March 2015 Empties!

9 April 2015

What a brilliant month - Consumed by the excitement of cricket world cup and nostalgia of summers. Winters were never my forte but alas they are here. Looks like I'd be spending them tossing through the pictures of the adventurous summer I had!

The Body Shop Olive body butter review

Time for another round of empties! This month's edition features-

1.) The Body Shop Olive Body Butter ($36.95 for 200 ml)
Having used numerous TBS body butters over the years, I have to say this one wasn't a favorite..mostly coz its too boring, smells bland. I'd rather go for something that smells of fresh berries & reminds me of gorgeous summer days!
It moisturizes pretty well though. No qualms about that.

The Body Shop Body Butter Olive Review

2.) EOS Lip Balm in 'Honeysuckle Honeydew' ($9 for 7g, Full review here)
Remember the cute balls that featured in my top 5 products of 2014? I'd still stand by that. They are one of the best natural lip balms around. I say one of the best..cause I've discovered another gem - Hurraw! Lip Balms off (Use my code PGF661 for upto $10 off your first order)

EOS lip balm honeysuckle honeydew review

To be all fair, I have to add, the EOS ones aren't that cute to use after all. The sphere shape flattens with use and ultimately turns into a tub of lip balm. Like usual balms you know! Fingers to the rescue!! Fail much?
Someone please tell me how to take the balm out of this maze...such a waste! and I hate waste..I REPEAT..I HATE WASTE!!

3.) Cetaphil Gentle Face Wash ($11 for 125ml)
If you were like me and assumed Cetaphil is the HG of oily skin skincare'd be wrong. They cater to dry skin as well and this gentle face cleanser is probably the gentlest I've ever used. Even beats Forest Essentials Purifying Soya Milk Cleanser & Skinfood's Cleans All. Its almost like it does nothing- no lather, no stickiness, doesn't dry out skin. Can't take off makeup in one go but overall a great morning cleanser. That's all I used it for!
Repurchase? maybe!

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Review

4.) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion+ ($69 for 125ml, Full review here)
My all time favorite daily moisturizer- Great under makeup, light but damn its effective! Non-sticky, absorbs super quick & suits my dry skin pretty darn well.
Repurchase? Yes...Next trip duty free coz this shit is expensive!

Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing lotion review

5.) Health Support Coconut Oil Diet ($18 for 916 ml, Full review & purposes I use it for HERE.You can thank me later!!)
I'm a crazy Coconut Oil fan. There's a million uses of it. I love Health Support's version because this one tastes the BEST! I've already bought more of it- 100% Pure, Organic, Extra Virgin & Cold Pressed - $18 for a Kg off How can you beat that? (Use my code PGF661 for upto $10 off your first order)

How to use coconut oil

So, that concludes the month of March for me, even though we are half way through April. #SorryNotSorry about MIA (Missing In Action!!) since last few days. I may or may not have gorged too many yummy sweets during the Easter break. How was your break? Was Chocolate the first thing that came to your mind? Hi5!

Catch you soon!
Nish xx

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