OPI Brights Collection 2015!

25 August 2015

A nail post after yonks!
So one fine day, I won an Instagram Giveaway. I don't enter many so it was definitely a surprise. I tend to enter the ones that don't ask me to repost a pic. Don't want the world to know how much I love freebies ;)

OPI brights collection 2015

Anyways, the talented and beautiful youtuber Giovanna from NZ ran OPI giveaway on Insta and lucky me won 5 shades from OPI Brights Collection 2015. Then the lazy me puts on one nail paint a week and clicks a picture (Hence the different lighting in each photo!). 7 weeks later here's the post (2 weeks to write a few words!)
I have 2 coats of polish on in all the photos.

The shades I received were-

1. OPI On Pinks & Needles- Pink hexagonal and round chunks in a clear base. Very pretty! Except that pink loses color and turns white after a day or two.
I've put it on my weary Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer in the shade 776- Couture Red Oxide. Its completely spruced up my week old polish. I wish it lasted long though.

OPI on pinks and needles

OPI on pinks and needles nail paint

OPI pinks and needles nail paint

2. OPI Down to the Core-al- A nice subtle coral with gold sheen to it! Its gorgeous.

OPI down to the core-al

OPI down to the core-al nail paint

3. OPI I STOP for Red-  Bright warm tomato red.

OPI I stop for red

OPI I stop for red nail paint

4. OPI Can't Hear Myself Pink!- Pink with gold shimmer.

OPI can't hear myself pink

OPI can't hear myself pink nail paint

5. OPI I Sea You Wear OPI- Blue with pink/purple sheen to it! Very unique.

OPI I sea you wear OPI

OPI I sea you wear OPI nail paint

The OPI Brights Collection 2015 has a total of 9 shades. The 4 that I don't own are-

6. OPI My Car Has Navy-Gation
7. OPI The Berry Thought of You
8. OPI Hotter Than You Pink
9. OPI Life Gave Me Lemons

I'm not much of a chunky glitter fan so my favorite is the tomato red 'I STOP for Red'. Its such a vibrant warm red. I've always wanted to own a red from OPI so this was definitely a winner. Two coats and bamm!
My second favorite is the blue one- I Sea You Wear OPI. I don't own any blue like this blue. So it's a pleasant new addition to my polish collection.

My least favorite among the lot was 'Can't hear Myself Pink!'. Shimmery pink is so not me. It looked pretty and had a nice gold sheen though!

OPI Nail Paints are $19.95 NZD each and are available from various beauty retailers nationwide.

Which ones your favorite among the lot? Tell me in the comments below!

Nishu xx

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