sheet mask with sticky rose extract and various other serum/extracts it it. Its supposed to be put on for 15-20 minutes but it smelled so heavenly, I must have done over an hour with this one..till all the serum was gone and the sheet felt dry.


Eid 2016 Makeup Look- Blue Eyes, Red Lips + Some life lessons from my mum!

Blue smoky eye makeup

They say "Once it's on the internet ..its forever". This is exactly what I'm trying to do today. I'm wearing my mum's 25 year old outfit (circa 1991), I think it looks stunning and its Eid this week so why not right?

I posted a no makeup picture with this outfit on my Instagram last week . It seemed to be a hit! The outfit fits me like a glove.. literally! I actually needed a girlfriend to help me out of it. I was too scared to wear it again. It will be heartbreaking to wreck something so precious..but I just couldn't help myself from donning it again. I felt like I needed to go all out with this one and here's it again...in full glory. And now I'm content. I'm at peace. How often do you wear your mum's outfit ? Not often right? So why not do the whole shebang when you do. 
Blue smoky eye makeup look for indian weddings
It's Eid this week too. To all my Muslim friends & readers..EID MUBARAK :) I hope you have a blissful time with friends n family. I have many Muslim friends so I can't wait to visit their homes this week for a yummy feast. Honestly, they are one of the kindest people we know! Hey Rafia :p

Here's the look details -
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