Looking for a pocket-friendly blush? NYX Powder Blushes in Cinnamon & Pinky reviewed!

9 July 2015

If there's one thing that make your face transform from flat to happy...it's the humble blush.

NYX Powder Blush on Indian skin

I'm a ardent MAC blush fan. I've got my basics covered with them - Melba (neutral), Fleur
Power (pink) & Style (peachy). My sister is fairly new to makeup & she wanted a few blushes. I figured its safe to learn the technique on something affordable - enter NYX.

NYX powder blushes have a huge fan following. I wanted to get my sister both peach & a pink - So here's Cinnamon & Pinky for you. She even let me have a play with them for weeks so here's a quick blogpost on how they fared!

Cinnamon is matte bright orange (not peach) & Pinky is a matte hot pink.

NYX powder blush review

NYX blush Cinnamon Pinky swatches


- Pigmentation - So crazy pigmented. I swear I've overdone these a good few times & had to wipe some off! You need such a tiny amount, it needs practice. Well this also means these won't run out anytime soon.
- Texture - Finely milled powder, very soft too. Not the one that flies around kind.
- Finish - These are both matte shades. However, they still have a very subtle shimmer (even hard to detect with n*ked eye)! This give cheeks a nice warm glow. Paired with a highlighter, these blushes will totally kill it!
- Wear time is medium. I have dry skin and they last about 5-6 hours on me. If you have oily skin, wear time will reduce.
- Color is build-able but slightly less blend-able than high end blushes.
- The pigments aren't chalky or powdery at all, its more of a satin finish.
- So good for the price, $5 for such a quality product.
- Both Pinky & Cinnamon are super pigmented, great for ethnic skin. This is how it looks on my NC 32-ish skin tone.

NYX blush cinnamon
Pinky on the left, Cinnamon on right!

- Less blendable than high end blushes.
- Staying power could have been better. Still a good 6 hours on my dry skin!
- Very pigmented, need a steady & light hand.
- Not fully matte as described by NYX. Both shades have a very subtle shimmer. Not that I don't like it though!
- Availability-This is THE big issue. Its only available online. I bought these from Cherryculture.com when they had a 40% off site-wide. However, I've noticed they do not stock much of NYX anymore and are instead focusing on their own makeup line. I just went on their site and it seems to be out of action totally. Sad times :(
In NZ, there are a few shades of these available at Hikosencara-nz.com (just $6) and Internationally all shades available at BeautyJoint.com ($5). Of corse, those of you lucky souls in US can buy them from Official NYX Website for just $5.

NYX blush Pinky

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Verdict: For the price, I won't mind buying more shades from this range. NYX is a great budget buy & hardly ever disappoints. Both Pinky (a matte hot pink) & cinnamon (matte bright orange) are super pigmented, buildable, with pretty satin-finish. The wear time is about 5-6 hours on my dry skin. The blushes need a steady hand to avoid clown moment. Both shades will show up on medium to darker complexions as well. I have NC 30-35 skintone & these look totally fine on me.

Are you a blush fan? Tell me your favorite in the comments below!

Nishu xx

P.S Go ahead and judge my makeup skills from this overly applied & mismatched blush in the pics. How else would I show you the color? Oh! And that blue eyeliner is NYX's Extreme-blue studio liner that has already been reviewed!

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