It’s All Good Odourables Range Review- Organic Essential Oils Odour Eliminating Room Sprays

10 March 2020

You know I’m all about natural skincare and body products, but did you know we are all about natural home-care products too. We started making these changes while we were trying to conceive almost 3 years ago. We had been struggling for a few months and I read & read more about all the possible factors affecting our health (reproductive) in general. We started switching products. And then I came across a book called 'The Case Against Fragrance’ by Kate Grenville. It changed everything. All the damage that synthetic chemicals and scents were having on our health on a daily basis was shocking! My high-end perfumes were the first to go, next to follow were the fancy bath & body products with that sickly sweet scent. I also waved goodbye to those expensive candles. We’ve been on this purging journey since then. So when the brand It’s All Good approached me to review their new Odourables range of products, I was all the warier. I certainly didn’t want any synthetic fragrances in our home, especially since we have a toddler in the house now. I was relieved to check their ingredient list. Just a few essential oils, an eco-cert preservative and water. That’s all. Nothing else.

This NZ brand has been in my good books ever since I used & reviewed their products back in 2013 (linked), back when I had just started my blog. 7 years later, they are still their usual best.

It’s all Good has just released their Odourables range, which is 4 odour eliminating products that will replace all the various synthetic, conventional, odour-masking sprays you are using right now. I was sent to try out their Home Sweet Home spray, Bin It spray, Fart Fighter spray and the Gym Bag spray. Here’s what I thought of each of them-

1. Bin it- I've been using this spray/spritz in both our food scraps bin and nappy waste bin. The scent of Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and lemongrass neutralises the bin odours to a certain degree. It doesn’t eliminate them 100% but it makes opening the bin in its third week of use bearable. I’ve been reaching out for it every couple of days. We do not keep our food waste bin inside the kitchen, but honestly, if I were, I’d spray this product every day. Smelly kitchen bins are one of my pet peeves. I’ve most certainly seen the worst of it in my flat-sharing student days. Hence I feel this product is a must-have for anyone who keeps their food scraps or nappy bin inside their home. I'm certain this will freshen up your home and make opening bins less cringe-worthy. It's all Good products act on odour-producing bacteria. They don't mask odours like your conventional sprays. They act on the source of that odour, hence making them more effective in dealing with the problem.

2. Fart Fighter- Another pet peeve of mine is the artificial vanilla scent in toilet sprays. I mean why on earth would you want your toilet to smell like vanilla beans? Not to mention, these aerosols are often so strong and give me a tension headache instantly. Hence, I never bought a toilet spray for our own home. Even at work, I hold my breath and finish the business fast if the toilet has been freshly sprayed with an air freshener aerosol. I’m so glad to have stumbled across this fart fighter spray from Its All Good. It neutralises bad toilet odours instantly without overwhelming my senses. The essential oils of lemongrass, orange and eucalyptus are calming, fresh and not too intense. The scent stays in the toilet for a few minutes and then starts to fade away naturally (or could be that my nose stops detecting them). I like this clever, no-nonsense product. It does exactly what it promises. Such a neat product to use in many odorous situations in and outside of the toilet.

3. Home Sweet Home- For the reasons mentioned above, I also stopped buying home sprays a couple of years ago. I still have an Aromatherapy one lying around that never gets used. This room freshener is amazing though. A league of its own. It smells like your best and poshest rose water. Bulgarian Rose Water comes to my mind. My favourite scent in the world. It’s delicate, floral and uplifting. Definitely makes me smile every time I spray it around. It is especially handy after finishing vacuuming. The scent eliminates any home odours even though it’s so delicate and floral. This is by far my favourite product from the bunch. I love spraying it around.

4. Gym Bag- This mama has no time to hit the gym. Add to it the fact that I don't sweat (genetically blessed or cursed who knows!). Hence, I wasn’t getting much use of this spray so I gifted it to my personal trainer brother-in-law. I regularly spot him stuffing dirty socks and sweaty tees in his gym bag. His laundry doesn’t smell good I can tell you that. Hence he was a worthy recipient. He has reported back and tells me that the spray makes his clothes bearable and he can get more wear out of them (ugh..! but whatever). It's almost like a light perfume for them. His socks don't stink anymore. He's elated. So are we.

That’s a wrap on Its All Good Odourables range. This is such a good alternative to any chemical-laden synthetic scents out there. Clean ingredients, no unpronounceable names, just a bunch of organic essential oils, packaged in handy aluminium cans. I'm all for them. Finally a range for those who aren't fans of cheap, synthetic air fresheners. All hail the power of essential oils. What a clever range of products!

Availability: Online at It's All Good website (linked), various other online stores and on shelves at stockists NZ wide. Stockist list here.
Price: $15 each for 100ml spray can

Do you use any odour eliminating sprays/air fresheners at home? Share your favourite scent with me in the comments below.


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