101 in 1001 list!

So many bloggers have done this. Its been around for years! I've just come across it and quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

101 in 1001 is basically 101 goals (Small, Medium, Large) to be completed in 1001 days (About 2.75 years ~ mid of July 2017 as of today ~ Oct 14th, 2014). Here's my to-do list!

I'll be updating and crossing off the goals as they are achieved. Some travel ones are XXXL but I'm going to strive for them nevertheless. Like they say-

Hit pan on a makeup item - MAC blush? (Just hit pan on a MAC Eyeshadow! May 19, 2015)
MAC sends me a PR sample! (Scored my first one..Wohoo!! Sept 9, 2015. MAC Vamplify Collection. Review post here)

3. Master Eyeshadow placement & blending - Work in Progress. Pretty impressed with my recent smoky eye looks.

Eid Makeup. Post here.

Navratri/Garba Makeup- Green Smoky Eye. Post here.

4. Run a marathon/half marathon.

5. Visit Leh Ladakh

6. Go Bombay

7. Explore Italy

8. Design new logo + website for the LipsnBerries! - Have you noticed the new logo? I'm still far from a new professional one but quite content with this one at the moment.

9. Restructure our home loan. Done! July 10, 2015. And so happy with the current terms.

10. Be able to do push-ups. I have the weakest arms ever! Update 1- Getting there..Crossfit is killing me! June 4, 2015 . Update 2- Half way there- Oct 11, 2015. I can now go half way down. Just need to practice going all the way down and BACK!

11. Be able to stretch to touch toes with fingers sideways i.e. Make a triangle with an arm and leg. Confusing I know! Update 1- Getting there. Ouch! May 19,2015.

12. Be a Forensic Technician. Got the job. Sept 2017

13. Visit South Island (NZ) - Lake Tekapo!- Done, Dec-Jan 2016

14. Wear crop top (with flat abs... not flabs) (Wore on new year's 31 Dec 2014, Flat abs still need work)

15. Do weight training (Started May 5, 2015)

16. See Taj Mahal- Done. Jan 9,2016

17. Wear bikini on a beach- Done. A couple of times.

18. Grow a vege garden. Update 1- We finally have cucumbers and Lettuce. 06/01/2015. Update 2-Summer garden in progress- Oct 11, 2015. Seedlings of Lettuce, Tomato, Capsicum, Zucchini, Eggplant in progress.

Our Produce

19. Learn and implement photography jargon.

20. Try a degustation menu

21. Buy a map & pin places in the world I've been to

22. Find & buy ripped blue jeans- Done! Factorie store. Dec 26, 2014. Another one April 12, 2018

23. Reach my goal weight. Update 1- Still far from it as at Oct 11, 2015. Looks like this is going to be a tough one to crack. I'm trying out weight training and building some muscle so getting the scales to show weight loss in fat is getting harder each day. Reached Goal weight Mid 2017

24. Buy Clinique 'Take the day off balm'. Done. Jan 2017

25. Own more MAC lipsticks- Mehr, Flat out Fabulous,Vegas Volt (Flat out fabulous- Done! Review to follow). Mehr and Flat Out Fabulous bought Jan 2017.

26. Bake a cake from scratch- Done! Baked an eggless, sugar-free cake for Sunshine- Sept 3, 2015

27. Buy real hair extensions or grow waist length hair.

28. Do the 10-day Vipassana course at Kaukapakapa

29. Paint something & hang it at home. Done. Painted an acrylic painting of Auckland skyline Nov 25, 2017.

30. Get 30 comments on a blog-post

31. Buy a ladder shelf- Done! March 31st, 2015

32. Have the most amazing makeup corner in my room. Update 1- Work in Progress as of Jan 6, 2015. Update 2- Done. July 2015.

33. Eat a Gujrati or Rajasthani thali

34. Learn French Braid

35. Do a 100 happy days challenge or 365 grams challenge on Instagram (Started 100 Happy days Challenge on Insta on Feb 22, 2015)

36. Do someone's makeup for free, a special occasion makeup- Done! Did bff's makeup for her Pre-wedding lunch Nov 29, 2014. I think she loved it. That's her in the centre, me in blue Anarkali extreme right. Did wedding makeup for a friend Jan 2016.

37. Bake blueberry muffins from scratch- Done. April 27, 2015. Eggless and so yumm!

38. Visit Istanbul, Turkey

39. Prepare Emergency kit + First Aid kit for home & car (Does buying an Aloe Vera plant count?)

40. Gain certification in First Aid course

41. Attend more Indian weddings, all my friends weddings- Work in progress. One down Dec 3rd, 2014. Two down Oct 14, 2016

42. Wear a midriff baring lehenga & look a million (Indianwear, please Google). Update 1- Done! Went for my first ever Garba wearing a Lehenga. Picture on Instagram here. Full post of Experience + Makeup here. Wore a self designed and styled mirrored lehenga at my sisters wedding Dec 12, 2015

43. Earn real money from blog. I mean why not?

44. Do guest posts on 10 blogs- NZgirl, IMBB, write more! One done- Ankita's blog Coralista.com, here

45. Prepare a Media Kit for blog -Done! June 1, 2015. Sent to PR agencies.

46. Complete 100 blog posts this year (2014) (Failed for 2014, Making it a goal for 2015)- Completed 100 blogposts on the blog on May 6,2015. 100th post.

47. Write handwritten letters to friends & family. Done. Written many letters. Gifted many paintings.

48. Get a full body massage in a luxury hotel, alongside Sunshine/Couples massage

49. Attend a Christian Wedding

50. Do running, swimming, yoga, all in one day! (Achieved the mean feat on Nov 16, 2014)

51. Make soup- Made Daal Soup- June 3, 2015. Creamy Pumpkin soup in pictures.

52. Make a photo collage of me & sunshine and hang it in our home

53. Get highlights in hair or do something 'new' with hair. Done Dec 2015.

54. Host a dinner party.

55. Make a coffee table book with my own clicks

56. Read Quran & Gita - translated one's ofcorse

57. Ride the horse again

58. Do Scuba diving (Started Snorkelling.. Good start eh?). Snorkelled Goat Island NZ Feb 4, 2017

59. Be able to do Chakrasana-Yoga pose (In progress as at Oct 11, 2015)

60. Go camping

61. Be a volunteer for some good cause. Done. Plated Manuka plants on the shores of Lake Wairere Oct 30, 2017

62. Get featured in a magazine or newspaper (for good reasons)

63. Fulfill sunshine's wish to Skydive (Gifted him the voucher on his 30th b'day. Skydive to be scheduled)

64. Sponsor a kid, do some RAOK, do something good for a stranger (Always a work in progress)

65. Read GRE Vocabulary books again

66. Go internet free for a week - Unplug!

67. Do a 6-month shopping ban (Groceries allowed)

68. Go on an unplanned road trip with Sunshine. Done Feb 5, 2018. Went on a cafe trail around Thames, Coromandel.

69. Do Yoga every morning for a month

70. Hike a mountain -Done! Rangitoto Island Dec 18th 2014, Mt. Manganui Jan 3rd, 2015.

View from Rangitoto Summit

Mt. Manganui

View from Mt. Manganui summit

71. Wear a floral head wreath in public (Done! New years eve, 2015)

72. Learn how to skip a rope -Done! Oct 11, 2015. Now gearing up for double-unders

73. Have a girls only night with my fav girls

74. Shoot a portrait of my Grand-dad & Nani -Done! Nov 28, 2014. Pics to follow

75. Donate all my organs

76. Inspire someone to write their own 101 in 1001 list (If I did, lemme know so I can cross this one off). Done! CookieCrumbsInc did it! Here. Sarah from The Lilly Mint Blog has started hers too.

77. Go strawberry picking

78. Take a photo-booth pic-never been inside one. (Done! Melbourne. Dec 9, 2014. And it was funnn! Done again Diwali 2017 at Auckland City.

79. Chuck out all old receipts, take pics of useful receipts & save on hard drive (Pics taken, Need to buy a new hard drive)

80. Register all home assets on snap.org.nz (NZ Police's initiative to track down stolen items)

81. Go to dentist, get that plaque out-Done! Nov 24, 2014

82. Own a business with Sunshine

83. Prepare a dance with Sunshine for my sister or brother's wedding, whenever they happen

84. Run 5k without a breather -DONE! Oct 8, 2015. We were assigned to do 4.5 km but I went for 500 more metres to finish my first ever 5k without a breather. I was an absolute wreck but so so proud of myself! Now gotta start bringing that time down.

85. Have picnic at a stunning location with family .Had picnic at Rangitoto Summit with hubby and Bro Dec 18th, 2014. Check out the mean view we ate to!

86. Do the new years eve countdown in city centre.Done! Wellington Waterfront. Dec 31, 2014

87. Buy another hard drive & do (back-up)^2. Done

88. Do a 30 day challenge on blog - Post everyday for a month

89. Get active on Bloglovin/ Comment on 3 new blogs everyday for a month (In progress, on Day 19 as of Oct 11, 2015)

90. Have a girls only getaway

91. Start composting!

92. Complete 'Earth hour' with no cheating (Failed for 2015, World Cup Cricket match was on!)

93. Finish Rujuta's book lying on my desk since ages. Done.

94. Get hold of Chetan Bhagat's 'Half Girlfriend' & read what the fuss is about. Don't want to read it anymore.

95. Read 'Wings of Fire' by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam (In progress, Oct 11, 2015). Done.

96. Teach Sunshine swimming (Sunshine making good progress, he thinks he can save himself now. Call it 'Work in Progress')

97. Host my parents in NZ and Cook for them

98. Do the 'No-Poo' hair challenge

99. Do an out of my comfort zone look on the blog. Grunge maybe? Done. Mermaid look with Wet n Wild Beauty products. Blog post here.

100. Perform on stage again

101. Hand stand or Full split- Pick one or both! (Aiming for both, making good progress as of Oct 11, 2015)

Let's get going, shall we?

P.S. If I inspired you to make a list, tell me all about it.

P.P.S. You can help me by buying me stuff listed ^^

P.P.P.S. Friends take note of b'day presents ^^. You have no reason to be confused about my gift from now on! You're welcome :)


Nish xx


  1. Half girlfren is not ur types ... N wings of fire is inspiring but damn boring to stick on ... N soon u gona see My to do list n yea prePare one dance for my wedding too if it ever happend

    1. Is it? I think it's more to do with the fact that I've read all of Chetan's books :p Please update me when your list is ready so I can cross one thing off my list. Its very exciting making one up..you kinda get stuck at 60 things..hahah!
      I'd love to prepare a dance at your wedding but please get married yea?? mmwwahh xx

  2. Big list of goals! I have been to Leh Ladakh and it is so beautiful! It was an incredible experience for me.

    1. hahah! I know.. Some of them are even mere dreams :p They are good reminders anyway.

      OH MY GOD! You have been to Leh Ladakh..tell me more about it? How long ago was that? I'm surely going there one day! The only thing stopping me is the timing. June-July is the best time to head there and they are like the hottest months back home...Indian summers at peak! Add to that Day long powercuts :( No body goes back home in that month. For the sake of Leh..I will do it once for sure!

  3. wow! A really ambitious list here! I smiled at the GRE vocab one because I've also made that goal before...sorry to say I never ended up doing it! Better luck to you :D All the best, Dana

    1. Oh yeah! That's a big one. I learned so much during my GRE prep days and have saved those books ever since. I really wish I can get back to them one day. Gotta stop watching so many movies and save some time. haha

  4. Once I put up my list, you can cross off number 76.
    Also, come off to Bangalore/Delhi in December to cross off 49 :)

    1. Oh please do that! I love crossing off stuff. You've reminded me to update this page now. I'll put some pictures up!
      And there's a good chance Bangalore is happening in Dec/Jan. Wait!! Thats a christian wedding? Gosh! Are you getting married girl?

    2. I made my list, love :) cross it off!

    3. Done babe xx I've linked your post here. And finally got around to posting mine. Some progress made indeed. How are you going with your list?

  5. woah! loving this....so many in the list..and congrats on the ones that are done! yay! that corner of ur room is sooo perfect/..ur makeup vanity is a dream girl! way to go. I know you can soon hit many of these in the list <3 <3 u r a stunner! and remember a star <3 <3

    1. Gosh! You have more confidence in me than I have in myself Renji. I'm slowly working towards my goals. Each goal finished is one wide grin on my face. I think you should make a list too! I'd love to know more about your dreams and aspirations :)

  6. Istanbul is my love too...u inspired me to make my list...looking forward to the no poo method. Good luck with your goals...

    1. Istanbul has been on my list for ages. I really wish to go there one day but sunshine isn't very keen. I keep showing him all the good stuff about Turkey when they feature it in movies..and then bamm! there's a bomb blast there last week :( I'd love to hang out in the blue mosque and hang out in their vast bazaars. One day..one day...!
      And plz plz make your list. I'd love to read it. Its so much fun thinking about your goals, dreams and aspirations. and not very easy thinking 101 of them..haha


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