Antipodes Skincare Review- Dry Skin Edition

7 March 2019

You love it when I do one brand skincare reviews so here's another one. I've been using Antipodes Skincare for about 2 months+ now so a grand review is due. This is probably the most items I've used from one skincare brand. Big ups to Antipodes for working beautifully for my skin, at a time when I've been most slack with my skincare regime.

Antipodes is a Natural Skincare brand that has its origins and still is, manufactured in New Zealand, from the best of ingredients that NZ has to offer. The products claim to be cutting edge, validated by scientific knowledge and years of trial and experimentation. Their products are vegetarian and most are vegan too (except the ones that have Manuka Honey in them). The green hues and fern design in packaging represents NZ flora and quite pleasing aesthetically.

I've used their dry skin specific products for my parched skin and let me say that, I've never used products that are so creamy, buttery and hydrating. The dry skin products have no harsh ingredients in them. Face cleansers are legit creams and oily balms that will keep all the moisture and nourishment locked in.

I've had no dry skin patches on my skin, despite the fact that on most days night cream had to stay on my face for 24 hours. With a 5 month old, morning skincare routine is a luxury these days. The skincare range still proved to be a winner- keeping skin hydrated, lightening blemishes and freckles and leaving a healthy skin glow on my face!

Here's a mini-review of products I used, in the order I used them-

1. Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser ($51 NZD)

This yellow balm like cleanser is super rich. Unlike the cleansing balms that emulsify when they come in contact with water, this stays oily. It is great for melting stubborn makeup, but needs to be wiped off with warm washcloth. The lavender scent in it feels absolutely amazing & calming (not overpowering or synthetic). Nourishing blend of cacao, olive and harekeke oils is godsend for dry skin.

I do not use it everyday as I find it too rich. I use it for double cleanse on my makeup days. I do not have to use a makeup remover with this one. The brand claims that its suitable for oily to dry skin, however I can only speak for my skin type. For the ease of use I wish it emulsified and was easy to take off. Think of it as an oil cleanse, packed in a balm consistency. I quite like this product, even though I only use it on my makeup days, which are quite far and sparse these days #momlife

2. Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser ($51 NZD)

 This cream cleanser is probably my favorite product from the lot. I'm a fan of cream cleansers and this is the best I've used. I've been using it everyday as my evening cleanse and my skin does not get dry at all. It cleans without stripping my skin's natural oils. Cleanser comes in an off-white colored, vintage aluminium tube that makes it very easy to dispense the amount needed. The active ingredients in this cleanser are Avocado Oil, Grape extract and calendula oil- all proven ingredients to hydrate, calm and even skintone. I love this one!
If you have dry skin, this cleanser will be great as both morning and evening cleanse.

3. Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner ($44 NZD)

After using the cream cleanser, I follow with this gentle toner. The dark glass bottle dispenses the most fine mist (I am very particular about bottle types and spray nozzle!). This toner has the quite an exquisite ingredient list- Mamaku Black fern to regenerate cells, the precious Bulgarian Rose Oil, Aloe Vera & Marshmellow extract to soothe stressed skin, anti-oxidant rich raspberry seed oil and 15,000 year old, mineral-rich, spring water from Waiwera in NZ.
Even though the ingredients mention oil, I do not find this toner oily at all. It's hydrating and soothing, specially in this summer heat. However, it's still not as hydrating as my favorite Savar toner.
I love a good rosewater toner and this one is Rose water with an extra punch of ingredients. It isn't the best but certainly one of best toners I've used- definitely soothes and refreshes my skin visibly.

4. Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum ($54 NZD)

After the toner comes the serum. I've been using two serums from this brand, on rotation. This Hosanna serum is my go-to when I feel like my skin is looking dull.

You know the brand hasn't added any bleaching agents or carried out any unnecessary beautification process when the serum color is a rusty brownish red. This serum is specially for dehydrated skin, basically my skin type.

When I put it on after the toner, it tingles a little and has a warming sensation, which dissipates after a minute or two. The serum must be working because my skincare game is in shambles these days.
Basically I've been skipping on morning skincare routine entirely and my night-time skincare products stay on my skin for 24 hours. That's over-time! My skin still feels good and most days I step out without any makeup. It's definitely helped bring some life back to my skin. I only have to spray on the toner during the day or a drop of oil if my skin feels in need of love aka hydration.

I'm not sure of its plumping action but it definitely works in hydrating skin and making it appear naturally clear and even. I do not have to apply any cream on my skin after it, it feels like a good hydration product in itself. Highly recommended!
Company research suggests it boosts collagen production, but I wouldn't feel that on skin right? So I've gotta believe their word.

5. Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum ($71 NZD)

This is another serum from Antipodes that I've been loving so much. I use it as part of my night time regime and I swear some days when I wake up and look in the mirror, my skin looks the best version of itself, straight from bed. I can't pinpoint if its this particular product or the whole Antipodes skincare regime but this one says brightening on it so I'm hoping this serum plays a part in that morning glow. At $71 this is definitely quite expensive and out-of-my budget but the results speak for themselves. I feel like it's made my skin more clear and even. The freckles have lightened a little. If you didn't know, pregnancy leads to excessive melanin production so my blemishes and freckles went into overdrive during those 9 months.

If I could afford it, I'd buy this serum again n again n again!

Company claims it's specially good for pigmented skin as it can correct dull, blemished or uneven skin. The Vinanza Grape and kiwi extract is hard at work in this one! They are known for improving the appearance of skin by targeting redness and pigmentation. Oh! my mum would love this one.

6. Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream ($64 NZD)

After the serum follows the day or night cream, depending on time of the day. This Vanilla Pod day cream is suitable for many skin types as its quite light. It can be used under makeup too as it absorbs quite fast. Even though I don't get to use it everyday (as I miss morning cleanse some days), I find that after 6-7 hours, my skin feels a little tight and I need some extra boost of hydration. Hence, I feel like this cream could have been better if it worked for a couple more hours. I am not a fan of that tight skin feeling. I will probably not buy it for myself. I like Plantae's Vanilla day cream better.

However, this cream dries matte, so is suitable for a lot of skin types.

7. Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream ($68 NZD)

Oh! this one is love. I'm obsessed with rich night creams and this one is right up there in personal favorites. This cream is what's riding my skin through mom life struggles and hustle. I cannot count the times I've stepped out of house in the afternoons with my night time skincare from the previous night still on and working well. The cream is rich but still feels light. It absorbs fast but leaves a beautiful glow behind. Must be the Manuka honey, Grape extract and Avocado oil working. Even though my skin is neglected, it still feels the same, so I have to credit this cream and the serums involved in my night time skincare routine.

I like this one more when I've just read that it has anti-aging benefits too!

 8. Antipodes Divine Face Oil- Rosehip & Avocado Oil  ($39 NZD)

I love a good oil and it's a must in my skincare routine. I use a few drops just before bed and sometimes during the day when I feel my skin is looking dull. Rosehip is my absolute favorite oil so no points for guessing that I like this oil.
The primary oils in this blend are Avocado, Jojoba, Macademia, Rosehip and Vitamin E. All of them rich in fatty acids, with anti-aging properties.
As I type this review, I've already finished this product. My skin loves oils. I've been using Rosehip for over 6 years now and I credit my good skin to it. I hardly get a pimple (husband even!) and we both are devoted Rosehip oil fans. Every night without fail! So this blend of Rosehip and other super-oils gets a big tick of approval from me.

9. Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm ($22 NZD)

After the whole facial cleansing routine, comes the lips. This skin balm from Antipodes is an everything balm that I've been loving as my lip balm. It's my bed side staple. The balm melts when it comes in contact with skin.
This balm is my handbag staple too as it can come handy in a variety of situations. I've used it as lip balm, on cuts and grazes, Aiza's dry skin patch under her nose or behind her ears, hand & feet cream, cuticles & nail cream, after sunburn and also as a spot moisturizer when I really need a thick one. This one is great to have around, just-in-case! It's baby safe too so can be used by everyone in the family. Love love!

10. Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream ($47 NZD)

This hand & body cream might be great at its thing but I'll be honest I was put off by the strong scent. It says vintage gardenia as its fragrance. I adore gardenias, but couldn't bring myself to use it again. Our family has been scent-free for a year and half now so any strong scent is too much for us. I've barely used this cream twice so I cannot say if it works well as hand and body cream or not. I'm looking to gift it to someone.

However, Antipodes makes this hand & body cream in 3 more versions, so I'm hoping one of them will be mildly scented. I believe scent is a very personal preference so I will not judge the product based on just its scent.

And that will be all for today. If you've read this far, you are amazing! and you are a true skincare junkie. If you are looking for a natural based skincare that works, definitely consider Antipodes products. It's truly one of the best I've used on my face.

Antipodes products are available online on their website and various health stores & pharmacies New Zealand wide.

What is your favorite skincare brand? Tell me in the comments below.


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