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24 November 2016

You know you're slack when you haven't posted on the blog for a whole month..and this time I don't even have a valid excuse for it! Maybe I just wasn't feeling ya'know? But I decided to shrug off some laziness today so I can do a quick post on my recent iHerb order. Reason- You know it's Black Friday in US tomorrow? right? No? Been under a rock bro? It's the Friday after Thanksgiving day (that's today!) so Americans are gonna go crazy on shopping tomorrow. Think Boxing day for us Pacific Islanders! An Indian equivalent would be a Diwali sale...Umm..may be no? Ok. Whatever. You get the point right? So iHerb are doing a Green Friday Sale tomorrow with upto 15% discount on all products on their website with the code Greenfriday. If you're a first time customer and your order exceeds $40 USD, you get another 10% discount with my code PGF661 that makes it a combined discount of 20-25% off stuff. How crazy good is that? I might do a sneaky order as well. Time to stock up on supplies. #TraitsOfAnIherbAddict

To cut the chase, here's what I purchased from the website this month. I do these posts so you know exactly what's worth buying. That website is a treasure trove. Search for a face wash and find a million options so it's always good have some recommendations. Time is money people. Save time.
(You can check out my previous orders for suggestions on other stuff to buy- Nov 2014March 2015May 2016July 2016, Sept 2016)

1. Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Hair Serum ($8.68 NZD for 81ml)- This stuff literally transforms my hair. I've ordered it before but my sister managed to nick it off me so I had to re-order. Looove! Makes hair silky smooth and manageable. It also has a heat-protectant in it. 100% recommended.

2. Life Flo Rosehip Seed Oil ($8 for 30ml)- Mannn! You know the drill already? It's always in every iHerb order I make because my skin literally drinks up this oil. Best skincare oil at a killer price. Fancy blemish free, hydrated and healthy skin? Give this guy a try. 200% recommended. (Full review can be found here)

3. Hurraw! Vata Lip Balm- Almond Cardamom Rose ($6 for 4.3 g)- Another firm favorite in our household...specially the husband and recently my sister. Hands down the best lip balm...stays all day, keeps lips hydrated, non-sticky,  no yuk whitish grains or flaking...such an all rounder at a great price. Did I mention its 100% natural and organic?
I've previously done a full review of them here.

4. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ($13) "I have too many brushes" said no one ever and certainly not me! This brush is the best out there for liquid foundation. I swear by it! So the more you have..the merrier. A good buy at the moment as all Real Techniques is 20% off at iHerb this week. There hasn't been a better time. Check out EcoTools too when you're on the website! Best eye brushes...

5. Derma E Vit E Skin Oil, 14000 IU ($13 for 60ml)- This one is for my flatmate who loves putting Vit E on her face at night. You get this stuff in fancy creams so why not put pure one on face. Caution its a lil sticky but sooo moisturing!  You can even mix it to your skincare lotions and potions. Definitely a good guy to have around!

6. Heritage Store Castor Oil ($7 for 240ml)- Got short eyelashes? Put castor oil on your lashes every night. And curse me if it doesn't work a month later. This stuff is magic. You don't need no fancy serum! Its dirt cheap too!

7. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection SPF 55 Sunscreen ($17 for 112g)- Summers are fast approaching in NZ and I'm collecting sunscreens left, right and centre. We get one of the harshest sun on Earth so there is no escaping this stuff. Aveeno baby is my favorite sunscreen for the face. Its gentle enough for the baby, broad spectrum, high SPF rating, fragrance-free and goes on like a dream. It semi-matte but can give a sheen to face by the end of day. I love it! Its my 3rd tube. Previously reviewed on blog here.

8. Quest Bar Protein Bar- Cookies & Cream ($38 for 12 bars) This was the cheapest price I got for these bars. They retails in NZ for $50 for a pack of 12 so it was a no- brainer really. They are yumm and tastiest meal replacement. I always have one in my handbag if I ever get cut off by an Earthquake? hehe. Only survival kit item I take along.
Worth mentioning is that they come in tons of flavors but this one is my favorite.

9. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Dietary Supplement ($36, 150 tablets)- Husband's. Need I say more? I couldn't go past that price. I actually ordered Women's multivitamin last time so I'm well stocked.

10. Source Naturals Wellness Herbal Throat Spray ($15 for 60ml)- That one item I need after every dine out. My uber sensitive throat tends to get inflamed from everything they put in that restaurant food so I always have throat spray to rescue. I've lost count of number of times it's saved me from a full blown sore throat. Nothing's worse than that nasty disease. Ok maybe back pain :p
Oh! its 100% natural too.

And that's a wrap! Use my affiliate code PGF661 for $$ off your order. For shipping I always use the DHL option. Its fully tracked and so so quick. I get the order in 3 working days.

Hey! Are you shopping from any of the Black Friday Sales? (Sephora got 20% ..eeeee) Tell me what are you getting in the comments below. Share the deal. Let's get each other broke :p


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