Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater Review!

16 June 2015

I hope some you's aren't getting sick of my Rosewater reviews! I promise this is probably the last one for this year (Things might change if I visit India!). I've previously poured my thoughts on Fab India Rose Facial Water, Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater Facial Toner and Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater. #OCDAlert

Kama Ayurveda Rosewater Review

Kama ayurveda Rosewater

Best rosewater in india

Kama Ayurveda is one of the Premium Ayurvedic brand from my homeland. They have a huge az list of all natural skincare products. I've only tried this one thing from them but looking forward to order a ton more when I visit India next. I'm particularly keen on this Rose and Jasmine Cream Cleanser. You know I'm a bit of cream cleanser junkie.

Kama Rosewater (Rs 725 for 200 ml) comes in a tinted spray mist bottle that I absolutely adore. A dark bottle is what lacked in my Oilcraft Naturals Rosewater. Though paying double the price for a tinted bottle is so not me!

Kama Rosewater boasts of Kanauj Roses, the best of Indian roses, from a small region in North India. Kanauj roses have same specifications as Bulgarian Roses. The subtle rose scent is absolutely divine. Nothing over the top like artificial rose scent in some body butters (I have a English Rose plant at home so can tell the difference!).

I use the fine mist to freshen up dull, dehydrated skin and also as facial toner as per my nightly Cleanse-tone-moisturize (CTM) routine & it rocks as both. It takes about 2-3 minutes to sink into my dry skin. While face is still a bit damp, I slather on a few drops of Rosehip Oil. I cannot emphasize enough for a good CTM routine. I credit my acne-free skin to this discipline.

The rosewater being 100% natural & nasties-free is great for restoring skin's vitality & suppleness. It balances out skin's pH & enriches it with the good nourishing stuff. My skin feels less dry and a lot softer afterwards.

You can also use this as an aftershave (non-alcoholic) and as a medium for your DIY face masks. I've also used it as makeup-finishing spray on odd occasions. You know when makeup ends up being too matte!!

I have nothing bad to say about this except may be the price. I find my Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater (Rs 400, also made by steam distilling Kanauj Roses) doing the same job in half the price. But its the luxury you pay for right?

Best rosewater for dry skin

Best toner for dry skin

best toner for sensitive skin

Are you into floral mists? Whats your favorite toner? Talk to me in comments below!


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