Forest Essentials Saffron & Neem Cleanser Review!

7 August 2015

Natural Cleansers are my favorite. I always stock 2 years worth whenever we go to India. Its more like a ritual now. Come day two after we arrive, my mum is all prepared to receive hoards of online orders. Ahhh...bliss!
Forest Essentials is one of India's premium/luxury Natural Skincare brand. I'm quite impressed with their brand ethics too- They follow ancient skincare recipes as prescribed in Ayurveda and practice sustainable sourcing.
I'm quite a fan of their Rose Water, Soya Milk Cleanser and Mashobra Honey Cleanser. I've been using this Saffron and Neem Cleanser for quite a while now. This one bottle has lasted me awfully long, much longer than their best before date!!

Price- Rs. 975 / $34 USD
Availability- Forest Essentials Official Website,,

Forest Essentials Kashmiri saffron and neem

Forest Essentials Delicate facial cleanser

Forest Essentials Kashmiri saffron and neem cleanser

This amber colored Delicate Kashmiri Saffron and Neem cleanser comes in a clear pump packaging in two sizes. I always buy the big 200ml one. The bottle is quite sturdy. I'm not sure if they have improved the gold paint on the pump since I last bought mine (mid 2014). The paint has been coming off and it doesn't look appealing at all.

- The cleanser is of thin texture, and you only need a pump & half for the whole face.
- Its Sulphate free, Parabens-free, Nasties-free.
- Its a foamy cleanser, thus lathers rather well. So, a perfect cleanser for oily skin.
- I have dry skin and this cleanser can dry my skin out if I overuse it as we're in winters here in New Zealand. I quite enjoy using it in summers though. In these colder months, I tend to reach for it on days I put makeup on, that's when I need some thorough cleansing. For light/no makeup days, I prefer using Forest Essentials Soya Milk Cleanser which is my absolute favorite cream cleanser.
- This makes face really squeaky clean, taking off light makeup pretty easy!
- In a nutshell, a perfect cleanser for oily skin but needs to be used in moderation with dry skin, as it can lead to over drying & that's so not cool. Double cleansing my skin with this makes it super dry so I wouldn't recommend you do that!
-  The cleanser smells absolutely delicious. Kinda Floral honey! I follow this with a spritz of rose water as toner. They tend to complement each other pretty well (No pimples!)
- Ingredients list mentions Rose water, Marigold Water, Jasmine water and quite a few herbs. Also featured is Saffron, known for imparting glow to skin and Neem, known for its anti-bacterial and purging action. The list isn't complete though. Isn't it annoying when companies don't list all the ingredients?

best natural cleanser for oily skin

Best natural cleanser for dry skin

Best natural cleanser India

So thats another Forest essentials Cleanser for you if you're looking at purchasing a plant based cleanser. I totally recommend it for all skin types. It cleanses my dry skin thoroughly and I'm 100% satisfied!

By the way, my cream cleanser is about to run out and I need your recommendations. Any dry skin peeps reading? Hit me up with your reccos please :)

Catch you later
Nishu xx

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