Can a $3 lipstick compete with MAC??

23 June 2015

As astounding as it may sound...Drum roll please ** it's possible. I've been gobsmacked by these $3 Jordana lipsticks from a Dollar Store. All the hoohah & hype about them on social media pages is true and my panic mode has already made me stock up on various other shades from Jordana Matte range!

The lipsticks are available in two ranges- The creamy moisturizing ones in Silver packaging & the velvety matte n opaque coverage ones in Gold packaging.

Jordana Eggplant review
Jordana 'Eggplant' (Gold tube), Jordana 'Blackberry' (Silver tube)
Jordana lipstick in eggplant review

Shade '20 Eggplant' from the matte range has been on my wishlist since the day the rumor of it being a dupe of MAC Diva got the rounds. I had to scout innumerable stores for this lipstick for almost a month. Even Sunshine checked it every afternoon during lunch hour at his nearby mall. Cuteness**

The shade Eggplant is exactly what the name denotes- Eggplant, A dark vampy burgundy red!

Jordana lipstick in Eggplant swatch

Jordana eggplant on Indian skin NC 35

These lipsticks are widely available at $2 stores in NZ. They are made in USA and retail for $1.49 at various departmental stores in States. The lipsticks are available online on eBay and as well. However way you can get hold of the matte ones (The gold tubes), get them!

This is how they fared!
- Coverage- Fully opaque coverage in just two swipes. The lipstick is loaded with pigment.
- Smell- Naiiicee! Not Vanilla like MAC but pleasant and fruity
- Finish- Semi-matte/ velvety-matte.
- Wear- Comfortable, non-drying. It doesn't tug or drag on lips and actually feels emollient.
- Stay- Super long! Like MAC matte range. I had to re-apply twice for an all day wear. It survived meals decently. The lipstick leaves a heavy stain behind too.
- Shade Eggplant being dark hides all lip imperfections.
- Jordana is a cruelty free brand
- Available in an insane amount of shades. I counted 35 on their website.
- Packaging- The only downside. It's not flash at all. Flimsy but practical. The lipstick doesn't go all the way in so I always end up damaging the bullet with cap.
- Buying more- The matte range? Hell yeah!!

Best berry lipstick

cruelty free berry lipstick

Here's a comparison with Jordana Blackberry which is a part of their normal moisturizing range. The difference in pigmentation is clearly visible and it took many swipes to get to that coverage. I'm certainly not a fan! So go for Gold!
I've already bought 4 more from the range and can't wait to show them off on the blog. For the price, they are real gems if you wanna see how certain colors look on your skin-tone. That was my primary objective anyway when I bought Eggplant. Who knew I'd fall in love!

Jordana blackberry vs Eggplant

Makeup for berry lips

Best cheap lipstick brand

Are you a cheap lipstick junkie? Any brands that you recommend? Leave me a line in the comments below!

Stay rad!

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