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14 November 2018

Plantae Skincare review

The last time I did one of these posts was a good while ago. It was Savar Skincare. It's a mean feat to be finishing all other products (or just conveniently shoving them in a drawer so you don't see them!) and use all the skincare from one brand. Even more hard when you are a beauty blogger and are constantly testing out new products. I've been on a bit of a cleaning mission and finished a lot of half full and barely there product bottles. And then I moved onto using all these products from Plantae Skincare.

Plantae Skincare NZ review

Plantae is a certified organic plant based skincare from NZ. They are certified by Bio Gro so its definitely the real deal. I was building up quite a collection of their products so decided to use them all at once to give this brand a fair deal. I did use eye cream, lip balm and other random skincare from other brands though. It's not entirely possible to go one brand. So now that the rules of the game have been explained, here's the products I tried from Plantae skincare in the order I used them and a mini review on each-

1. Plantae Bergamot Orange Cleansing Milk ($39.90 NZD)- This gentle cleansing milk is for normal to combination skin and certainly worked well for my dry skin. For something as mild as cleansing milk, it's almost impossible to judge its after effects. If you have dry, sensitive or just normal skin, you'd like it. I'm a fan of cleansing milks for my morning cleanse. I don't like using foaming facial cleansers in the morning as my night time skincare routine is pretty thorough already. I don't want the effect of all the serums and expensive shiz I put on at night to go down the drain in the morning, so cleansing milk it is. This guy causes no dryness, cleans super gentle, has no lather whatsoever and is very mildly scented so my senses are not sent into overdrive at 6 am. I also reach out for it if I need a double cleanse in the evening. This removes some makeup and then I follow with a foamy face wash to get the rest off.

Plantae Bergamot orange cleansing milk review

However, I don't use it every morning. Some mornings I just wash my face with water and off I go! Because its still fairly cold here in NZ, I don't want to dry out my skin. How dirty can your skin get by sleeping on a clean bed overnight? Not a lot I suppose! Anyhow, I quite like this guy as its very gentle and soothing and kind to my skin.

2. Plantae Rose Otto Essential Water ($32.90)- This toner/essential water forms part of my evening routine as I hardly have a minute to faff around with skincare in the mornings. I use it straight after shower all over my face. It's made for dry to damaged skin. My dry skin loves it. It feels super gentle and doesn't smell fake rose either. The scent is very soothing and for a change my toner is not bitter. Its tasteless. Oh! the amount of times husband gets that bitter taste when he kisses me :p So I'm glad there's one out there that's tasteless. It absorbs into skin fast and leaves no residue at all. The bottle is stunning and it delivers a mist that's super fine. Love!

Plantae Rose otto essential water review

However, I find that this toner is not as hydrating as my Savar toner (which is my gold standard!) or even the Mario Badescu Rose Water. I'd rank it third in order of preference but first when it comes to taste. I don't want my baby to lick me bitter so I'm saving it for those days.

3. Plantae Rose Hip Fruit & Seed Serum ($69.90 NZD)- As is my usual, after toner, follows the serum but this one is pretty unique. This serum is unlike any I've used before. Its not thin, watery, transparent or fast absorbing. This one is like a more potent version of my Rosehip Oil. And God! I love Rosehip oil. I'm never without it, not a day in last 5 years! The brand claims that in lab conditions, the serum increased collagen and elastin in skin cells (fibroblasts) by 200%. Pretty impressive stats!

Plantae Rose hip and seed serum review

The serum has more of an oily consistency. It's rich amber in color. It has both Rosehip fruit and seed in it with rose, rosemary and sandalwood oils in the mix too. I've been loving this so much. I don't really have to apply anything to my skin after this and my skin is hydrated till morning. It's not very fast absorbing but isn't too greasy either. If this serum didn't cost a bomb ($69.90 NZD), I'd have surely bought it over and over again to replace my Rosehip oil. It hydrates dry skin, evens it out and gives a healthy glow. Love!

4. Plantae Vanilla Bean Day Cream ($48.90 NZD) - I've been using this day cream every morning for many weeks now and its so lovely. It's neither too thin, nor super thick, just the right amount of emollient for my dry skin. It hydrates my skin like nobody's business. I need two pumps for my whole face. It absorbs in super fast too. I follow it with a few drops of a natural finish foundation and blush and that's my morning work face ready! The main ingredients are vanilla bean, grape seed extract, shea nut, jasmine and camellia (more like flower power!). It would also suit a variety of skin types as its not super heavy or greasy. I've had no dry patches on skin this winters. It's working as intended.

Plantae vanilla bean day cream review

5. Plantae Sea Buckthorn Night Cream ($99.90 NZD)- Even though it feels like I don't need to add anything on my skin after Rose hip fruit & seed serum, before I hit the bed, I do apply two squirts of this night cream all over my face. It feels so nice on and works great on top of the oil too. This one is made for dry skin specifically and is incidentally the only night time skincare product from this brand as its so potent. It is actually suitable for all skin types. This is also the most expensive product from the whole of Plantae's range & they claim that you don't need to add any other product to it for an effective anti-aging skincare routine. With ingredients like Rose Hip, Sea Buckthorn, Evening Primrose, Pine, Blackcurrant & Rose, it claims to boost collagen and elastin by a whooping 272%. That is a very very tall claim. While I have no way to tell that it's making my skin regenerate but it sure as hell feels amazing on and is very hydrating and nourishing. It is definitely a good night cream if anti-aging is your motto. For my 31 year old skin, I find that it maintains my skin's hydration and makes it look healthy & plump. Its definitely taking good care of my tired new mama skin.

6. Plantae Brightening Camellia Face Polish ($49.90)- Now here's an occasional product for me. I'm not big on scrubs, masks and all that skin pampering jazz. For me, cleanse tone moisturize is my jam and I stick to it. Maybe because I truly do not have time for it and also because I don't bother with every tiny bump that shows up on my skin. To me those are imperfections and they are beautiful so you'd never see me hiding pimples, zits or freckles with anything. I flaunt them! So I'd be honest, I've only used this face polish a couple of times in last few months. So far so good! It's a very gentle scrub with rice seed powder gently exfoliating the skin and other hydrating and nourishing ingredients like camellia oil, shea butter and raspberry extract preventing drying out of skin. It's a cream based scrub and I like it because a.) no plastic beads b.) no harsh exfoliation unlike apricot scrubs c.) other good stuff that hydrates instead of drying out, as it happens with traditional face scrubs.

Plantae Brightening camellia face polish review

And that is all from Plantae Skincare for me. I really like this skincare range. They claim to be the purest of natural skincare from NZ as they are certified organic by BioGro as opposed to just another skincare claiming to be natural. The products are definitely on an expensive side but if you can afford them, they are quite worth it. On my meager skincare budget, I might not be able to buy them again but they sure as hell are luxury in a bottle, specially the serum and the night cream. This skincare range has taken really good care of my skin when I didn't have any time for myself. Newborn days are bliss but oh so draining & challenging!

Plantae Skincare NZ review dry skin

What's your favorite natural skincare line? Do you try and use more of natural products in your skincare regime? Tell me about your skincare favorites in the comments below.


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