OMG I just made a DIY Z-Palette for $2.50 - True story!

12 December 2016

Magnetic Z eyeshadow palette DIY

There aren't many blog posts I get so excited about that I post them the very day an idea germinates. This one is it! I'm super excited coz I've just made a Z palette for $2.50. You know what's a Z palette right? Duh! Its a very well known brand for empty magnetic eyeshadow palette cases, so makeup artists and enthusiasts can create and customize their own eyeshadow palettes. They can select a million single eyeshadow pans and then stick their favorites together in one palette. Yep! That's a Z palette and they cost a bomb! An empty Z palette is an easy $30+ and in NZ you can't even get one unless you get it shipped from overseas with a hefty shipping charge ($20 plus).

how to make Z palette

Long story short, Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) had their Black Friday Sale a few weeks ago, where their single eyeshadow pans were reduced to like $4 from $12 each, so obviously I went a lil crazy in there. Normal practice is that ABH send you an empty palette along with so you are good to go. I bought 12 eyesshadows and expected them to send me a 4 pan and an 8 pan empty palette along-with. They didn't. They just sent one 4 well empty palette. I was disheartened! I researched Z palettes, they were damn expensive. I researched Z palette DIY's. They were do-able and this one I tried was a success in one go. So here's a step by step tutorial for your very own Z palette. It literally took me five minutes to assemble this and I'm so crazy obsessed with it already. Now I just have to figure out a way to depot all my MAC single eyeshadows. #ExcitementLevelOutOfRoof

Here's the step by step instructions with photos-

1. You'll need one Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet (A4) -I got this from a $2 shop (Dollar store) for $2.50. This is the only cost involved. Craft store would be a good place to find them too.

how to make cheap and easy Z palette

2. You also need an empty DVD Case. NOT CD, NOT BLUE RAY. Only DVD Case as its fat. I couldn't find one at home so I got it from EB Games (a NZ video store) for free as I was already buying something from the store.

how to make Z palette with DVD case

3. Also needed is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol/ Rubbing Alcohol to disinfect/sterilize the DVD case. Rubbing alcohol is available in pharmacies easily. It's a great thing to have to sterilize makeup. I always use it to clean my lipsticks if someone else has had a go at them. Here I've just transferred mine to an empty toner spray bottle for the ease of use.

Z palette DIY

4. Lastly, you need single eyeshadows to your hearts content- I only have these ABH pots so far but I'm looking to de-pot my MAC single eyeshadows so it's easy to carry them around when I travel. The eyeshadow pans must be made of iron so they can stick to the magnetic sheet. I've heard some brands use aluminium pans, so in that case you will have to buy some round magnetic stickers which are easily available at dollar shops or craft stores, to stick them under the pan so the pan can stick to magnetic sheet. I was lucky that the ABH shadows were magnetic already.

Are Anastasia Beverly Hills ABH eyeshadows magnetic

5. Cut the magnetic sheet to the measurement of plain side of DVD case. I really could have done a better job here :p Oh well!

how to make an eyeshadow palette cheap

6. Stick the sheet in the case. Easy peasy! You need 3 hands though. Grab the bf! The sheet is super sticky so it sticks wherever it touches. Worry not, I was easily able to peel the whole thing and re-apply.

Magnetic adhesive sheet to make Z palette

7. Because the sheet is black, I've stuck the adhesive sheet cover on the magnetic sheet's non adhesive side with glue so I have a nice white background to my eyeshadows. You can stick any paper on it...colorful even! Just making sure the paper is really thin so it doesn't affect the magnetic pull of eyeshadow pans.

best magnetic Z palette tutorial

8. Time to stick your eyeshadows in your very own hand-made Z palette. This is so satisfying!

easy magnetic Z palette tutorial

9. Here's the shot of them inverted. They didn't fall. Wohoo!

best ABH single eyeshadows

10. Your very own cheap as chips (literally) Z palette is ready to travel with you! At some point I am going to chop off that annoying round CD holding thing in the middle but for now I'm just avoiding the space opposite middle of the case, even though the eyeshadows don't seem to be touching it. I don't wanna risk it though. It still doesn't affect the palette's usability. I'm going to cover the palette with some matte black or colorful wrap! Sky's the limit with all the things you can adorn this one with.

Best single eyeshadows ABH Anastasia beverly hills

11. Make your own and show me. I'd be absolutely thrilled to see yours :)
and hey leave a line in the comments below so I know leaving my evening walk for this post was worth it :p


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