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10 June 2015

Zoeva Love is a story palette review

Me: What do I call this eye look?
Sunshine: I don't know (typical!!), A Rainbow??
Me: But it has no red, yellow, orange!!
Sunshine: Love is a story! Isn't that the name of that purple palette?
Me: Yesss!! Duhh... OMG! Yes!! (Kisses**)

True story! My love is a story...Our love is a story. Isn't it amazing how you feel your partner is surely a missing piece of you, your soul-mate...such is the compatibility. **Knocks wood**

When approached me to create an eye look using eye makeup from their website, I couldn't be anymore excited. Here's the goodies I picked up (of course after a lot of Googling!!) - website review

where to buy zoeva from

- Zoeva 'Love is a story' Eyeshadow Palette ($33.50 NZD) - Because I'm scared of playing with colored eyeshadows & this was the perfect opportunity to kick my arse.

- Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Good Karma Eyeliner ($11.50) - These had rave reviews. A bright forest green waterproof eyeliner is totally my types. (After that blue eyeliner phase I had!)

- Edward Bess Illuminating Eyeshadow Base in 'Seude' ($43.50) - You need a good base for lasting eye color. An illuminating eye primer? Hell yeah!

- Ardell Glamour 103 Eyelashes ($9.50) - Coz no eye look is complete without some drama.

Edward bess illuminating eyeshadow base review

Zoeva Good karma eyeliner review

Zoeva Love is story eyeshadow palette

And here's the final look! I just casually started playing with the palette with no particular look in mind (A total blank mind for once!) so I'm quite impressed how the look came about.

ardell 103 lashes

best green eyeliner for brown eyes

If you'd like to recreate this look, here's the step by step breakdown-

how to do a navy blue smoky eye

1. Clean eye. Just some random eye cream I had on since morning. #NoMakeupFace #OwnYourFreckles
2. Applied Edward Bess illuminating eye base on the entire lid, even under eyebrows. I was pleasantly surprised with how intense this liquid is. A beautiful champagne colored eye highlighter that can be easily worn on it own. It also intensified the glow of other eyeshadows applied over it. It tend to dry matte.
3. Because I wanted to include the forest green Zoeva Good Karma Graphic eyeliner in the look, I applied it on the waterline first thing to make sure the eye look syncs with it. Isn't the green amazing? Totally complements brown eyes!
4. Because I had a blue hearts dress on, I randomly went with midnight blue as the base shade. 'Mystery Date' was applied over the lid with a flat shader brush.
5. Don't ask me why! I then added some of the purple 'Old Fashioned' in the outer V of the eye for some definition to the eyes.
6. For a seamless transition in the crease I then took some of the matte brown shadow 'Over You' on a fluffy blending brush and applied some in the crease.
7. Blend blend blend. Blend till your hands give away!

Zoeva love is a story eye look

8. Because I was feeling rather adventurous, I added a hint of sparkly pink 'Past Romance' in the inner corner. Clearly I'd gone bonkers!
Notice I also cleaned up the mess under my eyes. Used some Micellar Water on Q-tip. Its great for clean-ups like that!
9. To make the brow bone pop even more, shade 'Affair' was put under the brow arch.
10. To sync the green on the waterline & blue n purple on the lid, I smudged a bit of purple 'Old fashioned' onto lash line with my Real Techniques detailer brush.
11. Then glued on some glamorous Ardell 103 lashes with duo lash glue (clear).
12. Done!

 Not sure at what step but eyebrows were filled with ELF eyebrow kit in Dark & a black Essence pencil liner was used to tightline upper lash line. Oh a bit of Artdeco mascara did a round too!!

So that's the finished eye look and guess what! Sunshine loved it too. He helped me take some pictures as well.

Zoeva cosmetics review

how to apply fake lashes

I loved how the base illuminator gave the whole eye lid a subtle shimmer. The Zoeva eyeshadows were a dream to blend. I'll be posting a full review & swatches of it soon. It's my first product from this brand & I've not been disappointed. Almost makes me wanna try out their coveted rose gold brushes. The quality is actually well worth the price. And $11.50 for a colored eyeliner? NZ has a way to go!!

You can purchase these star products from (Click here to view their full range of eye products..Its huge!). Use my code BLX-LIPSNBERRIES for a 15% off your order (Offer valid till July 10,2015). They offer free shipping to NZ for orders over $75. I'm surely doing a combined order with a friend next!

Go on create your own story! For me... I'm living that story.

Zoeva palette for brown eyes shopping

Did you like the look? Could I have done something different? Of course!! I'm a novice.


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