The battle of Lip Balms- EOS vs Hurraw!

2 July 2015

Comparing two 100% natural lip balms..Yes!! we've come to this. I'm an EOS fan. Leaving the Kim Kardashian hype aside, they are actually one of the best natural lip balms out there.
And then I stumbled across Hurraw! Lip Balms on At a fraction of the price and 100% natural, they are surely very appealing. So I ended up ordering a few- 3 to be precise!

Having used both brands here's my insight into them. Hope this posts helps anyone looking for comparisons on these two natural lips balms.

I didn't plan to do a photo style review but the fonts refused to co-operate and the text showed up mish-mashed on every other device, so I've just popped text over photos. Would've taken text-friendly pics if I knew! Please bear with me.

So here's EOS vs Hurraw! for you-


Final Verdict? In all honesty, I prefer EOS more for it longevity and thick texture (and its waterproof too!) but its expensive and hard to get hold of in NZ. I'm not a fan of its super sweet taste either.
Hurraw! Lip balms are awesome for the price you pay. I wouldn't mind having a few lying around. They even make them different textures (E.x. Moon balm for nourishment during the night!) but I'm not a fan of re-application.
Such a confused soul. Ain't I! Which one will you pick? Let me know in the comments below!

Nishu xx

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