Savar Safe & Gentle Fem Wash Review

3 October 2018

Well, this is a new product category. Isn't it? Kind of! Not the first time I've reviewed a feminine hygiene product though. I've reviewed MoonCup Menstrual Cup back in 2014 and it continues to be one of my most helpful and detailed post. A write up that I'm proud of.

In this blog post, I'm reviewing Savar's Fem Wash, a pH balanced and natural intimate wash. I've taken months upon months to review this particular product. It takes time to convince a science nerd. So I know Vagina is a self cleansing organ. It has millions of bacteria, some bad, mostly good. Vagina secretes a mucousy fluid that maintains its delicate pH balance and also keeps bacteria in check, so if this fem wash said antibacterial on it, I wouldn't even bother to open the packaging. I need my good bacteria and I need balanced pH. Just as with hand-washes and soaps that claim to get rid of 99.9% of bacteria. Sorry! No! If you want to stay healthy and boost your immunity, get some dirt and filth into your house. All this germophobia is doing people more harm than good. We need exposure to some germs to build our immunity.

Just as well, this one doesn't claim to be antibacterial so I went ahead to try it. The formulation is gentle, plant based, pH balanced & enriched with aloe vera, cranberry, rosehip, calendula and bearberry to brighten & soothe delicate & sensitive skin. Now, I'm not sure why I'd need brightening down there but clean & soothing is my jam! I like that you only need a pump of it and that it doesn't dry out the skin at all. It is safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding, an assurance I most certainly needed. During my pregnancy, I used it few nights a week. However, after giving a normal birth to my girl a couple of weeks ago, this fem wash has come so handy. I had episiotomy down there (a cut in perineum) and due to lack of proper rest & care, a stitch got infected. I have refrained from using any other cleaning products except this one. It cleaned the area, without drying it out and as it is in liquid form, it was super easy and hassle free to use. Two weeks later, my stitches are healing just fine and I’m so glad I had this one on hand so I could keep the area nice and clean in a gentle, natural way. There was no irritation and no further complications, and I give my gentle cleaning regime some credit.

I also tend to reach out for it after my swim in public pool or when I’ve skipped shower a day or just when I feel like some extra cleaning.

If you are someone who’s never had UTI’s or STD’s and don’t tend to use intimate washes at all, I do not feel it’s a must have product for you. However,  If you are prone to them, I think this is a very safe and gentle alternative to the chemical laden intimate washes out there. It is super gentle and is also pH balanced. It is also a very handy item to have if you're pregnant or after birth. I definitely made good use out of it.

Price: $27.99 NZD from

Do you use an intimate wash? Do you find it a must have product in your shower? Tell me your thoughts on it in the comments below :)


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