Ever Kind Deodorant Ultra Stick review

30 July 2019

My husband made me write this. He has discovered his new favorite natural deodorant and wants me to share the news with the world. This hard to please man who took forever to switch from Axe deo to natural variants is now a self confessed spokesperson for natural deodorants.
I have previously written about another one of his favorite natural deodorant before. Here! It’s a very in-depth review of Dept of Soul deo, and also has all the info on when and WHY we made the switch to natural variants. All the reasons why I got rid of my high-end perfumes and fancy candles. The blog also has some gyaan on Antiperspirants vs Deodorant debate and which one is better for your health & body. You can read that post for these details and more (click here).
Back to the current product on my table: Ever Kind Natural Deodorant stick. My husband is a fan!
Just to clarify, I don’t sweat, hence I don’t use any deodorants. However, I am very passionate about natural skincare so I made him switch to a natural deo. This blog post has all his views, written through me. He is my guinea pig for this one.
Ever Kind is the first deo we’ve used, that has compostable packaging. The cardboard packaging is not only functional and stylish, but also guilt-free. No plastic anywhere. When finished, I’ll peel off the label and chuck the empty deo stick with my fruit & veggie peels into compost bin. The sticker goes into recycling bin. I took the Plastic Free July Challenge this month so it's a very timely review in that regard as well. If it's something that interests you, I've written more about my Plastic free initiatives in this post here.
The Ever Kind deodorant has all the good stuff and no nasties. Goodness of Organic Camellia Oil, Tapioca Starch, NZ Beeswax, natural Sodium Bicarbonate, blended with essential oils of Manuka, Lavender and Geranium Rose. It's certified organic and free from Aluminium & Parabens. 2-3 swipes of this deo in each armpit has you sorted for entire day. My husband doesn’t have to reapply. He still sweats but the sweat has no odour. That’s the magic of natural deo’s. They don’t block the glands, they don’t kill all the good bacteria. They work for your body, not against it. It’s good stuff really.
My husband has used a fair few natural deo’s in last 2 years and he says this is one of best he’s used. It stains his clothes the least, is soft & balmy in texture, hence super easy to apply. The roll-on packaging is sleek and practically weightless. Moreover, it’s made in NZ and is compostable. No wonder this product got the Best Deodorant in the 2019 NZ beauty awards. It is also the winner of Organic Product of the year for 2018 and 2019.
Ever Kind deo is available in jar packaging as well so you can choose if you like the swipe action or like to poke your fingers in. The brand website claims the jar lasts for 2 months and the stick (pictured) last for about 3 months. Husband would like to add that if you have hairy armpits, you will use more deo than when they are nice & trimmed. Half a pea size amount is needed each time.
We’ve tested this product in a lot of weather conditions (5 week Europe trip in May/June 2019) and it delivered consistently. No complaints at all. So now that it’s run out, I really should be ordering another one soon. It smells beautiful, is kind to body and environment, nasties-free, gentle and yet so effective. Thumbs up from us here!
Price: $29.99 NZD for 55g stick, $23.99 for 35g jar packaging.
Availability: Available in 3 scent variants. Online at everkindnz.com (Free Urban Shipping NZ-wide) and in-store at various natural & health food stores nationwide.

Have you made the switch to natural deodorants yet? If not, what’s the factor that’s stopping you? Let me know and maybe I can help you overcome, with the little (or more!) experience I have. Just a chat away.

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